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5 Steps to a Clean Sales Pipeline (and More Sales!)

clean sales pipeline
It’s hard to let go of a “more is better” philosophy. But the problem is it spreads your time and resources too thin. It’s much better to have a sales pipeline of 10 prospects likely to close than one with 20 or 30 who might sign.

Yup, kicking prospects out of your sales pipeline will feel wrong. But no one ever failed at sales by getting more organized and focused. Good work habits and key sales activities create a steady flow of revenue.

First things first — it’s time to clean up your messy pipeline and turn your sales cycle into a lean and effective operation.


4 Tactics to Close the Sales Year (And Start the New Year) Strong

finish the sales year strong pipedrive

December — closing time for sales professionals — can be tense. While most people are thinking about their Christmas shopping and New Year’s Eve plans, salespeople worry about hitting their quarterly and yearly sales targets. Consequently, the holidays can coincide with heightened pressure and anxiety for us sales folk.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right focus and execution, you can sail through the holiday season stress-free, rack up sales and finish the year strong.