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5 Zaps Pipedrive Users and Teams Can’t Live Without

5 Zaps Pipedrive Users Can’t Live Without

Cutting corners implies that you need to compromise on quality, and that being both quick and effective is unrealistic. Luckily for busy salespeople like yourself, that’s no longer the case.

Thanks to cutting edge automation tools like Zapier, Pipedrive users can now shave hours off their day-to-day activities by eliminating tedious data transferring tasks. Plus, you can now use Zapier Teams to share these simple automation workflows with fellow Pipedrivers. (more…)

Boost Post-Sale Success with the New Asana Integration

Boost Post-Sale Success with the New Asana Integration

Here at Pipedrive we know that the goal of any sales team is growth. However, being able to get your awesome products or services into the hands of new customers is often just as challenging as selling them in the first place.

Most sales managers know that while more hands on deck means more manpower, it also means more cracks where valuable deal information can leak through. This becomes especially problematic when handing over won deals to the teams who take over once a sale has been made.

This is why Pipedrive’s latest integration with Asana, one of the web’s most successful project management tools, is an ideal solution to this all-too-familiar scenario. (more…)