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How to Close 2016 to Start 2017 with a Bang – Part I

Sales Quota and Goals – Timo Rein, Pipedrive CEO

Having recently written a piece on Sales Hacker: You’re About to Miss your Quota? It’s Time to Close Faster and Better, I wanted to return to the idea of ‘saving the year’ on the Pipedrive blog. Except, this time, our focus is less on a salesperson hitting their personal sales quota, and more on setting your team up to hit the ground running before the new year begins.

My advice to salespeople included:

  • Close deals faster
  • Convert more deals
  • Don’t panic

But this advice won’t work for a sales manager or leader with a team that needs turning round. Hopefully, what follows will.


Two New Pipedrive Plans, Unlimited Potential

Introducing Tiered Pricing

When we started Pipedrive, one of our key ideas was that we would always aim to keep things as simple as possible.

But as time passed, not only has the program itself grown, but the diversity of our user-base has as well. We’ve often found ourselves surprised at the inventive uses people have found for Pipedrive. This has however meant that our users’ needs have become more complex over time.


The Ultimate Guide to Activity-Based Selling: What, Why, and How

Activity Based Sales Manifesto

It’s the most powerful, promising and successful way to sell. It puts you in the driver’s seat, gives you visibility into your pipeline, builds your confidence and even makes selling more fun.

For any salesperson, adopting an activity-based approach is a game changer. I know this because it was for me.

I went into this field convinced that I didn’t belong. “I’m not really a salesperson,” I told myself. And at first, I struggled.

Then some successful, experienced people told me about activity-based selling. I changed my mindset and revamped my process. Soon, I started selling.

Now, as a Pipedrive co-founder, I’ve committed my career to helping other salespeople all over the world master their work. This guide can be used by anyone in sales, from the largest multi-national companies to sole proprietorships. This is your path to maximizing your potential — and your closing ratio. (more…)

Visibility: The Secret Sauce Every Sales Professional Must Master


When I am asked, “What is visibility?” or more specifically, “Why is visibility important in sales?” I like to take the conversation beyond a straightforward answer, such as:

“Well, it’s the ability to see into your pipeline and know what’s where, to quickly assess which items need your attention, and to be able to report on and forecast results.”

This is all true, but the value of visibility in sales goes far beyond and is actually the value of visibility across the board. (more…)

30,000 Happy Pipedrive Customers [Infographic]


We are proud to announce Pipedrive is now the #1 sales management tool for 30,000 small businesses around the world. And here is the back story on how we got there…