What happened in 2017 – Pipedrive product update

As we usher in the new year, it’s time to take a look back at what we created in 2017. Ranging from email tracking to newer and faster ways to discover and install integrations – there’s a little something for everyone. So sit back and have a look at our product update video of 2017; it will cover our most noteworthy developments:

Product updates include:

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  • PSCube Design

    Great content!

  • MJ Settelen Const.

    Is the schedule invite format in pipedrive or microsoft outlook? A lot of these updates are assuming your other business contacts are using pipedrive, correct?

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      These invites are sent out via email and the recipient doesn’t need to be using Pipedrive!

  • Be Wellness

    Im not sure I should write this in here but it would be completely useful to add manually a location like “dropping a pin” on a map, for a Business or Opportunity. The automatic locations Google uses are not always right and our business is heavily on planning geographically. Not always the area has a confirmed road name and number. Thank you.

  • Great product, and great 2017.

    2017 was the year Pipedrive evolved to the point where I was inspired to convert to it from a VERY powerful cloud-based Mac-only CRM.

    That much acknowledged, I’ll mention a couple of things here.

    The mail templates would prove FAR more useful—if—we had a way of selecting multiple boxes from within a filter of people to send to a selection of 2 or more addressees. Yes, I already use MailChimp AND PipeChimp, and these are both pretty useless when I want to send a quick boilerplate to 6 people. :-).

    I am still incredulous that out of the box, Pipedrive has no tagging and/or keyword-ing feature for organizations or… well… anything else. I had to ADD both “keyword” and “category” fields and all was fine until I found out that I couldn’t bulk-ADD keywords to the text field I had created; I could only bulk REPLACE them… oh yes, an append feature for text fields in bulk editing would prove very valuable indeed.

    Thanks for continuing to make Pipedrive better.