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How to Close 2016 to Start 2017 with a Bang – Part I

Sales Quota and Goals – Timo Rein, Pipedrive CEO

Having recently written a piece on Sales Hacker: You’re About to Miss your Quota? It’s Time to Close Faster and Better, I wanted to return to the idea of ‘saving the year’ on the Pipedrive blog. Except, this time, our focus is less on a salesperson hitting their personal sales quota, and more on setting your team up to hit the ground running before the new year begins.

My advice to salespeople included:

  • Close deals faster
  • Convert more deals
  • Don’t panic

But this advice won’t work for a sales manager or leader with a team that needs turning round. Hopefully, what follows will.


Managing Your Details Pages Just Became a Lot Easier

Pipedrive product update deal details

When we released our new details view in late 2014, we focused on providing clear visibility into your deal, person and organization details on a single page – and aimed to make adding these details easy, quick and painless. Customer feedback over the last two years shows that our efforts were largely successful, but there was one niggling concern.

We hadn’t got the left-hand column in the details view quite right.


Detailed Tracking for Deal Movement at Your Fingertips


One of the great benefits of pipeline visibility is the fact that you can see trouble brewing before it becomes a disaster. At Pipedrive we place great stock in forecasting, predictability and being able to course-correct mid-stream. To do this a sales manager needs information and he or she needs a lot of it. Of course, it’s not all negative. Confidence in your statistics brings the peace of mind that you have the facts and stats needed to have complete confidence in your forecasting.


Sales Enablement: Bring Marketing & Sales Closer Together

Pipedrive PandaDoc Webinar – Activity-Based Sales and Sales Enablement – Timo Rein and Mikita Mikado – 1pm EST, 3rd November 2016CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING

How familiar are you with sales enablement? As Pipedrive users, you’re certainly familiar with how much work goes into closing a deal. When your marketing team turns over a “hot lead,” you put hours of work into explaining your product, overcoming objections, staying in front of the prospect, building a polished proposal, and getting ink on paper (or a digital signature on a PandaDoc proposal!).

While winning new business is rewarding, losing a deal after putting hours into bringing it along can be crushing.

I’ve experienced this myself during my career, and it’s caused me to spend countless hours studying how sales teams can be more effective. That obsession with building more effective sales teams is what led me to co-found PandaDoc, and it’s a passion that fuels my personal mission to support sales enablement for our customers today. (more…)

Let Pipedrive Power Your Trello Cards

Piperdive power-up for Trello

Sales rarely happens in a vacuum, especially the type of sales most Pipedrive users are involved in. As a salesperson or manager, an ideal scenario would likely consist of marking a deal as “won” with no further involvement beyond that point. In the real world, a won deal is often the start of a whole new set of stages within your business.

At the very least, there could be a warehouse and delivery ticket that needs to be generated, but it’s more likely to be the beginning of a major project, like building a personal robot, designing and delivering a yacht, or organizing a trip to outer space (Pipedrive users sell amazing things).

As a salesperson, you need a quick, painless and, above all, accurate way to hand over deal information once you mark it as won. This is where our new integration with Trello comes in.