Get to Know Your Leads with Smart Contact Data

Big Data has the answers to all your customer questions, the key is sifting through the piles of information for those golden nuggets. But don’t worry about the messy part, because Pipedrive now does all the searching and gathering for you.

Supercharge your leads at the click of a button with Pipedrive’s new Smart Contact Data feature. This awesome feature crawls the web for valuable data about your leads from Google, LinkedIn profiles, web listings, and other public online sources.

How does Smart Contact Data work?

What Smart Contact Data does is collect all the public information your leads share online. All you need is an email address, which Pipedrive will use to retrieve profile data and build a clearer picture of your customer.

The key advantages Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data feature gives you are:

  1. Learning more about your contacts
  2. Pre-qualifying leads
  3. Shortening webforms for higher conversion
  4. Hours of manual research are performed instantly

Gain invaluable customer insights

Streamline your marketing activities with crucial information about your prospects. You will be able to improve segmentation, tweak messaging, and develop more effective pitches based on the needs and wants of your customers.

Focus on the right leads

Smart Contact Data was designed to help you spare you hours of sifting the web for information on your leads. It may sound too good to be true but believe us, it isn’t.

Instead of spending valuable time Googling prospects, Gold plan users can retrieve and sort publicly listed data about contacts at the click of a button. With the information gathered, you can easily get an idea of who your leads are, and use knowledge you may have otherwise missed to prioritize leads you’re more likely to close.

Boost lead generation

Not only will you get a deeper understanding of your leads, but there are plenty of practical benefits of Smart Contact Data. Your webforms for example will be instantly shortened, resulting in boosted conversion rates before leads even make it into your sales funnel.

Start using Smart Contact Data

Over the coming days we will be gradually activating this feature for all our Gold and Platinum Pipedrive users, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

If you haven’t already upgraded to our Gold or Platinum plans, then now’s the time to do it. This is just one of many more exclusive features you’ll gain access to when upgrading, and to find out more about Smart Contact Data you can check out our support article.


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Pedro Gallardo

Product Manager

  • Adrian Filip

    Exciting! Where will I be able to find this in the settings, once launched? Will it be turned on by default?
    Currently using the Gold Plan

    • Pedro

      Hello Adrian, yes indeed! Go to Settings > Features and you can enable it or disable it from there. We are rolling this out gradually, just keep an eye once in a while!

      • Adrian Filip

        Hi Pedro,
        thank you, saw it and one of our users already played with it. Is it possible to map out the data gathered based on the fields provided (by the Smart Contact Function) to the actual contact/organization profile custom fields set up by us?

        • Pedro

          Hello Adrian, not just yet. We are planning different ways to map the information, that will happen in the future.

          • Adrian Filip

            Thank you

  • Albert Anthony Solano

    Come on! Silver is already a lot of money, please add this to Silver!

    • Arturo Ojeda


    • Mario Tasane

      Hey, @albertanthonysolano:disqus! I am very sorry to learn that you don’t agree with our decision to make this addition part of the Gold plan. We are working towards more balanced plans and we aim to add more value to to different tiers. For the context, silver plan offers everything you need to create a clear sales process and get your team organised albeit it is somewhat manual. With gold plan, you are able to optimise your sales process to spend less time on admin and have more sales conversations. Gold plan is all about automating the process, hence the reason to make it part of the higher tier.

    • Alex Soul

      Come on… Just upgrade to Gold and show your appreciation to the guys and Pipedrive.

      Loads of money?! Are you actually using it the way it is designed to? This tool paid off all my annual gold membership within the first 14 days of trial.

  • al dean

    Also curious when the Smart Data will launch for Gold users?

    • Pedro

      Hello Al! We are rolling this out for Gold and Platinum users gradually. We started just today so it is a matter of few days.

  • Are you guys using FullContact to collect the data?

  • Tim Owens

    Yup, talking to them now.. They are looking into why it’s not available in features.

    • Mario Tasane

      This feature is being rolled out as we speak. Give it some time and it should appear shortly.

  • MyLife Digital

    Does this take GDPR into consideration?

    • Wart Fransen

      I was wondering the same. Seems like personal information to me. So doubt it is GDPR compliant….

      • I can’t see an issue with GDPR as its publicly shared data but you must use it appropriately. I’d also suggest adding appropriately to your privacy policy and being transparent about using it.

        • Alexander Szlezak

          Well thats a missconception – just because data is public does not make it usable according to DSGVO in Europe starting Mai 25th 2018 – totally doubt this is legal and even so Pipedrive has to guarantee to comply with DSGVO (which I doubt since it requires Pipedrive to store and operate European Data under European data protection laws. Any more precise information than “contact support” would be good.

          • Which is why I said “.. but you must use it appropriately”

          • Christopher

            Pipedrive is making sure we are complaint with GDPR when GDPR comes into place. We are still data processors since users are requesting for us to gather the information

            The Smart Contact Data feature has been intentionally designed in a way that the Pipedrive user has to turn the feature on and click a button to get the data. This ensures that the user (not Pipedrive) makes the decision to collect the data and thus becomes the data controller.

            This means that the user is responsible for having a valid legal basis for processing (primarily collecting and using) the personal data. Pipedrive is only the data processor because it is operating exclusively under the customer’s (user’s) instructions.’

        • Wart Fransen

          “In order to send any EU citizen data to any Data Provider for any purpose, including enrichment, you must have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) signed with the vendor.”

          Dont we all need DPA’s with Clearbit to be compliant?

    • Christopher

      Yes this feature is designed to be compliant with GDPR, as is everything we do.
      If you want some more details, please contact our support team 🙂

      • Viktor Börjesson

        Christopher, would it be possible to elaborate on this a bit more? As Alexander pointed out in the comment below it’s doubtful that this is compliant… We have to be able to guarantee that we’re not in breach of GDPR, the fines aren’t exactly small…

        • Christopher

          The Smart Contact Data feature has been intentionally designed in a way that the Pipedrive user has to turn the feature on and click a button to get the data. This ensures that the user (not Pipedrive) makes the decision to collect the data and thus becomes the data controller.

          This means that the user is responsible for having a valid legal basis for processing (primarily collecting and using) the personal data. Pipedrive is only the data processor because it is operating exclusively under the customer’s (user’s) instructions.

          • Viktor Börjesson

            Alright, thanks that clarifies what you meant by it being compliant with GDPR. What I, and the rest of the people commenting are looking for, is help on answering the following question: Can the data being gathered by the Smart Contact Data be regarded as personal information and thus making it risky to implement it?

            I’m perfectly aware of that this might be a judgement call but for us to be able to enjoy the new feature we would appreciate that this kind of information is made available in the product launch release.

            As it stands right now, we probably will have to consult a lawyer before activating the feature….

  • Raymond James

    We are on the Gold Plan, I just logged in and went to settings / features.. do not see something to eneeble this? what am I looking for, what is it called?

    • Christopher

      Hi Raymond,

      The feature is called Smart Contact Data but it is being rolled out over the next week.
      You might not have it enabled yet.

      It will appear soon!

      • Raymond James

        oki, I will keep checking back, as of this 5 min, in settings > features, no option to enable Smart Contact Data

  • Tim Berman

    I have been beta testing this and it didn’t find any data 50-75% of the time. Still doesn’t….the data source is crummy. Check out Tower Data, Melissa Data, Experian Data Quality, and other powerful data sources if you want real actionable information. Wish one of those was available as a plugin at a minimum.

    Also, would love a way to copy the data to custom fields within Pipedrive.

    • Pedro

      Hello Tim, thanks for your active feedback. Indeed, the metadata quality and quantity depends on many factors such as location, public information availability, sector, etc. We are working to cover as many use cases as possible, just give us some time!

      And yes! We are also working on the best ways possible to map the data that Smart Contact Data retrieves to fields.

  • Linda Wilkerson

    more relevant data sounds great but how about the ability to segment and do mass emails from pipedrive – what good is all that data if i have to sort everything by hand and can’t do segmenting and bulk mailing

    • Christopher

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We are looking into this and hopefully we will have a solution in future.

  • lqigabriel

    Great, could I have this Smart Data Search activated for me?

    • Christopher


      We will be gradually activating this feature for all our Gold and Platinum Pipedrive users over the coming days.

  • Mark Hazeldine Photography

    Given that Pipedrive ships with hardly any fields as standard, and we have to make lots of custom fields to add this data manually, how does this new feature work with respect to that? Does it create it’s own custom fields? What if we already have a ton of data we’ve input manually into our own fields? Is there a way to sync it all up so that we don’t end up with multiple fields like “job title” in each person or company record?

    • Stela Grigorova

      I was reading about this new feature and found it amazing, because it is usually very time-consuming to add all possible needed information for new leads. And I have the same questions as Mark – what happens to the manual fields and can all information be in one place without any extra or duplicate information fields. Thank you!

      • Pedro

        Hello Stela, we do not populate fields that you already have nor create new fields on your account. We display the information that we can send on the same look as Pipedrive fields so you can easily identify the most relevant information for each contact.

    • Pedro

      Hello Mark, those are very good questions. We do not store the information in Pipedrive fields nor create new custom fields on your account. We simply show the fields that our feature can fetch and we cache it. So far you can copy the relevant info to your own fields or create new ones when necessary. We are already thinking the best solutions possible to make all this as convenient as it could be.

  • Windsor Roberts

    Smart Contact Data looks interesting … can it be activated on my account?

    • Pedro

      Hello Windsor! We are gradually rolling this out! Should be there for you shortly.

  • Marshall Chiles

    If this service does what you say it does, the Gold Plan is well worth the investment.
    Thanks Pipedrive… once again, you guys seem to ‘get it’

  • Josie Attard

    Love this, any chance we can get this added to our account ASAP? FUTRLI.

    • Pedro

      Hello Josie, keep an eye out for it!

      • Josie Attard

        Brilliant got it thanks

  • Germano Bisson

    Not available to me, until now. Waiting for it!

    • Pedro

      Hello Germano, make sure you keep an eye out to your Settings > Features!

  • My Big Buddy

    If you turn it on, can you turn it off again?

    • Pedro

      Yes you can! From Settings > Features > Smart Contact Data you can enable or disable it any time.

  • Two questions on this:
    1. What data sources are being used for this?
    2. Will there be a difference in data quality for different geographical regions?

    • Pedro

      Hello Martin, we use Clearbit to fetch the data. They web-crawl information available online and also search from social media sites. Yes, I do believe there could be differences in data quality depending on different geographical locations. This is due data availability.

      • As we have a strong focus on Europe, is there a way to test it prior to upgrading the entire company a Gold plan?

        • Christopher

          Hi Martin,

          Of course!
          I have upgraded your account to Gold and you can test for 30 days.

          We will contact you at the end of this period to see how you wish to proceed.
          Let us know if you have any questions.

          • Thanks Christopher. I understanding the Smart Contact Data is gradually being rolled out. Is it already available to us for testing? And.. is it just my account or the entire company who is on a Gold plan now?

          • Christopher

            Hi Martin,

            Your whole company has been upgraded to Gold and you will have the Smart Data available in Settings>Features 🙂

          • Thanks. I have Smart Data Search working. Do we also have access to Products, as that’s the most important feature for us.

          • Christopher

            Yes, you have Products enabled. You can toggle this on and off in Settings>Features.

  • Richard

    Just upgraded to Gold – paid my money and then I see right at the bottom of the blog it says that it’s currently being rolled out. This is not mentioned anywhere in the Support Article. I’m a bit disappointed that this was not made more obvious. Can you please add this to my instance or give me a specific number of days before activation?



    • Christopher

      Hi Richard!

      Our apologies for the miscommunication.
      I have enabled this feature on your account now.

      You will find it under Settings>Features.

      • Chris Gunton

        Hi, I too have upgraded my users to Gold only to find it not available in the features yet – can you enable thsi on our pipedrive ASAP
        thanks Chris

        • Christopher

          We can!

          Can you tell me your Pipedrive domain?

          • Chris Gunton


          • Christopher

            You should have it now 🙂

  • Joe Smith

    We didn’t get the update till now….

    • Christopher

      Hi Joe,

      We have been rolling this out gradually.

    • Pedro

      Hey Joe! Sorry about that. Since it is a powerful feature, we have been careful when enabling this gradually as Christopher said. Hope you can enjoy it now!

  • Brianna

    Hi, we’ve been waiting pretty anxiously for this feature to be rolled out on our Gold account (since I read about it last Thursday, I’ve been really excited to see when it will be integrated). However I still don’t see it under our features. I know you’ve been gradually enabling it, but I was wondering if you’d be able to activate it for our domain.

    • Pedro

      Hello Briana! The feature should be available for all our users in Gold and Platinum. Please check again your Settings > Features. You will be able to enable the feature from there. If the feature is not there please contact our support through the in-app messenger to let us know. Cheers!

  • Peter Chigmaroff

    Just gave this feature a test drive today with some known and unknown entities. It’s pretty good. It’s nice that it shows social media links when available which really speeds up finding phone numbers and making Twitter connections etc.

  • Scott


    On gold, wanting this feature to be available. However it doesnt seem to be available on my plan? Can you please roll it out for me?

    • Pedro

      Hello Scott! Thanks for letting us know. The feature should be now visible on your account, please go to Settings > Features > Smart contact data to enable it (and enjoy it!). Cheers.

      • Scott

        Hi, Pedro,

        Thers a problem! I see it now, but instead of an enable button it says ‘try gold free’. And whne i press it, it shows me I am already on the gold plan…

        I dont think the system detects that I am on gold.

        • Pedro

          Hey Scott, a little glitch while switching users to trial, sorry! It should be ok now.

  • Paul

    Hi, please can you tell me how much this feature cost to add on to our exsisting plan?

  • Hi – this is a great feature, but the biggest issue that kills the usefulness is that it does not integrate with the current fields in Pipedrive. So at the moment we have duplicate fields for things like ‘Number of Employees’ – a custom field we created (which is needed for use in filters and reports) and then the Smart Contact data field (which is NOT viewable in filters and reports). So at the moment, this doesn’t work for us as we have no way to action the data in a bulk sense. Field mapping will solve this, any updates on when / how that will roll out?


    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Tom!
      Thank you for your feedback!
      We are actually working on the best ways possible to map the data that Smart Contact Data retrieves to fields and your feedback will surely be taken into account!

    • Pedro

      Hey Tom, thanks for sharing your feedback. Field mapping could come with the next version. As Carlos said, we are still working on ways to achieve best experience possible. Cheers.

  • Jerome Dutton

    Just interested in how the data is collected – because some of the date for my organisation is inaccurate and not the company profile on Linked in etc.

  • Caroline

    Like many of the others, I am curious to find out if we can integrate “sector” into the company information. This would have a huge impact in segmenting our large database for marketing and lead gen. Are there any updates regarding: Actioning a bulk request of Smart Data? Apply the sector info against the company and contact so we can create filters? thanks