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30,000 Happy Pipedrive Customers [Infographic]


We are proud to announce Pipedrive is now the #1 sales management tool for 30,000 small businesses around the world. And here is the back story on how we got there…


Feature Release: Reporting You Can Use to Actively Drive Sales

Statistics to drive sales success

We know nothing divides opinion quite like reporting sales numbers. Some people absolutely love coming to grips with statistics while others dread wrestling with numbers and figures. Whether you’re a sales manager compiling reports or a salesperson submitting the information that will form the basis of reports, a clunky, laborious system is the last thing you need. You want the right information quickly and easily.

We get this. That’s why the team here at Pipedrive has been working around the clock to improve our reporting systems. We’ve automated some sections, expanded others and generally retooled the way the whole system works. We know simply seeing the results is not enough; you need to see the reasons behind the results and the actions you can take to control them. You need deep visibility into your pipeline, into what makes it work and what issues need to be fixed. That’s why our new reporting system lets you actively manage the sales process, rather than retroactively trying to fix what went wrong.

But enough talk, let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty. (more…)

March Salesness Championship: Who’s the Best Salesperson In Pop Culture

Pipedrive Fictional Salesperson March Madness

At the same time as NCAA’s March Madness is playing out on basketball courts across the country, another competition — unlike any you’ve seen before — will play out in boardrooms, limousines, cafés and luxury condos.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Pipedrive March Madness for Salespeople.


You Can Now Save Custom Columns Per Filter

save selected columns for filters

The one Pipedrive product update you’ve been waiting for.

Now you can define a different set of columns for each filter and save your settings.

(Applause and loud cheering).


No More Double Bookings With the New Activity Scheduler

activity scheduler

Just like the hoverboard, the flying car and the self-applying suit, the ability to easily clone yourself never arrived as promised in those ‘80s sci-fi films.

So until you’re physically able to be in two places at once, you need to avoid double-bookings at all costs. (more…)