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Pipedrive’s $50M Series C Funding (and a Very Important Thank You Note)

Pipedrive’s $50M Series C Funding (and a Very Important Thank You Note)

The team at Pipedrive have been busy practicing what we preach.

We’ve been busy closing deals 😉

Pipedrive just raised another fifty million dollars.

It’s a big deal for us.

And it‘s a big deal for anyone looking to drive fast growth for their business.

We have an incredible opportunity to help salespeople across the globe find, manage, and close even more deals.

That’s why this news is so inspiring for me, for our 400-strong Pipedrive team, and for everyone out there with something to sell.

That’s also why I have a very important thank you note I need to deliver…  (more…)

Is Your CRM Helping You Prepare for the GDPR Changes?

Is Your CRM Helping You Prepare for the GDPR Changes?

You might be thinking, if I hear those four letters one more time!

But there’s no censoring this four letter word. The GDPR is nearly live. It’s coming into full force on May 25, 2018 and it will impact any business handling European data.

I imagine, by this point, you’ve been subjected to a sizable barrage of scaremongering marketing messages.

We don’t want to add to the anxiety.

Instead, we want to get practical.

In the spirit of GDPR, we want to keep our content relevant, helpful and targeted. (more…)

Enhance Login Security with Two-factor Authentication or Single Sign-On

Two-factor authentication SAML SSO Pipedrive

Cybersecurity threats are a hot topic for any business storing its data using cloud-based apps. It’s tricky enough to find a reliable third party service you can trust with sensitive and confidential company information. But it’s another challenge altogether to make sure your data isn’t compromised due to bad login security or complacent password habits from one of your employees.

Pipedrive is dedicated to ensuring our customers are equipped with the strongest security options available.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of Two-factor Authentication and Single Sign-On for the Pipedrive app! (more…)

Declutter Your Sales Metrics with Customizable Dashboards

sales dashboard

Sales dashboards are designed to paint an accurate picture of how your business is performing.

Having a simple, visual overview of your data can not only help identify areas of improvement for your sales process, but also simplify your sales cycles. Even better is when the dashboard views are fully adjustable to match your company needs.

That’s why we’re excited to announce two awesome, new features for Dashboards. Introducing…

  • Customizable dashboards (available on all plans and suitable for all company sizes)
  • Multiple dashboards (available on our Platinum plan, and ideal for enterprise-level companies)