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$17 Million in New Funding to Put More Salespeople in the Driver’s Seat


We are proud to announce that Pipedrive has closed a $17 million round of funding.

Atomico, the lead investor in the round, is a new relationship for us and we’re really looking forward to tapping into their expertise in building companies that operate on a global scale.

We’re equally glad to see our long-time backers Bessemer Venture Partners and Rembrandt Ventures continue believing in us and participate in this round.

As you might expect, the fresh funding means different things to different people — all positive.

The strong backing gives us opportunities to accelerate the pace of our product development efforts, increase investment in infrastructure, add people to our team and — last but not least — grow our partner ecosystem.

For our customers, this means you may see new features or integrations sooner and many already-existing capabilities improved. You can also expect to see the number of native Pipedrive integrations grow, so you’ll be able to make your various workflows seamless and save more time.

As a developer or integration partner, you can expect even more support from us and look forward to a larger number of customers to offer your software integration to. (See the list of 50+ integrations offered by our partners today).

As someone looking for their next career challenge, now is the perfect time to join us. We’re big enough to provide the structure to do your best work and small enough to get real work done. We’re hiring for various engineering, support, marketing, product management and admin positions in our offices in the U.S. and Estonia.

And finally, as a salesperson, you can expect the transformation of the whole CRM software industry to happen sooner rather than later.

CRM software was originally meant for managers to control salespeople, not to help and collaborate with them; for the suits to pull reports, not to facilitate completing sales actions and closing deals. But the industry is rapidly changing and our news today will certainly play a part in accelerating this evolution.

Actions speak louder than words, so I hope you don’t mind me keeping this post short and letting our work — past and future — speak for itself.
Happy closing!

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2016 Sales Olympics: What Country Has The Best Salespeople?


Since 1896, the world has gathered every four years to compete in the modern Olympics, a beautiful celebration of athletics in diverse forms.

Yet, if you ask us, we’d say one group has been unjustly left out: salespeople!

To give sales the recognition it deserves, we at Pipedrive compiled data from more than 30,000 businesses around the world. Our goal was to create an Olympic-like competition based on five major sales statistics. (more…)

How We Protect Your Data Here at Pipedrive

Last week a subset of our customers experienced an unfortunate incident which removed some email contents that had been saved to Pipedrive, using the Smart Email BCC feature. The people affected rightfully raised concerns about our ability to protect customers from any kind of data loss.

In this post, I would like to start rebuilding the level of customer trust we have enjoyed until now. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but first allow me to detail our architecture and practices around customer data storage and protection, shed some light on the incident, and then share additional safeguards we are planning to adopt.


How Pipedrive Serves Small Businesses

Tom McCarty 5 Key Steps to becoming an optimal solution for small business

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the global economy, driving innovation, employment, revenue growth and productivity.

They’re also some of the most underserved places in the market for solutions providers.

Throughout my years in sales, including at a couple of the biggest names in tech, I’ve seen this: Everyone wants to solve for “enterprise” – meaning large companies; the giants.

I don’t. A big part of what I love about Pipedrive is that we’re very intentional about this. (more…)

[Guest Post] The Simple Sales-Hack to Profitability

Dan Murphy Sales Profitability

For a startup to thrive and grow, you have to figure out product/market fit — this has become increasingly clear over the last five years in San Francisco. You can raise millions, get a huge amount of exposure, and possibly even see a bit of initial traction . . .  but if you can’t get to product/market fit, you’re just not going to make it.

“Put simply, product/market fit is when you stop wondering if your product actually solves a problem and you start wondering how you’re going to deal with all the people trying to buy your product.” –Tristan

More specifically, business viability hinges on finding profitable product/market fit.

So as a business owner or operator, the question you have to ask yourself is: “How do we get there quickly?”

What’s the sales hack to find profitable product/market fit? How do you systematically hone in on a profitable, scalable business model without wasting 12 months selling to the wrong people?

Here’s a technique I use to address this challenge: (more…)