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Our List Views Just Got a Complete Overhaul

New list views

In our continued quest to make Pipedrive easier to use, we’ve improved our list views. We’ve had numerous reports from users related to slow rendering and loading speeds of lists. Some users have also experienced broken tables, weird row jumps, rows too long to fit the display area and more. So we set out to make a big impact on the performance of list views in this latest upgrade. (more…)

Bring Order to Your Inbox with Email Filters

Pipedrive, email filters

Email is such a central part of the modern working life and one that occupies a lot of the one resource that will always be finite – time –  that it remains a key focus of Pipedrive development. We’ve given users two ways to integrate their email, but felt that there was still something lacking in our solution. What if a user is looking for a specific type of email? How does he or she find this in a sea of what could potentially be thousands of emails? (more…)

Pipedrive Search: Better, Faster and More Organized

Pipedrive search

A key part of successful sales is the ability to put your finger on the right information at a moment’s notice. Time spent poring over long lists of search results is always better spent focusing on sales. There’s also nothing worse than having to look through page after page of organizations, people and notes when you know you’re looking for a specific time-sensitive deal.

So what’s new in Pipedrive search?


Managing Your Details Pages Just Became a Lot Easier

Pipedrive product update deal details

When we released our new details view in late 2014, we focused on providing clear visibility into your deal, person and organization details on a single page – and aimed to make adding these details easy, quick and painless. Customer feedback over the last two years shows that our efforts were largely successful, but there was one niggling concern.

We hadn’t got the left-hand column in the details view quite right.