Who Would Win The Sales World Cup Final?

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France takes on Croatia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final, but we wanted to know who has the champion sales team?

So we looked at the figures and found our answer!

Over 58,000 companies were included in our Global Sales Performance Review study from a sample of Pipedrive customers across 170 countries.

We refined the data for the Sales World Cup Final to focus on key sales performance metrics of thousands of Croatian and French companies from the period of July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018.

So which nation would win the Sales World Cup Final?

The French?

Or the Croats?

Are the Mbappe’s, Pogba’s and Lloris’ of the sales world the champion team? Or would you back the likes of Modrić, Rakitic and Mandžukić to close your deals?

Sales world cup final

How Did We Calculate The Results Of The Sales World Cup?

We focused the Sales World Cup Final on five critical sales performance matchups to decide which nation wins the championship battle.

  1. POSSESSION: Number Of Sales Deals In The Pipeline
  2. DEFENSE: Average Length Of Time Before A Deal Is Lost
  3. SPEED: Average Length Of Time Before A Deal Is Won
  4. SCORING: Amount Of Deals Won
  5. ACCURACY: – Average Conversion Rate Of Deals Closed

We used the following criteria to accurately determine the Sales World Cup winners:

  • Only companies adding less than 60 deals per day
  • Only companies adding less than 22K deals per year
  • Only companies with more than 6 months of data
  • Exclusion of all deleted deals
  • Exclusion of all currently open deals
  • Only deals won or lost within a year

But we only focused our analysis on the two FIFA World Cup finalists.

There’s plenty more fascinating sales data you can find in our Global Sales Performance Review to compare the sales performance of your country against the rest of the world!

POSSESSION: Number Of Sales Deals In The Pipeline

You can’t score without taking shots! BUT, just because you take more shots, doesn’t mean you always win.

Croatia: 1057 deals per company

France: 394 deals per company

Croatia takes more shots than France.

But is a higher number of deals always best?

You can’t score without taking shots.

But just like football, sales is a funny game.

You can have thousands of deals in your pipeline and still not make as much revenue as a competitor. Your twenty deals worth a thousand dollars each don’t like such a champion effort against a competitor who closes just one multi-million dollar deal with a huge account.

This is where the sales world cup is different. You don’t need to take the most shots on goal to win the Sales World Cup!

Croatia takes more shots on goal. But that doesn’t mean France’s attack is less potent.

Croatia has more chances to close. But are they using a reckless game plan?

The French might be happy to leave possession to the competition, content to bide their time before latching onto one good chance and making the absolute most of every scoring situation.

DEFENSE: Average Length Of Time Before A Deal Is Lost

Unlike football, not all shots are worthwhile in the sales game!

Wasting time on poor leads could cost you your best scoring opportunity.

Winners lose their best deals early to focus on quality leads…

Croatia: 36 days

France: 46 days

Croatia focuses on the right opportunities, while France spends more time in bad territory where it’s so much harder to score.

Unlike football, you want to miss some shots in the Sales World Cup.

A low-quality lead who will never convert is just wasting your time. The Croatians know how to spot a dead end early. This foresight allows their team to attack a change tactics fast and focus more time on better scoring opportunities with better quality leads.

If you’re going to lose a deal, you want to lose it as early as possible. France spends a little more time on the ball in bad territory where it’s almost impossible to score.

SPEED: Average Length Of Time Before A Deal Is Won

Everyone likes to score fast!

The best teams are quick closers.

Croatia: 31 days

France: 33 days

Croatia moves quickly and converts fast & often.

Everyone wants to score quickly.

The best sales teams convert fast and often.

If you convert quickly, you can start working on the next scoring opportunity earlier. Teams who take too long on the ball always leave an opportunity for the best competitors to swoop in and steal the chance.

Croatia moves the ball up the field fast. While France is busy calculating their approach and holding possession in their own half, Croatia plays it direct, pushing balls forward quickly and often.

Croatia has a good chance of converting early as they can get to the goal faster. But is France playing the smarter game by waiting for the high-percentage play?

By the time the French make it upfield, there’s a risk the best deals have already been intercepted by the competition.

Sometimes you need to push forward fast and take risks to convert – even when the stakes are high.

SCORING: Amount Of Deals Won

Everyone wants to score as many goals as possible!

But in this World Cup, is it the number of deals you win? Or the size of the deals that matters?

Croatia: 89 deals per company

France: 61 deals per company

Croatia has scored more deals than the French.

But are the deals comparable?

Remember, one big deal can still beat 15 smaller ones.

This is the one key area where the likes of Mario Mandžukić and Kylian Mbappe may not make the best salesperson.

Sure, all sales teams want to score as many goals as possible.

But each deal has a different value. Croatia has scored more times than France – but the most prolific strikers might not be lifting up the Sales World Cup trophy.

Sales is a revenue game.

You want to maximize the value of those deals you close, not necessarily the number of deals you win. One deal worth $2 million is much more valuable to the business than eight deals worth $100K.

Croatia scores more goals. That’s a great sign.

But it’s not enough to win the Sales World Cup.

ACCURACY – Average Conversion Rate Of Deals Closed

Who’s converting more accurately?

Who’s spending their time on the right deals?

Champion sales teams base their entire game plan on conversion rates.

If you focus more of your time on the best opportunities, you’ll almost certainly beat your competition.

This match-up is likely to be the difference between the two teams.

The accuracy of each side will decide the true winner.

Croatia: 8% conversion rate

France: 16% conversion rate

A higher conversion rate means team France focuses their efforts on the right leads.

Even though Croatia are faster, take more shots, and hold the ball for longer periods – they waste more precious time on the wrong opportunities.

A higher conversion rate means France focuses their sales effort on the right leads. Instead of spreading themselves too thin and taking up time on poor scoring opportunities, the French prioritize their time on the best chances.

While the Croats take long shots from outside the box, the Pogba’s, Giroud’s and Griezmann’s of the sales world play the percentages – concentrating on set pieces and promising moves inside the 18-yard area.

So Who Wins the Sales World Cup Final?

The Winner Is…


Why France Wins The Sales World Cup Final:

  • A potent attack
  • A smart game plan
  • The best conversion rate
  • Laser focus on the right scoring opportunities!

Congrats, Les Bleus!

You Guys Are The Real Winners 🏆  

Just be aware there might not be as many endorsement deals, airport welcomes or parades down the Champs-Élysées for the winners of this World Cup 🙁 

Which Country Has The Best Conversion Rate in The World?

So France does win the battle of the FIFA World Cup Finalists.

But based on our data, the French conversion rate doesn’t even make the top 20 when matched up against the rest of the world!

Take a look at our Global Sales Performance Review results to find out which country has the best conversion rate.

The answer will definitely surprise you 😉

(Hint: it’s definitely not a traditional football or business superpower!)

Global Sales Performance Review

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