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3 Powerful Calendar Management Tactics For Hitting Your Sales Targets

Sales calendar by block logic
One thing I noticed in sales was that it was so easy to end the week exhausted, feeling that I did so much work only
to fall short of hitting my targets for meetings scheduled or completed, or prospecting calls made.

As the week progressed, it was filled with more emails than anticipated, overlong meetings with prospects, ad hoc chats with teammates … and bam! – I was off track, not hitting weekly action goals. (more…)

5 Years, 100 People and Lessons Learned

pipedrive 100 cake

This year Pipedrive turned 5 years old, and today we crossed the symbolic line of 100 employees. I am incredibly happy to see the idea for Pipedrive coalesce into a group of fantastic individuals who have come together to make our product and service world class. While it’s taken some time to get here, in the grand scheme of things, this is just the beginning of our journey.

So here’s a cheer to all of our 100 employees (and their dogs), to all of our customers and to everyone who has helped us get this far – thank you!

In reaching this milestone, everyone at Pipedrive has had to learn, adapt, rinse and repeat. With that said, it’s a good time for me to reflect and share a few things that we’ve learned over the last five years. (more…)

How to Climb the ‘Yes Tree’ in Sales

rock climbing

Imagine rock climbing for a moment, even if you haven’t done it. You’ve picked a route you’re going to follow, or at least you know the destination – the top – even when the route might vary a little from what you first expected. To climb to the peak without any protection would be foolish, so you have safety pins (aka nuts, hexes, and camming devices) that you drive into the side of the mountain on your way up. As the pins are the only thing stopping you from dropping to the ground if you were to fall, you make damn sure they’re pinned to the wall properly. All you can do to move forward is to rely on the pins to stay in securely, and take steps.

Now imagine the same process in sales. To reach your destination – the close – you can’t simply jump to it without going through the necessary steps of your sales process.* Think of these steps as the metal pins you need to drive to the wall – you can’t start climbing toward the next step before the last pin is fastened and strong. To put it another way, if you don’t fall, you have moved on. (more…)

Rocks, Pebbles, Sand and Your Key Sales Activities

Rocks Pebbles Sand Jar

There’s an old story about placing rocks, pebbles and sand in a jar. If you place the sand and pebbles into the jar first, the rocks won’t fit. But if you put the rocks in first, pour the pebbles and sand in afterward, everything will fit.

Consider the sand, pebbles and rocks as the activities you undertake in your jar – your sales process. While it needs to fit in every activity – from finding prospects to making calls to writing proposals and amending contracts – you can only succeed if you focus on key activities, and fit the pebbles and sand in afterward.


We Won the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup Award

Pipedrive Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup Award The Europas

It’s clear that we’re far better at building software than taking pictures

Last night, Pipedrive won the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup award at The Europas.

Needless to say (but we want to anyway), we couldn’t have done it without our great customers. Nor without such a strong team behind the product. So, thank you!

Congratulations to our friends at TransferWise, and to all the other winners and nominees.