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What Makes Your Industry’s Sales Pipeline Unique?

What Makes Your Industry Sales Pipeline Unique?

The right way to sell is always going to depend on what you’re selling. But how, exactly, do sales pipelines differ across industries? What does a real estate firm do differently than a software development company? Or a bank?

We wanted to know. And with 50,000 customers using our sales management tool in very different ways, we knew we could find out.

We’ve always believed in the importance of customization, letting our customers build pipeline stages to suit their own sales approach. Tapping into this data, we’ve been able to analyze user preferences – and pipeline characteristics – from industry to industry.

Here’s what we found. (more…)

How Calldrip Uses the Pipedrive and Help Scout Integration

About Calldrip:

Calldrip is a company that allows you to connect with leads while they are still on your site. Once you connect any page, whether it be a social media, landing page, or your homepage, Calldrip will forward the leads to your cell phone, giving you the lead’s name and source. They have locations in both the U.S. and the U.K. and work with many different sectors, including retail, healthcare, finance and technology.


Up to 71% of the leads your company generates could be wasted. Calldrip’s mission is to increase awareness and ensure that all leads are contacted within seconds of the initial inquiry — all that you have to do is answer the phone and Calldrip takes care of the rest. But how exactly is “the rest” handled?

It’s not an easy feat — which is where Pipedrive’s and Help Scout’s integration comes into play. (more…)

10 Predictable Revenue Hacks to Grow Your Sales

This is a guest post written by Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue and Matt Smith of Full Stack Sales. 

10 Hacks To Create Predictable Revenue

There’s a system to help reduce the variability in your business called Predictable Revenue.

[Editor’s Note: Those interested in combining Predictable Revenue sales strategy with Pipedrive will find a special surprise at the end of this article.]

Here are 10 ways you can immediately implement the Predictable Revenue system: (more…)

Pipedrive Is Opening an Office in Tartu

Tartu University Main Building

University of Tartu main building

Pipedrive is growing. We are adding to our offices in the United States and Estonia, with our new office in the second-largest city of Tartu. With one office in the United States and two now in Estonia, we are better positioned to attract new talent as we expand. Oh yeah, and we just won the Best Employer Award in the private sector in Estonia. (more…)