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How Pipedrive and ActiveDEMAND Maximize Conversions by Aligning Marketing and Sales

How Pipedrive and ActiveDEMAND Maximize Conversions by aligning Marketing and Sales

The successful alignment of sales and marketing isn’t just a nice thing to have for ‘brand consistency.’

A powerful connection between your marketing and sales pipeline is a core foundation for a fast scaling business.  

There are so many factors that contribute to fast growth, but one of the most common technical similarities across the growth teams of winning startups is a powerful real-time integration between a sales CRM and a marketing automation platform. (more…)

How to Use Zapier with Pipedrive to Slash Admin and Simplify Sales

How to Use Zapier with Pipedrive to Slash Admin and Simplify Sales

When businesses first open their (virtual) doors, most rely on a home-brewed system to manage contacts.

Many startups bootstrap with crude databases and spreadsheets. Some even wing it with pen and paper for the first few weeks or months.

However, most growing startups begin life with a custom backend or infrastructure built internally.

There’s usually a fair slab of extra work involved (and an added layer of frustration). You find yourself exporting data from one place and importing somewhere else. Each of your team members use their own process and filing convention. Not to mention the challenge of maintaining code. (more…)

Integrating Mailchimp and Pipedrive with Pipechimp to Simplify Your Selling

Integrating Mailchimp and Pipedrive with Pipechimp to simplify your selling

Do you want to integrate your email marketing tool with your sales CRM?

Think about the powerful automation you could use to save your salespeople hours of manual tagging and analysis.

Instead of trawling through your email marketing reports and engagement statistics – you can set up automated triggers to notify a specific salesperson every time a given contact opens a newsletter, clicks on a link, downloads an e-book, or registers for a webinar. (more…)

Sendify and the Golden Sales Inbox

Sendify and the golden sales inbox

Fast Facts

Company name: Sendify
Industry: Logistics
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Company size: 15 (4 salespeople)

Sendify’s story


Sendify is a digital freight forwarder, whose combination of a freight network and a user friendly transport management system smoothens their customers’ logistics. They allow new customers to ship worldwide like a pro within minutes of signing up with their competitive shipping rates. Furthermore, their system is stacked with tools that transform logistics into a competitive advantage. (more…)

Why Pipedrive Became SelberMakler’s First CRM


Fast Facts

Company name: SelberMakler – Kinder Privat Versichern
Industry: Health insurance for babies and children
Location: Leverkusen, Germany
Sales team size: 4 salespeople

SelberMakler’s story


In Germany, just like in many other countries, it is mandatory by law to have your baby insured with private or public health insurance. SelberMakler provides private health insurance for new-born babies with a bonus cash back.

With the help of tools such as Pipedrive, their workflow has been completely digitized compared to how the rest of Germany works, with paper.

Thanks to their lean workflow and processes, SelberMakler has no need to charge high commissions. Now they can afford to give cash backs to their customers, which gives them a huge advantage in the market. (more…)