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Pipedrive’s Big Sales Interview: Andrea Waltz

Sales Interview Andrea Waltz

“Yes” may be the word that all salespeople want to hear, but Andrea Waltz knows that to a salesperson, the word “no” is just as important, maybe even more so. She is one half of the two-person team behind the best-selling sales book Go for No!, which encourages salespeople to push for a “no” rather than avoiding it.

Waltz —  who got her start at LensCrafters and who now runs her business Courage Crafters with her partner, husband, and co-author Richard Fenton — has spent years training sales departments at some of the U.S.’s largest companies to chase “nos” in order to get more “yeses.”


Cold Calling: The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses

Cold Calling: The Ultimate Guide for Small Business

It’s much more than meets the eye — or ear.

If you watch a sales professional nail a cold call, it may seem so smooth, so effortless, that you simply think: “Wow, that person has a natural talent.”

But in fact, a great cold call is the result of a series of specific elements, all coming together into one stellar performance. Just like any performance, it takes rehearsal and experience to perfect.

The good news: Every part of it can be learned.

And it’s worth learning.

Definition: A cold call is one that is made to a potential customer with whom you have no direct pre-existing relationship.


A 2017 Roadmap for Successful Sales Teams

2017 Roadmap for Successful Sales - Sales Management
An attempt to reach a sales goal set for the year can only end in two ways. It’s either going to be a hit or a miss. In November, I wrote here on the Pipedrive blog about what to do when your team is behind with one month to go and not likely to make it.

But for some businesses, 2016 was a year of hitting the targets, and the challenge now is to do the same or even better in 2017.


Ten Pipedrive Habits to Boost Your Productivity in 2017

You may be acquainted with Pipedrive and how it helps tens of thousands of people around the world organize their sales processes. You may have even customized your pipeline, uploaded deals, and contacts, or won a few deals already; if so, you’re already doing well, but chances are you could be doing better if you knew more about Pipedrive’s many valuable features.

Make a habit of using these ten key features and you’ll see great results in no time: (more…)

The Fundamentals of Building a Sales Pipeline

Fundamentals of a sales pipeline

Are your sales habits good ones?

It’s always good to get back to the fundamentals of good selling. At Pipedrive, we’re great believers in getting the basics right.

For veteran salespeople, we hope this guide will help you remember what made you an awesome salesperson in the first place; conversely, it might help you discover some reasons why you’re still struggling despite your experience.

Look at changing your habits if they’re not working.