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The Complete and Definitive Guide to Sales Management

Ultimate Guide To Sales Management

Businesses that thrive execute one thing very well:

Sales management.

Because there are so many moving parts within an organization, the sales management process needs to be fully grasped to ensure each “aspect” of the sales effort is operating efficiently, resulting in the maximum profit for the team – and at the same time, the most benefit and best outcome for the customer. Who doesn’t like a win-win? (more…)

5 Keys to Closing More Deals with Steve Oriola

Brutal Truth Podcast Steve Oriola Pipedrive CEO

Knowing what deals are going to close this month is something salespeople should know off the top of their heads. But it’s difficult to stay focused on multiple deals when you don’t have a clear visual representation of your sales process, Brian G. Burns explains in his The Brutal Truth About Sales podcast, featuring Pipedrive CEO Steve Oriola.

Burns, who now uses Pipedrive, reminisces about his struggles with spreadsheets: “The problem with spreadsheets is that they’re clumsy … and they’re really not connected to anything.”

Oriola then discusses the importance of taking back control of your sales pipeline, and provides five key recommendations for companies looking for better ways to manage their sales process and close more deals.

“You get immediate visibility with Pipedrive. It has that perfect mix of simplicity and power.” Brian G. Burns, The Brutal Truth About Sales podcast


[Feature Release] Day View in Mobile Calendars

Mobile Calendar Update

A big part of being a successful salesperson is the level of client service you offer, which in turn depends on your attention to detail – especially to calendar details. Any salesperson knows there’s nothing worse than canceling a meeting at the last minute, or having two clients show up to your office at the same time because of a double booking.

That’s why we’ve made some key changes to our calendar view, in both the iOS and Android versions of our app.

Lucky 13 as Pipedrive adds Turkish and Finnish

Pipedrive adds Finnish and Turkish Language

It’s hard to think of two countries that have less in common than Turkey and Finland. The one straddles the divide between Asia, Europe and the Middle-East, the other is filled with forests, lakes and freezing winter months.

At Pipedrive we like to believe that one of our purposes in life (we think it’s number 579) is to bring people together in the common cultural practice of making and closing deals.

So it is in this spirit that we add Turkish and Finnish to the 11 other languages we already offer, and give them something in common. The cold north and the sunny south of Europe, united in efficient sales management.

[Feature Release] Web Forms Beta: Let the Customers Come to You

Pipedrive Web Forms feature

How would you like the virtual equivalent of foot-traffic? You know, that thing many brick-and-mortar businesses, especially those located in malls, rely on? Saturday morning crowds with bulging wallets and itchy pin-numbers eager to spend their cash, the gleam of consumerism glistening on their well-fed faces as they stampede towards the cash register.

With our new web forms we give you the digital equivalent, but we go one better as well, by making sure you get leads that not only want to spend money, but have confirmed that they want to spend it on your product or service. If we weren’t such nice people, we’d consider asking for commission. (more…)