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The Pipedrive Marketplace: A Theme Park for Salespeople

The Pipedrive Marketplace: A Theme Park for Salespeople

Pipedrive was built to keep things simple. By allowing you to visualize your sales process and follow-up with the right activities, your efforts become more effective and your closing rate starts to climb.

Sales is not just about pipeline management.

To succeed as a salesperson you also need to manage contacts, generate leads, and keep track of contracts, invoices, etc. Until now, Pipedrive supported these extra sales activities with additional tools on our handy integrations page. But we came up with a better solution. (more…)

Scheduling – Say Goodbye to the Back-and-Forth

Scheduling Tool and Appointment Calendar

In sales, too many of us spend a good deal of our day with the back-and-forth exchange of emails or texts to schedule a “good time to talk.”

At times it may even feel like you put more effort into finding the right time to talk than actually talking.

As a modern-day salesperson, you can work smarter and save yourself a lot of time by taking advantage of scheduling tools that manage all your appointments on one unified calendar. (more…)