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Software and App Development Practical Use Case – TrouDigital

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About the company

We are a young digital signage company based in Southampton, England. We provide cloud-based, drop-and-drag software that lets you create and remotely manage dynamic content across a network of screens. We work with a number of different sectors from retail and real estate to education and healthcare.

The company is comprised of four team members, three of which work within the sales team, and one who works within the computer software department.


Pipedrive is Now SOC 2 Certified

Pipedrive SOC 2 Certification

We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously. While this has traditionally meant putting great security systems in place and ensuring that we partner with industry leading service providers, we realize that some of you have a need for us to go beyond just giving you our word, so we went out and got some certification.


Why (and How) Sales and Customer Service Teams Should Be Aligned

Pipedrive and Helpscout Sales and Customer Service Teams Should Be Aligned.

Let’s talk about something important. Sales and customer service teams are often at odds. And when they are it’s your customer — and ultimately your company — who suffers.

You want sales to trust support and support to trust sales. For that to happen, both teams need to agree that their end goal is the same: a positive customer experience. When sales and customer service teams have a productive, collaborative partnership, they can make exponential gains toward that ultimate shared goal.

Alignment between sales and customer service begins with a fresh perspective on how each team contributes to the customer acquisition and development process, and with developing a process for working with customers across teams. (more…)