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Pipedrive’s Big Sales Interview: Richard Harris

Pipedrive's Big Sales Interview: Richard Harris

This is the final part of our series: Pipedrive’s Big Sales Interview. If you haven’t already, you can read part three, part two, or part one

Richard Harris was born to sell.

When he was growing up, both his parents were salespeople: his father sold insurance, and his mother sold local advertising for cable news affiliates. Harris began his own sales career at the age of 11, buying Jolly Ranchers from a high schooler, marking them up and selling the candy to his classmates.

Now a sales trainer and consultant, Harris has moved far beyond Jolly Ranchers, but he still loves sales the way he did when he was turning that first profit in middle school. He thrives on the human interaction that comes with selling.

“Sales is the ultimate human relationship,” he says. “You go through every emotion: excitement, joy, anger, frustration, you’re pissed off, you’re thrilled. It gives you every single emotion. It covers all of them.”

Harris is the latest subject of Pipedrive’s Big Sales Interview, a series of in-depth discussions with thought leaders in the sales industry. The Big Sales Interview is a far-ranging conversation that takes readers beyond each thought leader’s latest book or sales philosophy; and even beyond sales. We ask each leader about their personal history in the sales industry, the mistakes they’ve made, and their favorite sales books.

Harris had a lot to say about respect and honesty. We talked about why reps must earn the right to ask their prospects questions and how to use a respect contract to protect both prospect and rep. We also talked about the tension that exists between the sales leaders of Generation X and their millennial reps, and how to mitigate those problems. (more…)

Scheduling – Say Goodbye to the Back-and-forth

In sales, too many of us spend a good deal of our day with the back-and-forth exchange of emails or texts to schedule a “good time to talk.” At times it may even feel like you put more effort into finding the right time to talk than actually talking. As a modern-day salesperson, you can work smarter and save yourself a lot of time by taking advantage of scheduling tools. (more…)

Five Sales Email Templates to Get You Started – and How to Use Them Effectively

Pipedrive sales email templates

Whether you’re prospecting for warm leads, following up with a previous phone conversation, or even providing documentation on your product’s specifications, you’re going to have to send an email eventually. In fact, it’s likely you’ll have to send dozens of emails every day. This means you’ll have to use a lot of the same text from one message to another, but you would still need to change a few words here and there to demonstrate your relationship with the customer. (more…)

Send More Email in Less Time with Email Templates

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With our new Email templates, you’ll Increase the number of emails you send, while still maintaining a significant personal touch. Choose from one of Pipedrive’s official templates (written by our own sales gurus), or customize your own email templates. Either way, you’ll now have time to focus on the part of the discussion that matters most while letting Pipedrive handle the rest. (more…)