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5 Keys to Closing More Deals with Steve Oriola

Brutal Truth Podcast Steve Oriola Pipedrive CEO

Knowing what deals are going to close this month is something salespeople should know off the top of their heads. But it’s difficult to stay focused on multiple deals when you don’t have a clear visual representation of your sales process, Brian G. Burns explains in his The Brutal Truth About Sales podcast, featuring Pipedrive CEO Steve Oriola.

Burns, who now uses Pipedrive, reminisces about his struggles with spreadsheets: “The problem with spreadsheets is that they’re clumsy … and they’re really not connected to anything.”

Oriola then discusses the importance of taking back control of your sales pipeline, and provides five key recommendations for companies looking for better ways to manage their sales process and close more deals.

“You get immediate visibility with Pipedrive. It has that perfect mix of simplicity and power.” Brian G. Burns, The Brutal Truth About Sales podcast