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Six Practical Lead Generation Tactics to Help You Focus on the Right Prospects

Six Practical Lead Generation Tactics for Pipedrive Users

If you spend over two decades of your life responsible for generating leads and getting to know clients, you’re bound to pick up a thing or two about about boosting sales.

In my case, I was lucky enough to spend seven of those years with Pipedrive. I learned a number of really useful tactics to help me drive growth and these tactics can work for almost any business trying to boost revenue fast.

The following guide is my best attempt to tailor these insights into actionable tips for Pipedrive users. Hopefully they come in handy for you and your sales troops in the ongoing mission to seal more deals. (more…)

“Sales In The Digital Age” – Pipedrive at Tech Open Air, Berlin


Berlin Tech Open Air Sales Event

As part of our Sales in the Digital Age tour, Pipedrive hosted a satellite event at the brilliant Tech Open Air (TOA) conference in Berlin.  

The event came at the perfect time to inspire German businesses to attack the key challenges currently acting as a barrier to fast growth.

Research recently commissioned by Pipedrive shows that many of Germany’s 3.6million “mittelstand” or SMBs badly need help with sales activity.

For example, data of 1000 sales professionals reveals that 79% seek to improve their sales performance, with 1 in 3 concerned about efficiency in particular.

We gathered some of the most experienced and accomplished minds in the SMB digitization space to provide a deep dive into the issues and technologies shaping sales activity today. We’ve prepared a super helpful video recap of the event with 5 critical pieces of advice to help you sell with more certainty in a new world of automated sales. (more…)

Pipedrive’s $50M Series C Funding (and a Very Important Thank You Note)

Pipedrive’s $50M Series C Funding (and a Very Important Thank You Note)

The team at Pipedrive have been busy practicing what we preach.

We’ve been busy closing deals 😉

Pipedrive just raised another fifty million dollars.

It’s a big deal for us.

And it‘s a big deal for anyone looking to drive fast growth for their business.

We have an incredible opportunity to help salespeople across the globe find, manage, and close even more deals.

That’s why this news is so inspiring for me, for our 400-strong Pipedrive team, and for everyone out there with something to sell.

That’s also why I have a very important thank you note I need to deliver…  (more…)

Sales in a Digital Age – How Can We All Sell with More Certainty?

Pipedrive London Tech Week

According to new research commissioned by Pipedrive into the challenges faced by 1,000 sales professionals, we found the following three alarming problems the sales industry needs to address:

  • 74% of sales pros say they are under pressure to raise their current performance
  • 1 in 3 need to improve their sales time efficiency
  • Only 23% of salespeople feel like their sales team are well motivated

Bottom line:

Salespeople have to hit quotas. The pressure is fierce.

But even with all of the new technology available to sales teams in the digital age, we’re still struggling to sell with more certainty. (more…)