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Gold Plan

Here’s a common problem that may sound familiar: it’s painfully difficult to find a CRM your sales team will actually use. That’s because most solutions are built for reporting, not selling, and sales software often becomes little more than a “system of record” you tediously administrate when you’d rather just be selling your product.

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We knew from the beginning that in sales, power comes from simplicity. So when it came to Pipedrive Gold, we set about automating the boring stuff to get time back on YOUR side. Gold blitzes admin tasks and synchronizes information – so you can focus on what you do best – selling beautifully.

The new Gold Rush is here

Pipedrive now comes in Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Pipedrive’s core functions are in all three, of course, but Gold is especially designed to automate the mundane and help you fine tune your sales process. Here’s what we have in store for you:

Sales Inbox – All the email features!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a salesperson who doesn’t rely on email,so we obsessed over bringing you the ultimate Sales Inbox. Email conversations are automatically associated with their respective contacts, giving you full context before continuing to move deals along your pipeline.

Additionally, you get:

2-Way-Email Sync with major providers

Nothing breaks your concentration more than leaving your CRM to go check other applications, especially your email inbox. Every. Five. Minutes. With Gold, you can send and receive email directly within Pipedrive. No more switching back and forth, frantically trying to align deals and communications. Horah!

Think of all that saved time to be more productive. Meanwhile, all the information you need is captured securely in your Pipedrive account.

Email Tracking – Know when to take action

Know When to Take Action with Email Tracking

No more guesswork! Get ahead of the competition with email tracking for real-time notifications as soon as a prospect opens your email. You’ll also be notified if they’ve clicked on any links, which makes it easier than ever to know when to follow-up about what.

Customizable Templates – Send more emails in less time

Don’t be a robot. Be you, but smarter, and send more emails while maintaining your own personal touch. Choose from one of Pipedrive’s templates, or customize your own and simply click (personalize OR to populate) and send.
Ta-da! You now have time to focus on the part of the discussion that matters most, while letting Pipedrive handle the rest.

Custom Signature – Represent your brand with pride

Put your best foot forward whenever you send emails from Pipedrive. Your fully customizable email signature can feature hyperlinks, rich formatting, images, and essentially the whole enchilada.

Scheduler – Say bye to back and forth emails

Whether it’s your weekly availability or a single event, the Scheduler lets you outline slots of time for your clients to book with you. You can then share your availability via a simple URL link, which allows them to book a time that’s convenient for you both. No more back-and-forth exchanges on looking for a “good time to talk”.

Smart Contact Data – Pre-qualify leads with one click

Get to know your leads at the click of a button with Smart Contact Data. This smart-intel feature instantaneously collects web-data about your contacts, appearing in Pipedrive like magic. You’ll learn valuable information from sources like Google+ and LinkedIn, which might just be your key to closing the deal.

Products – Know what you sell

A great way to catalogue the goods your company offers is with our Products feature. Because “Products” can be associated with deals, you’ll be able to standardize pricing and quickly categorize deals by “product”.

Try it all for free

Ready to become unstoppable? Whenever you start a new trial with Pipedrive, you’re already trialing our Gold membership and getting the full experience.

But what if you’re already a Silver user of Pipedrive and still want to give it a try? Well, fear not! you can still upgrade to Gold and test it out for a month – free of charge. Just follow this link here, or head over to your Billing settings in Pipedrive, and change plans to Gold – you’re already all set. If you like it, keep it, and you’ll only start paying the full Gold price ($29 per user) after the trial runs out.
If you decide you don’t need Gold features, then just be sure to switch back to Silver in your Billing settings before your test-period runs out.

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  • karlevid

    Just the stuff that I was missing and looking for.

  • Tharshan

    Do you have support for GMail aliases?

    • Christopher

      We don’t have support for aliases at the moment.
      Maybe in future!

  • Keith Sutton


    Is smart data capture available in uk and Europe yet?

    • Christopher

      Hi Keith,

      Yes it is 🙂

      • Keith Sutton

        It’s not showing so I need to activate?

        • Keith Sutton

          Hi Chris, any luck with this, as I still done have the button this morning?

          • Pedro

            Hello Keith, sorry to hear about the trouble. It should be now visible on your account. Please go to Settings > Features > Smart Contact Data to enable it.

          • Keith Sutton

            Great thanks, missed the features part

  • Eliel

    Hi there, is Smartdata available in Argentina?

    • Pedro

      Hello Eliel, yes it is!

      • Marina Roesler

        Hi Pedro:

        I was hoping that the SmartData feature would help me find email addresses of my clients. However, it looks like it USES email address to find data instead and that this is limited to Google+ and LinkedIn links which is not very helpful. Do you have plans to make this feature richer? It is a great idea but provides very little insight right now.

        • Pedro

          Hello Marina. Yes indeed, we need an email address to retrieve information for contacts. Sometimes we are able to retrieve additional email addresses of that contact, but that depends on how publicly available those emails are and it is more likely to happen with Organisations rather than with People. We will keep optimising this feature and we will keep in mind your use-case when working on it :). Thanks for sharing!

  • Doron J

    Does your email on gold support Exchange 2010 (in house SBS Server) or only cloud base office 365 which we have yet to upgrade to.

  • very happy you are offering the ‘trial’ … been waiting for that. ty Pipedrive.

  • Love the new features. However, I wish there was a way to put smart fields into the email templates, such as First Name, Last Name, etc. that would auto-populate for the contact.

    • office metro

      Hi Cody, would you like to learn about a solution which does this with breeze along ith other things you might think of doing with your CRM.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Cody! We are currently working on this. Would like to hear more about your use case – which fields would be essential for you?

      • Ideally all fields would be great. I could see lots of reasons to have custom fields that populate into a message, especially for the person fields. But for sure name and company at the very least.

      • Marina Roesler

        Hi Kalev:

        I do miss the customization of fields too. In our case (Art Gallery) we would also like to pull salutation and nick name to further personalize the templates. For example a sales person may usually address a particular contact with Dear Nicolas, while another one may usually address a contact more informally with Hi Nick. It all depends on the type of relationship and we want the template when it populates to pull these fields which we populate for each contact accordigly. Another feature which would be important is to point to a particular template and indicate which contacts should get the email without having to go inside each deal to send the customized email. For example, a sales person may want to send a customized email to a group of contacts invited for an opening of an art exhibit. This would be super helpful.

  • Fred Fletcher

    Great upgrade guys! We are about to migrate from Excel (ugh) to our first CRM platform. Looked at over 40 services and Pipedrive is our # 2 choice for our small but aggressive sales team. I believe these new features have moved you to the top of the list. I do wish you had a built in automatic “drip” feature instead of a 3rd party integration. Any ideas?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Fred. Thank you for trusting us and taking us to the top of your list!
      At the moment we don’t have any workaround for this which does not involve a 3rd party integration. However, this is something we plan to start tackling this year!

  • Urvy Wurvy

    We currently have the silver plan and are already using the products feature… is there any difference on this front? Also, are you going to be introducing a custom reports/dashboard function at some point? Love pipedrive so far. Keep up the good work!

    • Christopher


      You will be able to continue using the Products feature 🙂
      The dashboard will continue to improve and will become more customisable in future!

  • Josh Morrow

    Is there any update on when you might be adding mail-merge/mail campaign functions?

    • Michael

      Hi Josh!

      These are definitely on the roadmap in the near to mid term. That being said, we don’t like to promise specific dates for product releases, for risk of not meeting that specific date. We prefer to keep all of our promises, so we only make promises we can keep.

      To be the first to know, you might consider joining the Pipedrive user group on Facebook, as we occasionally offer that community the opportunity to beta test features before they’re released.

      You can join that group here

  • Maksis Karlins

    Any updates when we could get deals export and import option together with products which are added to particular deal? Any other is facing same kind of issue or need – we have plenty deals which are on monthly bases – so to avoid copy one by one we would like some kind of export and import option together with products. Maybe some tips or trciks already now?

    • Mario Tasane

      We are aware of this limitation and are looking ways to improve on that. Sadly, I don’t have a good workaround I could propose unless anyone else has managed to find a way.

  • Ian Jackson

    This is all cool, but can we set “auto follow up” sequences for the emails we send in PD?

    • Mario Tasane

      Hey, @disqus_yduiFNAsbP:disqus!

      We are working on a Automations feature that will introduce trigger-based workflows. Stay tuned, more information about this coming soon!

      • Andre Pollklesener

        We use Quickmail at the moment to automiatze follow ups. Do you know that tool? If not test it or even better: buy that company and merge it ;-). Having those sequence features in pipedrive would be very powerful and much more efficient for all pipedrive users. No data exchanges, no Zapier duplicates … that´s worth a lot.

        • Anni

          Hey, Andre!
          Yeah, at the moment Zapier is only option for this integration
          We get that this would be useful for our user and, as Mario mentioned, we are working on some automations already.

          • Andre Pollklesener

            Thank you, Anni. Unfortunately, we have a huge duplicates problem when using Zapier so we have to work with exports and adjustments. But I understand that you took it on your product list.

          • Anni

            Hey, Andre!
            Have you tried using Find+Update options in Zapier? This will ad a few more steps, but it will help with the duplicates issue.

          • Andre Pollklesener

            Didn´t help/work. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Are there some instructions how to use it properly?

          • Christopher

            Hi Andre,

            You can contact our support team through the in-app messenger for more help 🙂

  • Andre Pollklesener

    Is scheduling comparable with calendly?

    • Anni

      Hey, Andre!
      I’d suggest to try it out! We are still in progress of improving our Scheduler and for some, it’s already enough, for some, it could need some improvements to fulfil all, or close to all, functionalities from Calendly.

      • Andre Pollklesener

        I tried a little bit and it seems that there is no option like “look at my google calender and take available slots”. That´s what calendly does at the moment and transfering that to pipedrive manually is not an option. Just looking for reasons to keep our Gold plan but at the moment all new features are useful but not useful enough 🙁

        • Michael

          This earnest feedback is very welcome and appreciated Andre. While we’re very proud of what we’ve done so far with the new gold features, we plan to keep improving all of them for as long as our users trust us to do so. I’ve passed this particular feedback along to the team who is working on our scheduler for their benefit.

  • Cyril LOUISET

    Is this possible to think of an automation regarding a customer click or open a mail ? at least changing the state of the deals in the pipe ?

    • Cyril LOUISET

      And very least : on the person who clicked, see it as an activity ? (and update last activity date etc…)

      • Michael

        Hi Cyril.

        Thanks for your question.

        While neither of these functions are currently possible with the email tracking feature as it stands, I see tremendous value in both of them, and have forwarded this feedback to the appropriate parties for their consideration.

  • Pouyan Torabi

    This is all great, but we are still missing a few very valuable features:

    1) Ability to configure permissions at the pipeline level (we have users who do not need to be able to see certain pipelines). This almost sounds way too basic to not be in the product by now.

    2) Ability to set certain fields as required. We are running into a lot of missing data issues since there is currently no way to enforce mandatory fields i.e. when a new contact or deal is being created.

    3) This one is perhaps a bit more advanced than the previous 2 above, but it would be a huge value add to be able to track sales quotas & commissions for agents based on a simple comp plan for each agent. I know the goals are there now, but it needs to be baked a bit more and coupled with some sort of commission tracking.

  • Melanie Roche

    I currently have Gold, but there’s a big issue for me, which I must solve or I’ll need to downgrade to Silver: I’d like one-way synching–from my Inbox to Pipedrive, but not back again. In settings for email integration, the box that would allow me to tick the box “no” for “delete from my email client when deleting from Pipedrive” doesn’t work. What’s happening is that if I delete any email in Pipedrive, it also deletes it from Outlook for Mac, and if I delete from Outlook it deletes from Pipedrive! So emails go missing. Not every email I send or receive is connected to a deal (some are for workshops I teach, a book I wrote, etc, and I need to save those emails, but not have them connected to a deal. So I’d prefer to keep emailing from Outlook for Mac. So now I must use the smart BCC, and then must manually move into respective deals. That appears to be the only way to keep emails in Pipedrive and be able to delete them from Outlook without them automatically being deleted from Pipedrive. Please advise. Thanks.