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8 Unnatural Sales Habits to Help You Close More Deals


Unnatural Sales Habits

If selling prowess relies solely on talent, nobody would bother buying a self-help book on sales. You can buy one but will just burn yourself out trying to follow the author’s success mantra — without ever seeing a hint of the promised results. Thankfully, selling success depends more on training than talent. The multibillion-dollar self-help industry is proof of that.

But before you think that nurturing existing habits is all you need, STOP. (more…)

From Rookie to Rockstar: How Barry Maher Mastered the Art of Selling

The art of selling

Barry Maher nearly gave up shortly into his first corporate sales job. After five weeks of basic training, his sales manager had thrown him to the wolves with little practical guidance and virtually zero oversight. Left to fend for himself, Maher had no idea what kind of businesses to call on or how to canvass. He was banging on doors with nothing to show for it, and he thought of quitting.

Then Maher decided: “I’m going to do the best I can in this next call.” (more…)

Pipedrive Is Opening an Office in Tartu

Tartu University Main Building

University of Tartu main building

Pipedrive is growing. We are adding to our offices in the United States and Estonia, with our new office in the second-largest city of Tartu. With one office in the United States and two now in Estonia, we are better positioned to attract new talent as we expand. Oh yeah, and we just won the Best Employer Award in the private sector in Estonia. (more…)

Give Your Sales Pipeline a Boost with Zapier’s Multi-Step Workflows

Pipedrive workflow automation

We want to ensure our customers have the best tools to focus on their sales without having to worry about admin work. You need to know whom to focus on, what deals deserve immediate attention, how they affect your projects and sales pipeline and where that information needs to go.
We see our customers putting Pipedrive to work through their entire sales cycle, from lead management to project tasking and marketing outreach. We know hundreds of apps are out there to capture data you need in Pipedrive, or to which you want to send items at various stages of your deals. That’s why, among our many app integrations, we integrated with Zapier, enabling you to connect Pipedrive with more than 500 business apps quickly and without any programming knowledge. (more…)

Create Predictable Revenue with Pipedrive & the 2016 Sales Stack

This is a guest post written by Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue and Matt Smith of Full Stack Sales.

We couldn’t agree more with TechCrunch’s report 2016 Will Be The Year Of the Sales Stack. The combination of the right tools — think your sales stack — and the right training are a game changer for global sales professionals.


To help you with the training piece of the sales puzzle, we recommend beginning with the free Predictable Revenue Pipedrive Mastery Course ($300 retail value).