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Lessons on Scaling Your Business Globally (And Quickly)

How to Scale A Business Globally (And Quickly)

Growing a fast scaling company is hard.

The challenge of fast growth is even more terrifying and complicated when your scope is spread across the globe.

Most startups and fast-growing companies are strategically obsessed with learning to scale.

Sustainable success depends on your ability to grow at scale.

But behind the scenes of the ‘unicorn’ success stories of the next Uber’s, Amazon’s, and Google’s of the world are the brave founders enduring an emotional bungee jump of unexpected, euphoric highs and soul-crushingly vicious lows. (more…)

How Liston Witherill Finds Sales Success While Managing Depression

How Liston Witherill Finds Sales Success While Managing Depression

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’ve partnered with Mental Health America to raise awareness and bring an end to the stigma of mental health issues in the workplace.  

As part of our mission to help people in fast-scaling companies learn how to manage workplace stress –  we interviewed Liston Witherill, the founder of Good Funnel.

Liston is an experienced sales consultant with an enviable sales record earned over many years of coaching sales managers and professionals from all kinds of industries.

Liston helps salespeople, consultants and agency owners sell with confidence. Liston also gets periodically depressed.


Your GDPR Email Marketing Responsibilities in 7 Common Sales Scenarios

Your GDPR Email Marketing Responsibilities in 7 Common Sales Scenarios

May 25 is GDPR go-time.

If you are still a little confused by why this intimidating 4-letter acronym should matter to anyone outside an IT department, let us outline the impact these new regulations will have on anyone sending sales or marketing emails.

Any organization that does business with European citizens is about to become subject to the GDPR.

For the few of you who are still uninitiated, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation – a legislative package giving individuals in the European Union more control over their personal data. Thanks to the new laws, E.U. citizens will now be able to understand what personal data is being collected by businesses, meaning your European customers and prospects will have greater control over their data. Companies that don’t comply will incur fines; the penalty is €20 million Euros, or 4 percent of global turnover, whichever is higher.

The stakes are high. (more…)

Is Your CRM Helping You Prepare for the GDPR Changes?

Is Your CRM Helping You Prepare for the GDPR Changes?

You might be thinking, if I hear those four letters one more time!

But there’s no censoring this four letter word. The GDPR is nearly live. It’s coming into full force on May 25, 2018 and it will impact any business handling European data.

I imagine, by this point, you’ve been subjected to a sizable barrage of scaremongering marketing messages.

We don’t want to add to the anxiety.

Instead, we want to get practical.

In the spirit of GDPR, we want to keep our content relevant, helpful and targeted. (more…)

Stop Neglecting Hot Leads With This Critical Sales Prioritization Advice

Stop neglecting hot leads with this critical sales prioritization advice

Sales managers know there are never enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

The fact that it takes a variety of skills and competencies to succeed is the very thing that makes sales so rewarding. But if you’re having a bad week – you’d tell me that’s what makes sales so challenging too.

While all good sales managers thrive on the excitement and pressure of the role, even the very best can sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer avalanche of tasks and responsibilities. (more…)