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Play the Long Game – Why Quality Sales Drives Long-Term Success

Play the long game - why quality sales drives long-term success

We all know that revenue growth is key to business success. Growth is essential for value creation, market capitalization and, of course, to yield greater returns for your company.

I don’t know a single company that doesn’t strive for year on year growth – it should be central to every business plan.

But what happens when sales leaders start focusing on short-term sales targets at the expense of sustainable success? (more…)

Sales Performance Measurement: Four Tips for Tracking Your Team’s Success

Sales Performance Measurement

You know that measuring your sales team’s successes – and failures – is vital. It helps you optimize individual and group performance, and ultimately, pipeline and conversion. But while it may be essential, it isn’t easy.

You have to know which key performance indicators (KPIs) matter to you, and how to track them effectively. But a head for hard figures isn’t enough. You need great soft skills too. The kind that let you spot and celebrate great work, deliver negative feedback without knocking confidence, and develop a culture where failure is always a step towards future success.

Here are our four top tips for measuring – and optimizing – your team’s performance. (more…)