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How Pipeline Visibility Helped One Company Increase Revenue by 15%

Case Study Northwest Weatherization

“Our CRM is an extension of my left hand or my right hand. It moves so quickly and comfortably that I don’t have to worry about it. I’m then able to focus on more lead opportunities.”

The nuts and bolts

Company size: 24 (five-person sales team)

Industry: Real Estate (Energy Efficiency)

Location: Greater Portland (Vancouver, Salem and Hillsboro)

Integrations: Google Apps, PandaDoc, Zapier

In this study, you’ll learn about:

  • How Northwest Weatherization increased its bottom line by 15%
  • Key integrations that allowed it to have more fluidity in its sales pipeline


Sales Management Definition, Process, Strategies and Resources

Ultimate Guide To Sales Management

Businesses that thrive execute one thing very well: sales management.


Because there are so many moving parts within an organization, the sales management process needs to be fully grasped to ensure each “aspect” of the collective sales effort is operating efficiently.

The primary focus of sales managers should be to maximize profit for the team awhile delivering the best possible value to customers. Who doesn’t like a win-win scenario? (more…)

Value NO… Know It’s Value!

This is a guest post by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. We got talking because of our NO Calculator, it resonated well with the mindset that Richard and Andrea promote, and vice versa.

620 Nos Per MonthMany salespeople spend their days doing everything they can to avoid having people say ‘no’ to them. This makes sense since we’ve all been taught that in sales, you are going for a YES, not a NO. As a result, many salespeople come to view ‘no’ as a failure and as the end of the process. However, great salespeople know that selling is a ‘numbers game.’ The more people you talk to the greater your chances for success. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when it comes to valuing NO: