Transform Gmail into a Savvy Sales CRM with Pipedrive’s Gmail Extension

Pipedrive Gmail Extension on Google Chrome

In the fast-paced world of sales, time is invaluable. That’s exactly why you need to stop switching tabs and wield the power of Pipedrive directly from Gmail using the new Pipedrive Chrome Extension.

If you’re an avid Gmail user and plan on spending as little time as possible at your desk, then this is the tool for you. This nifty add-on will help you stay focused and spend more time and energy doing what you do best: sales.

Quick access for quicker responses

What better way to start the new year than adding yet another time-saving tool to your arsenal? In the spirit of efficiency, the Pipedrive Gmail Extension gives you the ability to access your Pipedrive contacts and deals without leaving your Gmail inbox!

Not only does this add speed and focus to your sales process, but the extension will scan email addresses for Pipedrive contacts and, if none are found, will allow you to add them to Pipedrive from the comfort of your inbox.

More information in fewer tabs

Saving time is great, but there’s more to this feature than shaving minutes from your desk time.

When installed, you’ll be able to instantly see your sales history with each contact whenever you open an email from them. Context is key to responding with precision and sealing a deal, and the more information you have on a deal, the easier it is to spot that perfect closing strategy.

Pipedrive Chrome Extension - More information in fewer tabs

Plan more, do more, sell more

In addition to adding contacts from Gmail, you can also create deals, write notes, or schedule activities in Pipedrive without switching tabs. Being productive is easier than ever, and successful sales is all about staying active.

Get more done in less time

Start taking advantage of the powerful Pipedrive-Gmail combo by downloading the extension available in the Chrome Web Store. If you’re hungry for more info on how the Pipedrive Gmail  Extension works, you can check out our full support article here.

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Jana Krivorotko

Product manager

  • Sharon Prizant Vinderine

    This is fantastic! Will I be able to see open’s of my emails in the gmail extension or will I have to go back to pipedrive to see if it’s been opened/clicked. This would allow me to stop paying for Yesware which would be great!

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Sharon!
      To track your e-mail you would have to head to Pipedrive.
      We will certainly look into implementing it in the future.

  • Przemek

    I have installed this extension in Chrome, but I am not getting the “P” icon on the right side on Gmail inbox screen….

    • Przemek

      Problem solved. The icon appeared this morning. It looks like it has to take some time before it works.

      • Christopher

        Glad to here it worked!
        Any issues, you can contact our support team from inside the app 🙂

  • José Enrique Chacón

    Does it work with Google Inbox?

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Jose!
      Unfortunately no, the position cannot be changed.

  • Krzysiek

    Only in Google Chrome? I want the same in Safari !! 🙂

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Krzysiek!

      Only Google Chrome for now 🙂

  • Jody Spears

    This is great actually, nice smooth integration 😉

    • Michael

      Thanks Jody! We’re trying to stay humble, but we’re quite happy with it as well.

  • Hello, is it working also on Gmail for Business?

    • Michael

      The new Gmail Extension works for Gmail for Business by Google as well as traditional Gmail, as long as you’re using Chrome.

  • Nate Schmidt

    Can you use Inbox, or do you have to use old school Gmail?

    • Michael

      The new Gmail Extension works for Inbox by Google as well as traditional Gmail, as long as you’re using Chrome.

  • Any chance we’ll be able to get the deal BCC from the sidebar? It’s not showing up on my deals, I’m having to press the link to pop out to Pipedrive which is kinda defeating the object for me at the moment

    • Also noticed that when I’ve replied to an email, it shows my own record in the sidebar instead of the customer, despite having the customer’s email address and the deal email address BCCed

      • Michael

        These suggestions are welcome and appreciated, Samuel, I’ve passed them on to the product developer responsible for the Gmail Extension for her consideration. At Pipedrive, we’re never complacent with our features as they currently exist and strive to improve them. Feedback like this gives us direction. Thanks again.

  • Pierre-Gaël Pasquiou


  • Caio Freitas Ferreira

    Loved it! <3

    • Marcelo


  • Jan Moens

    Very handy; the only problem is that there is an error when you want to log in, in the pipedrive app in gmail. 🙂

    • Michael

      Hi Jan! If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to reach out to our support team. They would be more than happy to help you get this sorted. gives instructions on how to get a hold of them.

  • Evgenii

    Can anybody explain me how to launch it? I have installed this extension, but I don’t see any PipeDrive icon when I am using my Gmail. What’s wrong? Extension is enabled in the settings 🙁

    • Michael

      Hi Evgenii! If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to reach out to our support team. They would be more than happy to help you get this sorted. gives instructions on how to get a hold of them.

  • Joel

    Amazing and well done.

    One thing I wish was different…when viewing an email sent FROM me to a sales contact, the sidebar shows information about ME…I would rather see the information about the sales contact to whom I sent the email.

    Thanks this is great!

    • Michael

      Thanks Joel! I agree that it would be tremendously valuable for us to offer a choice in terms of which participant (sender/receiver) the data in the app pertains to. I’ll bring this up with the project manager for her consideration.

      • If I can suggest something here, some other chrome extension of that type show information when you hover a email address, or dropdown menu of all email address on the page. Useful when this situation occur 🙂

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Joel,

      Yes, we are looking into improving it! Thank you for your feedback 🙂

      • Bryan

        Hi is this already fixed?
        Because i got the same issue over here!

        • Jana Krivorotko

          Hi Bryan!

          This is being worked on, will be fixed this month.

          • Cesar

            Hey guys! You have a really cool product here, was working before with salesforce on another company and really like how user friendly pipedrive is 🙂
            But indeed I will love to see this fixed it doesn’t make too much sense to see our own info.

          • Jana Krivorotko

            Hi Cesar!
            Thanks for your feedback and I am very glad to hear about your positive experience using Pipedrive.

            The way the extension works is by indeed grabbing a contact the e-mail was sent from. Therefore, if you are looking at your own e-mail, it will grab your contact/context.

  • Theunis Stoffberg

    Hi Sharon,

    Once installed, how do I activate the pipedrive function with my Gmail?

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Theunis,

      I am not sure I understood you right. Can you please describe the problem.


      • Theunis Stoffberg

        I have come right thanks!

        • Jana Krivorotko

          Nice! Let us know if we can help in anyway.

  • Theunis Stoffberg

    dont worry – found it

    • Michael

      Glad to hear this was resolved!

  • No read receipts when sending emails? That’s the only reason I keep Hubspot around (and yes, I’m on Gold).

  • Enrique Arrambides

    is there a way you can make this work on Station?

    • Michael

      Not as of yet, but I’ve forwarded this suggestion for the developer’s consideration, Enrique.

  • Pavel Šimonek

    How to log in when using Google Login to reach PipeDrive? There is no any button like “Log in with Google”… Any ideas?

    • Patrick Miller

      I also would like to know how I OAuth with G-suite into the Pipedrive plug-in. I cannot reset my password because I signed in with my G-suite account initially.


      • Michael

        Hi Patrick and Pavel. I’m afraid you’ll have to use your Pipedrive password, which if not something you recall, can be reset by attempting to login in an incognito window, and using the ‘forgot’ option on the password line to get a reset email. Support can also help here if necessary.

        • Paru Radia

          I have no Pipedrive password. Have never had one. I have only signed in via Google. When I click “forgot password”, I am automatically logged in to my Pipedrive account on another tab. Please help!

          • Pavel Záleský

            Hi, I had the same problem but found the way how to “by pass” it. I share the guide:

            1. Open ANONYMOUS browser window, go to
            2. On login page choose “Forgot?” password.
            3. Mail with instructions is sent to your mailbox. DO NOT CLICK on any link in it! You need to copy the unique URL provided in the email into new ANONYMOUS browser window.
            4. Here you can set new password for your account, which can be used to login into the plugin.

          • Michael

            Thanks Pavel! That’s exactly right, apologies for not being as clear or thorough as you have been here.

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Pavel!

      We are working on it, you should have this option very soon!

  • Kyle Marimon

    +1 to what Joel said – it’s pretty limiting to not be able to access the recipient info from emails i’ve sent. Especially when you’re doing loads of outbound.

    Another thing I’m noticing is that if the contact belongs to someone else in the company, even though they are set to visible (company-wide) you can’t get their details.

    All in all, wonderful chrome extension. Love where this product is going.

    • Michael

      Thanks Kyle. I agree with you (and Joel) on both points. Earnest feedback like this is invaluable, and I’ll make sure that the developer who works on this feature sees it.

  • Olivier Marques

    Is this available from Safari?

    • Michael

      Not yet, Olivier, apologies for that.

  • This is excellent. We are very much a fan of Gmail and the apps that can work seamlessly within it, so we will absolutely connect Pipedrive with Gmail. Well done on your roll out. Excited to try it out. Thank You!

    • Michael

      Thanks Eric! Glad to hear it.

  • Michele

    I just activated this today, and it isn’t working quite as smoothly as I had hoped it would. We get emailed (automatically) information on potential clients who have signed up for information on our product at various websites. Unfortunately, Pipedrive picks up on that email address as the Sender address, and inserts it in the sidebar information. I can understand it, but unfortunately, I can’t correct it at the sidebar, so I am STILL going to have to open up Pipedrive while in Gmail, and cut and paste (or handtype) the info in there. I was hoping that I could at least enter the information while in Gmail as cutting and pasting from there would have been easier.

    • Michael

      I can definitely see how with this particular setup (similar to that of some other posters on this blogpost) the value of this extension would be limited. I’ll go ahead and pass this feedback along in the hopes that in a subsequent version of this extension we empower users with more flexibility about which email address (sender/receiver) the extension looks to. Thanks as always for the earnest feedback, Michele!

  • Very well done!
    This is the best feature of the PipeDrive. It was so time consuming and boring to always go back to forward email to PipeDrive and add contacts/deals. It was just killing my time.
    Thank you very much. I am sure PipeDrive is going to be the best CRM in the universe soon 🙂 Keep upgrading and automating.

    • Michael

      Nice! Thank you so much Nirmal!

      • Thanks Michael. Is it possible to add “Email open and click tracking” in that extension?

        • Michael

          Not via the extension, I’m afraid, but these features are available in the Pipedrive web app, on the gold tier, for any emails sent from within Pipedrive.

          • As we already have PipeDrive extension in Gmail, I don’t see any strong reason to use PipeDrive for emails with Gold Plan. We love Gmail and want to stick to Gmail for emails. Either we have to use a third party for email tracking or wait for PipeDrive to integrate it.

          • Also, if it can automatically add “email activity” checked in PipeDrive when email is replied, that would be great.

  • Kay

    I have multiple gmail accounts but only want to use Pipedrive with one (keeping my personal business separate from our organization email). Can I do that?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Kay!
      It’s not possible, you would have to disable it or not log in when using other accounts. Hopefully this will be possible in the near future!

  • Natasha Sinclair

    Hi just trying this out and I notice it is not bring up contacts added by another pipedrive user in our company even if the contact and the deals have been marked for everyone to see. Getting the message “No Pipedrive contacts found with current sender email” though I know the contact is in Pipe Drive already.

  • Nicholas Dogulin

    Will this work with multiple pipedrive accounts/companies?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Nicholas,

      Yes, you can use it with multiple Pipedrive accounts and companies!

  • Pavel Záleský

    Hi Pipedrive team. How to proceed if we use Google account for authorization to Pipe? It does not seem that plugin supports such option.

    Thank you in advance for you reply.

    • Pavel Záleský

      OK, colleagues. I have “by passed” it. I share the guide:

      1. Open ANONYMOUS browser window, go to
      2. On login page choose “Forgot?” password.
      3. Mail with instructions is sent to your mailbox. DO NOT CLICK on any link in it! You need to copy the unique URL provided in the email into new ANONYMOUS browser window.
      4. Here you can set new password for your account, which can be used to login into the plugin.

  • Anthony Joseph

    The integration looks amazing. We use both GSuite & PipeDrive, however as an organisation we are entrenched in Microsoft Outlook for email & calendar and gmail is more of our email server.

    Is there any way we can get similar extension in Outlook?

  • Henry

    Hi – I can see this extension does not yet sync to the email without Smart BCC. Is it correct this feature is not available in the Silver Plan?
    So without this feature, this great looking extension is not much use to us on the Silver Plan?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Henry,
      This feature is available for all users in all plans. Through the extension, all users can see deals, activities and notes connected to their contacts in Pipedrive. To send/receive emails you still have to use either Smart BCC or the 2-way email sync.

  • Astrid Henry

    Hello, I’ve installed the plugin, and have the tasks appearing in Gmail, but not auto-suggest vs the contacts I use. How can I set it up?
    Thanks !

  • Lea Rose

    Am I missing something? what do I need to do in order to intergrate the too? I think this is a great idea. but directions would be helpful.

  • Stefan Roock

    It looks cool but I wonder how to close the pipedrive panel in Google Inbox again.

  • Daniel Marks

    Is there a way to move a deal that is already attached to an email to a new pipeline stage from within gmail? It looks like the individual stages int he Pipedrive sidebar are supposed to be clickable but when I click them nothing happens. That is the single biggest issue we have with pipedrive is that when people work in gmail the sales stage movement don’t track that and they have to go back and move to new stage manually and retroactively.

    • Michael

      Hi Daniel.

      I’m afraid there isn’t a way to move a deal between stages from within the Gmail Extension as of now, but I’ve forwarded this feedback verbatim to the development team leader for their consideration, as I agree the user interface makes this look possible, and the workflow you’ve described would be much smoother if this were an option. Thanks for the earnest feedback!

  • Signe Soonberg

    This is very great Extension with Gmail, I was jumping between Gmail and Pipedrive all the time. Although, all seems to be create I can’t search from all already existing Deals, I can only chose from 5 Deals Pipedrive is offering me or I can add a new Deal.

    • Michael

      Hi Signe! Thanks for the kind words there, that’s exactly the sort of unnecessary back and forth we’re trying to help people avoid.

      As to those limitations you’ve outlined, those are definite areas where we can improve the Extension, and I’ve forwarded this feedback to the developer in charge of this feature for her consideration. Thanks for reaching out.

  • Luke Rooney

    Loving it so far! … just noticing it is picking up my email & not the recipients

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Luke!

      Thanks for your feedback!
      The extension retrieves data when expanding an email for the first time in a given thread. If you have already expanded (and then collapsed) this email, re-opening it won’t trigger the extension.

      We are working on improving it.

  • hugo

    Congrats on the new extension.
    There are already some good features, but you still have a lot to do.
    I am very familiar with Streak and they do have some great features in place.
    One thing you need to add asap is, once one receives an email from company X, and there is already a deal on pipedrive from company X, you need to show that information on gmail even if the deal on pipedrive is not linked with the person who sent me the email.

  • David Lj

    I am sorry but I am afraid it is not working in my case. This is what I have seen from day 1 (see picture)

    • Christopher

      Hi David,

      Have you contacted our support team about this?

      • David Lj

        Will do

  • Nicolas Pouliot

    Hello, are you planning on adding the BCC email in the sidebar in the near future?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Nicolas!
      Not sure I understand your use case, could you please tell us how you would use the bcc email in the sidebar?

      • Éric Gignac

        Hi Carlos! We could copy/paste the BCC link right from inside Gmail instead of having to access the specific opportunity in Pipedrive to get the link. This is a must if you want us to have an awesome workflow in Gmail! Thanks a lot!

  • Holly Ruccia

    Do you need the upgraded subscription for this?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Holly!
      This feature is available in all plans, no need to upgrade.

  • Nice work!

    Do you also have an idea on the planning of a Firefox add-on?

    • Christopher


      It isn’t in our plans at the moment but we will consider it 🙂

  • Holly Ruccia

    Will it work in outlook?

    • Christopher

      Hi Holly,

      This is only for Gmail, maybe in future!

  • ayush

    If you have an android or mobile phone with gmail account, and your phone is lost you can track your device.
    Please follow the link.

  • Jana Krivorotko

    @pavel_z_lesk:disqus @pavelimonek:disqus thought I will give you an update on Google Login option. It’s live in case you have not tested it yet. Give it a go 🙂

  • If I am using this add-on and I send an email to a contact/deal .. should I expect to be linked automatically or I still have to include pipedrive email address ??? . … thx.

    • Michael

      The Chrome Extension does not currently support syncing or attaching emails to a Person or Deal. If you would like to sync your emails and attach emails, please use Smart BCC or, better yet, Email Sync, to add your emails to Pipedrive.

      • Thanks for you answer. I do use email sync, but lacks some features too ( I can´t sycronize just my primary inbox meaning i get a lot of spam in pipdrive´s inbox which is not practical and when I archive emails in gmail client emails dont get archived in pipedrive ) .. so I had to go back to gmail… and now I´m using this add-on but lacks this feature. …

        Am I correct in my previous assumptions ?

        • Michael

          Thanks for the reply, Eduardo.

          One can sync only specific folders or labels with the 2-way sync, rather than the entirety of one’s inbox, is the only true correction I’d make to those assumptions.

          Archiving in Gmail won’t archive in Pipedrive, but one can enable a setting so archiving in Pipedrive will archive in Gmail.

          That aside, I apologize that the functionality of the email sync as it currently works does not entirely fit your needs there, and appreciate the feedback.