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3 Time-tested Tactics for Setting Annual Sales Goals

3 Tactics for Settings Annual Sales Goals
‘Tis the season for setting goals and making resolutions. Before you sit down to set your sales goals for 2016, take a minute to examine which goals you’re setting for your team.

In the rush to close the sales year and set the next year’s quota, it may be that your organization is concentrating on the numbers, rather than taking the time to create a solid plan that will help your sales reps to attain that goal. Now is the time to sit down, examine your sales process and put a plan in place that will help your team be successful in 2016.

“I think that is the missed opportunity that we see this time of year, when everyone’s so focused on their budgeting and numbers and what they’re going to ask for,” said Jason Jordan, author of Cracking the Sales Management Code and a partner at sales management training and development firm Vantage Point Performance. They’re so focused on asking for it, they don’t actually think about how they’re going to get there.” (more…)