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Sales Motivation: 18 Tips to Keep Your Salespeople Happy

Happiness and Sales Motivation

It’s a no-brainer that motivated sales teams enjoy their work more and do their work better, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

However, achieving this doesn’t come from cracking jokes all day (What’s the best way to stay happy at work? Take longer vacations!) and expecting morale to be high.

Indeed, happiness at work can be elusive, yet there are numerous practical steps we can take to encourage it.

Here are 18 ways to motivate your salespeople and keep them happy, all sourced from articles published this year in places such as Entrepreneur, Fortune, Business Insider, Fast Company and The New York Times.


7 Sales Cliches That Need To Die

Always be closing. Low-hanging fruit. The hard sell. Sell a pencil to a pencil factory. It’s a numbers game. Calling to touch base. The cacophony of bad sales platitudes leave you feeling turned off. All of these sayings can bespeak an oversimplified mindset.

So why are they so widespread?

“A lot of folks are looking for a quick and simple fix,” expert sales speaker and trainer Tim Wackel told Pipedrive. “And somewhere deep inside they’re hoping that cliches like ‘it’s a numbers game’ will help them achieve success.”

7 Sales Cliches That Need to Die