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Fine Tune Your Pipeline by Optimizing Sales Collaboration

optimizing sales collaboration

Success never happens in a vacuum. The road to get there teems with people to learn from, compete against, work with. Collaboration is the only way (so far known) to make things happen. Rock stars, basketball players and successful companies know this.

So should your sales team.

A Nielsen report found that collaboration drives innovation success, while a study conducted by CSO Insights revealed that formal collaboration increases sales quota attainment by as much as 21%. That figure is way too significant to ignore, making collaboration arguably the most important factor you can tweak to improve your sales metrics. (more…)

The 7 Habits of Unproductive Sales Teams

bad sales habits

Are you seeing stagnant sales figures when your sales team looks busier than ever? It could be because your salespeople have fallen into bad sales habits and unproductive activities.

Whether it’s obsessing over knocking out low priority tasks or slipping into a monotonous voice while making phone call after phone call, it’s easy for salespeople to get off track. (more…)

Keeping it Fresh: In Sales, Timing is Everything

Sales timing is everything

Have you ever searched your refrigerator only to discover that the fruit, vegetable or cheese you were looking for has gone bad? If you were planning to prepare a meal right at that moment, you would surely be disappointed. Like cooking, freshness is key to whipping up solid sales results. You can ensure nothing goes bad with a process for planning and monitoring your time.

Deals can go bad for many reasons: prospects not responding as expected; salespeople not taking the next steps fast enough; a loss of focus; or general work overload.

In your daily activities, some deals in your sales pipeline may have gone stale or are beginning to “rot.” Most prospective deals, just like food, have a shelf life. (more…)

The Health of Your Sales Pipeline (and Curing What Ails It)

Healthy Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline needs a little nourishment, too.

As salespeople constantly fill their pipelines with deals, they should be regularly checking the pulse of those deals to ensure they achieve the healthiest sales results.

“There’s a direct financial correlation between maintaining a healthy pipeline and piling on revenue,” said Mike Ciccolella, founder of Grow Your Sales Pipeline. “A pipeline managed with care is one in which deals move more dependably, close faster and bring more revenue to the company — and the sales team.”

The health of those deals — and therefore the sales funnel itself — is key to the health of the entire business.

But what exactly does a healthy sales pipeline look like? (more…)

How to Run a Productive Sales Meeting

Productive Sales Meeting

Meetings are an essential aspect of running a successful sales operation, but too often are thought of as necessary evils. There are numerous ways they can be sabotaged — there are no-shows, people spend the meeting twiddling their thumbs or on their phones, big talkers dole out too much, others spend time hiding and counting down the clock, and so on.

Meetings have long been considered a curse in the business world, eating into an extraordinary amount of a company’s most valuable resource — time. The good news is: There are still ways to conduct productive sales meetings. Adopt the following tips and you’ll increase your chances of promoting your sales objectives in meetings. Just as importantly, you’ll also spend less time in meetings and more time selling. (more…)