Contacts Timeline: Make Timely Follow-ups with Your Leads

Pipedrive CRM contacts management

There’s a feature you might have seen around while exploring Pipedrive but perhaps never really tested the waters with.

Meet your Contacts Timeline!

“Never heard of it! What does it do?” – you might ask.

Well, today, we’re going to tell you all about how it works and how it can help you improve your customer relationships!

What is Contacts Timeline?

The Contacts Timeline is designed to help you nurture your client and lead relationships like a pro.

There are several important ways you can use the Contacts Timeline feature to help you manage all the folks involved in your deals:

  • Have a clear view over who needs to be contacted next and when
  • Set follow-ups for specific groups of contacts
  • Helps keep your sales pipeline tidy
  • Lets you focus on the most valuable activities

So where can you find the Contacts Timeline in Pipedrive?


Simple. Just open the app,  head over to Contacts, and switch over to Timeline view in the top left.

Better still – the timeline view works the same way with your list of Organizations.

But for this article, we want to focus on those invaluable contacts of yours. Read on to learn about how to get into the valuable habit of planning all of your next sales steps in advance.

How Contacts Timeline Works – Things You Should Know

Before we jump into the neat new features, you need to make sure you understand how to take advantage of the basic functions of the Contacts Timeline feature. Let’s take a closer look…

Group contacts with filters

There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Pipedrive’s filters. You’ll be pleased to know the same much loved filters can be applied in your Contacts Timeline view.

Let’s say you wanted to pull up a list of your VIP clients. Simply create a new filter with a condition that only shows people with the job title “CEO”. And voila!

You will now see a chronological timeline of deals, activities, and notes alongside each of your selected contacts.

If you’re already using our Email Sync feature (available on Gold and Platinum plans), your sent and received emails will also plotted along the timeline.

Protip: Don’t want to see contacts with certain activity types (like emails)? No problem!

Deselect them using the quick filter-out buttons above the contacts list and they will no longer appear in your timeline.

Adjust your timeframe

To the left of the filter, you will find the option to adjust your lookback period.

Use this dropdown menu to capture your timeline up to 12 months back (and even a little bit into the future).

Color-coded deals

When contacts have deals attached to them, they are shown as color-coded bars along the timeline.

Here’s what these color-coded bars mean:

  • A bar represents a deal
  • The length of the bar shows how long the deal has been open
  • Blue bars are Open deals
  • Red bars are Lost deals
  • Green bars are Won deals
  • White bars mean the contact has multiple deals

The Exciting New Contacts Timeline Features

Now onto the new stuff!

Our new Contacts Timeline features are designed to make activity-based-selling even easier for you and your team.

Now, you can simply assign follow-up tasks and frequencies to make sure you don’t miss out on critical deals by neglecting hot leads in your pipeline.

Set follow-up frequencies

The cleverest new feature in the Contacts Timeline will simplify each key stage of the pipeline for your users.

Now you have the ability to choose how often you want to follow up with your contacts.

The Follow-up Frequency feature is located above the timeline and it will show you which contacts in your filter should be contacted next. This message is triggered based on the follow-up cadence you set.

Let’s say you would like to contact your CEO contacts once a quarter.

Just switch on the ‘Follow-up Frequency’ option and set it to ‘Quarterly’.

Now, all the CEOs you haven’t contacted within the last quarter (or those without a completed activity) will be highlighted in red and shuffled to the top of the list.

When a pending activity has been marked as “done”, the contact is given a lower priority in the list.

You’ll see they’re no longer highlighted, signaling you can confidently move your attention to the next set of leads!

Pipedrive contacts management

Know when and who to contact next by setting a follow-up frequency

Remember, this option is specific to each filter. You can customize unique follow-up frequencies for multiple groups of contacts.

Say you have another group of contacts to contact on a weekly basis – just create a new filter view and set the Follow-up Frequency to “Weekly”.

It also works on a per-user basis.

This means one Pipedrive user can follow up with a group of contacts once a week, while another user can touch base with them on an annual basis.

Oh, and don’t forget – if you want several users to share the same filter, just mark it as “shared” in filter settings.

This flexibility is a game-changer! Now you can simplify the follow-up approach for your entire team to maintain consistency and make sure none of those precious leads slip through the cracks.

Create your next tasks on the spot

Need to quickly schedule an action item or create a new deal?

Before, you had to jump over to a different view to find these buttons and recall which contact was related to this action or deal.

This process is now so much simpler.

We’ve added a cluster of quick-action buttons across the timeline.

Pipedrive Contact Management

Plan your next sales moves without leaving the timeline with the new quick-action buttons

You can now create further activities, add notes and kick off new deals without having to leave the timeline view.

How Do I Start Using Contacts Timeline?

Now you know all about our new and improved Contacts Timeline view – it’s time to start using this feature to strengthen your sales process!

The feature is available and ready to use for all Pipedrive customers.

Head over to our app and start putting that quality time into your customer relationships.

Haven’t tried Pipedrive yet? Click here to start using Contacts Timeline now!

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Anneli Tuisk

Anneli is a Product Manager at Pipedrive.

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  • Thanks, Pipedrive. This is a gamechanger.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Thanks for your feedback Joel!

  • Adam Wood

    Thanks, this is awesome.
    Is there a feature that will help manage a workflow? For example, if I am working with new leads and have a series of emails that I want to send until I get a response, can I schedule those emails using the email templates already set up?

    • Michael

      Hi Adam!

      While the improvements to the timeline feature don’t yet offer the functionality you described, one could set this up using Zapier with gmail as both the trigger app and the action app.

      That being said, we are working on our own internal automations to replicate most of the basic Zapier functions internally, as well as more dynamic templates for emails.

      I will pass the request you articulated to the appropriate developers though for their consideration, as I think it makes sense for us to devise a system in which email automation can all be done within Pipedrive.

      • Darrin

        Indeed it makes sense. I’m ready for this big time! What is the timeline target for rollout?

        • Michael

          I’ve forwarded the request to the developers for their consideration.

          To keep up to speed on our releases, following this blog and monitoring the Pipedrive user group on Facebook ( ) are the way to go.

  • G Man

    This is fantastic. I was not using this feature but in next weeks team meeting I will show everyone how to use it.

  • G Man

    This is great, but one issue I’ve found is that if someone enters a recent note on the organisation then it still shows it in the followup frequency. Activities make it close, but notes dont. Is this by design? I’d expect it so that any updates on the org will remove it from the followup, and if you want to edit the triggers you can do so with the flags across the top

    • Anneli Tuisk

      Hi G Man! Follow up frequency works based on activity types and emails. Note is not part of it. In that sense, yes it’s by design.

  • Henning Frettem

    Excellent stuff! And you gotta love the 3rd contact from the bottom at about 1:57…guessing there is a fellow Scandinavian on the Pipedrive team 😀

  • Fantastic! I had no idea this was possible and I was doing it manually.

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    I like the visualisation of the tasks!

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    Awesome! We use Pipedrive at AlertOps ( and love it precisely because of things like this, that make it easy for our sales team to focus on what they do best, and not “admin” stuff.

  • Thank you for this, Anneli! Customer follow-up in sales is so important, and sadly, so many sales professionals miss out on this relationship-building opportunity with their customers.