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Meet the New API Reference – Use Pipedrive the Way You Want

Pipedrive API Reference

Pipedrive is a sales CRM. We have no intention of making accounting software, marketing automation software, invoicing software or software that automatically orders fresh coffee to be delivered every time you book a meeting with a client (although someone should definitely make that).

However, we do realize that our users often need a range of other software to run their businesses successfully, and to this end we’ve always insisted in providing a free, open Application Programming Interface (API). We encourage users and other software developers to build integrations with our software, so much so that there are already over 100 such integrations available. (more…)

How Calldrip Uses the Pipedrive and Help Scout Integration

About Calldrip:

Calldrip is a company that allows you to connect with leads while they are still on your site. Once you connect any page, whether it be a social media, landing page, or your homepage, Calldrip will forward the leads to your cell phone, giving you the lead’s name and source. They have locations in both the U.S. and the U.K. and work with many different sectors, including retail, healthcare, finance and technology.


Up to 71% of the leads your company generates could be wasted. Calldrip’s mission is to increase awareness and ensure that all leads are contacted within seconds of the initial inquiry — all that you have to do is answer the phone and Calldrip takes care of the rest. But how exactly is “the rest” handled?

It’s not an easy feat — which is where Pipedrive’s and Help Scout’s integration comes into play. (more…)