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Meet the Pipedrive Dealbot for Slack

Pipedrive Slack Dealbot

The old adage goes: Sales success starts with clear communication. We often fall into the trap of believing that this relates only to the relationship we have with customers, forgetting that clear lines between teams, be that sales teams or the ones that support sales, saves time and effort while hugely increasing productivity.

The ability to share information, sales status, deal volumes and the like is key to running a successful sales team, one that is organized and pulling in a single direction.


Sales Enablement: Bring Marketing & Sales Closer Together

Pipedrive PandaDoc Webinar – Activity-Based Sales and Sales Enablement – Timo Rein and Mikita Mikado – 1pm EST, 3rd November 2016CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING

How familiar are you with sales enablement? As Pipedrive users, you’re certainly familiar with how much work goes into closing a deal. When your marketing team turns over a “hot lead,” you put hours of work into explaining your product, overcoming objections, staying in front of the prospect, building a polished proposal, and getting ink on paper (or a digital signature on a PandaDoc proposal!).

While winning new business is rewarding, losing a deal after putting hours into bringing it along can be crushing.

I’ve experienced this myself during my career, and it’s caused me to spend countless hours studying how sales teams can be more effective. That obsession with building more effective sales teams is what led me to co-found PandaDoc, and it’s a passion that fuels my personal mission to support sales enablement for our customers today. (more…)