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How to Define Your Ideal Prospect

How to Find Your Ideal Prospect

A healthy pipeline helps you meet sales targets. So, will getting an insane number of customers into your pipeline result in success for your team?

Yes and no. Sales teams need healthy pipelines to achieve growth. But chasing anything that moves and cramming everyone into your sales pipeline won’t make it healthy. A large number of prospects who don’t fit your ideal customer profile will jam your pipeline and prevent your team from reaching peak performance. (more…)

How to Use Your Sales Process as a Pipeline to Success

Selling skills will help you close deals. A selling process will help you consistently do it.  

A lot has been said about the advantage of skills over process, but a sales professional will never succeed wielding only one.

It’s easy to see why. While sweet-talking your way into people’s wallets might have worked in the past, the selling landscape has shifted so dramatically that skills such as personal charm and pitching prowess make up only a small section of today’s road map to sales success. (more…)

Fine Tune Your Pipeline by Optimizing Sales Collaboration

optimizing sales collaboration

Success never happens in a vacuum. The road to get there teems with people to learn from, compete against, work with. Collaboration is the only way (so far known) to make things happen. Rock stars, basketball players and successful companies know this.

So should your sales team.

A Nielsen report found that collaboration drives innovation success, while a study conducted by CSO Insights revealed that formal collaboration increases sales quota attainment by as much as 21%. That figure is way too significant to ignore, making collaboration arguably the most important factor you can tweak to improve your sales metrics. (more…)

7 Free Sales Dashboards and Templates for Your Team

Free Excel Sales Dashboard Templates

Do you run a sales-driven company without using CRM? Are you working for one?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve just hit the jackpot.

This article provides a number of free excel sales dashboards, templates, and related productivity tools you can find on the web that will help you organize your sales process and hurdle the complexities of growing your business.

But don’t stay content and cozy with a bundle of disparate resources.


Every organization selling something that needs a CRM system. The only question is when, yet many businesses need or already use one now.

Those that fall in any other category will have to adopt one eventually as the number of their sales staff, customers, products and services grow. Otherwise, the complexity of managing an expanding sales ecosystem will become a major roadblock to your growth and future profitability. (more…)

4 Management Hacks To Prep Your Team for Common Sales Scenarios

Management Hacks

Sales leaders find themselves wearing different hats as they navigate sales cycles with their teams.

One moment you’re a coach to a group of new hires fumbling their way around your CRM. In another, you’re a crack detective, probing why your team metrics didn’t turn out as planned. Across the entire stretch, you’ll find occasions where you play the role of a parent admonishing a wayward team member, or a cheerleader trying to push everyone to give their best even amid a lopsided market that strongly favors your competitors. You love your job, but sometimes you wish you were a shrink, so you can give yourself energy-boosting therapy just to go on.

Given all the good stuff it offers, nobody ever said sales was easy. You know this, and that’s why you need to prepare your team for those difficult occasions that commonly arise in different stages of the selling process.

Here are some tips for when common sales challenges prevent your team from moving forward. These are neither quick fixes nor cure-alls, but mere starting points that can lead you to the unique solution for specific pain points your team experiences.