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4 Tactics to Close the Sales Year (And Start the New Year) Strong

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December — closing time for sales professionals — can be tense. While most people are thinking about their Christmas shopping and New Year’s Eve plans, salespeople worry about hitting their quarterly and yearly sales targets. Consequently, the holidays can coincide with heightened pressure and anxiety for us sales folk.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right focus and execution, you can sail through the holiday season stress-free, rack up sales and finish the year strong.


6 Deadly Mistakes Great Salespeople Avoid

Every now and then I meet salespeople who are extremely creative in developing lists of excuses. You know the ones – the economy’s still bad, our prices are too high, and so on (there’s actually a neat little list up at Fearless Selling). We’ve previously talked about what makes a successful salesperson.

But after hearing these excuses over and over again, I decided it was time to turn the subject around and talk about what kind of mistakes great salespeople avoid; how and why do others lose their potential sales, and how is all of this connected to our conception of what sales success is.


How to avoid the trap of “making sales people busy”?

We recently launched Sales Pipeline Academy to help you improve your sales (pipeline) skills. We’ve received several good follow-up questions, here’s one from our customer George:

“Many companies drive number of visits by their sales people. But this can drive the wrong behavior – lots of random meetings. Don’t get me wrong – it’s important to be in front of the customer. But it needs to be in front of the RIGHT customer — one that has a good fit with the product. /…/ 

What do you encourage companies’ management to monitor to prevent this trap of making sales people busy on the wrong kinds of visits?”


How to build a sales pipeline? The 4-step guide.

Build a solid sales pipeline

If you’ve ever looked at your diary, notebook, sticky notes and Inbox in the middle of a busy sales period and thought, “This isn’t working,” you’re not alone.

I used to try to organize my thoughts and ideas without structure and the result was I kept missing opportunities and sales forecasts. Then, I found the answer – the concept of sales pipeline. I now had order where there had been chaos; I could take the initiative, control the entire sales process, and win at sales management. Here are a few of the ideas that worked for me when I was building my pipeline: (more…)