Know When to Take Action with Email Tracking

Know When to Take Action with Email Tracking

As salespeople, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to sell smarter. However, it can sometimes seem like there’s an overwhelming amount of tools at your disposal, and quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

Email tracking is a justifiably popular feature for many professional salespeople, and if you haven’t made use of it, it might be exactly what you need to take your sales game to the next level.

Quicker reactions and better insights

Imagine getting real-time notifications as soon as a prospect opens your email; that’s what email tracking is all about.

Email tracking also notifies you when prospects click on any links included in your emails. This way you can quickly and strategically react to their actions, as well as get a little insight into whether or not your messaging is effective.

If you use our email templates for example, tracking can help you determine which templates are being opened, and which aren’t quite sparking your prospects’ interests.

Pipedrive Email Tracking Notifications

See how many clicks you get and when

Every action from your prospect is tracked and given a time stamp. This means that every single time they open your email or click your link, you’ll be able to know exactly when it happened and how many times they did it.

The more your email is read or your link is clicked, the more engaged in your outreach your prospect is. Tracking this engagement is crucial to replicating the effect in future communications.

Email Tracking Pipedrive Multiple Opens

Easily find tracked emails and related deals

You can filter your Pipedrive inbox to only show emails with tracking enabled. Need to find all deals that have a tracked email associated with them? Just be sure to also view your emails with the “Linked with open deal” filter enabled.

Email Tracking Pipedrive Filter Options

How do you start tracking emails?

It’s a piece of cake!

All you have to do is click on the tracking icons at the bottom of your composition window. Once tracking is enabled, send away your email and cross your fingers. This can be enabled for all future emails, although it can’t be retroactively applied to previously sent messages.

Pipedrive Email Tracking Composition View

To find out more about email tracking in Pipedrive read our full support article.

Note: Email tracking is only available on our Gold plan, which also includes full email sync, customizable templates, and the ability to send emails directly from Pipedrive.

See it in action

See email tracking demonstrated in this full tutorial video about the Gold plan’s Sales Inbox features.

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Sarah Hamid

Sarah is a copywriter at Pipedrive.

  • lqigabriel

    I am in Gold plan but I can´t see this option email tracking. I tried to enable in settings but not appear it.
    can you help me?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey! The feature is now enabled for everyone, try now please.

  • Nice, but should also be enabled by default on all email.

    • Kalev Rundu

      If you enable it once and don’t turn it off yourself, it will be.

  • Cityfinances

    Using Pipedrive for my website Pipedrive CRM system is very easy and simple to use.

  • GREAT feature guys and I use PipeDrive for my company too.

  • Julie

    Hi I am so pleased you finally launched this feature! Do you also make a Gmail add-on available to send tracked emails from there? Thanks

    • Christopher

      It might happen in the future but not in the plans at the moment.

  • Jaron J. Rice

    I HEART pipedrive. I recently started using the email templates. This feature will definitely enhance that experience.

  • Aaron Keen

    Nice one!!

  • MorganO’Brien

    WOW! I am in my first month using Pipedrive and I am very pleased. This is an awesome new feature.

  • Rebecah Freeling

    Pipedrive has made my life sooooo much better. This new feature sounds fantastic! Whatever you people are drinking over there, have another! You’re awesome!!
    Now, if I could sync TWO email accounts automatically, that would be perfection.

  • Chuck Noonan

    Can you offer a gmail plugin that would allow this functionality from within the gmail front end? OMG yes plz? I find myself still composting out of the pipedrive frontend often.

    • Digital Storytellers

      I like composting, but not with pipedrive.

      I also like using Gmail for my main inbox interface, it would good if this feature could also include sending emails later as I don’t like my clients knowing necessarily I am working weird hours…

      I was sort of hoping to drop Yesware as a result of this, but I realised that sending emails at the right time of day helps a lot and would like Pipedrive to have this feature if possible.

      • Kalev Rundu

        Hey! Scheduling emails for later is definitely a feature we want to start working on soonish. There are actually a couple of very anticipated and useful features coming up regarding the Sales Inbox.

  • Kyle Marimon

    Are there plans to introduce A/B testing for email templates?

    • Christopher

      No plans at the moment but I will pass the idea on.

  • Stephen Phillips

    Shared templates please! Nightmare without it as we have to dupe them across users. Very anti Pipedrive!!??

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Stephen, I understand. We’re working on it, but I’d like to still ask for a little more patience.

  • Can this feature be enabled by default? This is something I’ve been waiting for and I’d love to just enable it by default for all emails.

    • Kalev Rundu


  • Keith Griesinger

    Email Tracking is a nice feature. What would be really useful would be the ability to postpone delivery. I frequently use Outlook for emails, because it provides this feature. I would rather use Pipedrive, write out 10 sales emails at 10:00 PM and have them delivered at 9:30 AM the following morning.

    • Christopher

      Hi Keith!

      True, that would be great. We have a team looking into these kinds of developments for future.

  • Chris

    This has to be a gmail plugin. I’d imagine almost nobody uses the in-app email.

    • Christopher

      That isn’t quite true but it is something we are looking into.

    • Martin Henk

      Hey Chris,
      Have you tried the in-app email recently? With better filters, templates and now also the tracking, it’s becoming a very good sales-specific email client. Of course I’m biased, but I prefer it over Gmail now in many ways …

  • Randall V. Pena

    GDrive integration please… So we can insert link pointing to files stored in GDrive

  • Gianluigi Olivari

    Hi Sarah, I think e-mail tracking is one of the best ways to mesure effectiveness of e-mail campaings. As a sales trainer in Italy I use it extensively.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jana Neer

    We use outlook at work – am I still able to view the emails in my outlook inbox if I send an email through Pipedrive to start using this feature?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Jana! If you start using 2-way sync on Gold plan, the emails composed and sent from Pipedrive interface will also by synced to your Outlook inbox. Just the tracking results are only visible in the Pipedrive interface.

  • Anthony Allwood

    So the idea is great, however not thrilled about putting the entire contents of my exchange server/email on the web. Is there any option to send through, without extracting all my emails? I tried this email feature early on, but shut it down after discovering it basically replaced my Outlook, regardless of the email content.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Anthony. You can also choose to only sync specific folders or labels to Pipedrive. You will be asked when you initialise the syncing feature, which folders would you like to sync.

  • Robert McCarthy

    we have multiple users, can we have some users on Gold plan and others on Silver?

    • Esha Frykberg

      Seconded. Our sales team need this feature, but a lot of our staff don’t

      • Cray

        Totally agree Third!!

    • Martin Henk

      Hey Robert and everyone else wondering about this.

      The short answer is no.

      The longer answer is also no because several reasons. Right now the bulk of the value in the Gold plan is linked to various email related features. We’re not in the habit of promising future functionality, but it’s safe to say the Gold plan will hold more and more varied additional value going forward.

      While giving you the ability to add the email features to a select few users at the moment would solve one issue in tho short term it would introduce a lot of complexity into the system in the long term. You’d never know who has access to which feature, what the monthly bill will be etc.

      We also believe that the Gold plan is very good value for what it offers already today. And it will only get better as time goes on. I’m sure there’s less and less reason to hold out.

  • Nick Sanders – Casas De Luxe

    Hi.. is this compatable with MailChimp?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hi Nick. The tracking feature only applies to emails sent from the Pipedrive composer/interface.

  • Aside from using the “bell” icon, is there a way to see a mater list email tracking notifications. I tried the email enabled filter in the Mail box, but all i can see on the list are emails that were undelivered.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Michael. Have you tried the “Mail tracking enabled” filter? Can you specify your use case, please? Why and what exactly would you like to filter out and how does it help you?

      • Alessandro

        I too will like to filter the emails openden so i can follow up.

  • Misty Wuori

    This is a Great feature. Must we send emails directly through Pipedrive, or will tracking work if sending through Outlook? I have full sync turned on.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Misty! Our tracking feature only applies to emails sent from the Pipedrive interface.

  • Wim van Renswouw

    Can the tracker alerts be made available in the API or Webhooks? That way we can trigger follow-up 🙂

    • Kalev Rundu

      No right now, but we’ll look into it!

  • Mark Hazeldine

    This is definitely a good direction to be going in. I currently use Pipedrive and Yesware, but I don’t have the Gold plan because Gmail + Yesware is much better than what Pipedrive offers right now, however the ideal thing would be to have all of the features of Gmail and Yesware available with Pipedrive and within Gmail, with full sync between everything. So, a gmail plugin, delayed sending and email reminders would be essential for me to replace Yesware and upgrade to the Gold plan.

  • Grzegorz Frątczak

    I changed CRM because of lack of this feature to hubspot paid plan! If you could share roadmap I would wait. Shame on you! 🙁

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Grzegorz,
      Sorry to hear that. We strongly believe in selling what we have instead of making promises. So no public long term road map. Hopefully you’ll be back one day.

      • Don

        Honestly, I read another blog post from 3 years ago and people were asking for a Gmail plugin.
        Has no one thought that this was a valuable asset? Especially when almost EVERY other CRM offers it standard.

  • Pino Di Ioia

    does the receiver know that their email is being monitored? ie: do they need to click on “mail receipt” to allow for this functionality?

  • Marcel Dijkstra

    does the receiver know that their email is being monitored? ie: do they need to click on “mail receipt” to allow for this functionality?

    • Christopher

      Hi Marcel!

      The user is not aware that you are using email tracking.

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    I believe your sales assistance tool and our service, Sales negotiation consulting, can generate synergy to deliver more values to the customers. I am very grateful if you can put the link of our website so that visitors to your website find another solution to their issues.

  • Etienne Alaurent

    Is it possible to send an email alert to sender when the mail sent is opened ?
    It could be fine to have scoring …

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hi Etienne! It’s not possible to send a notification by email, but you can enable a notification to be sent within Pipedrive (the notification bell).

      Regarding the scoring – do you mean statistics regarding how many sent emails are tracked and how many of those are opened etc? Something like that is very possible to happen in the future.

  • Mohsen Darabi

    Hi, while I think this is an excellent added feature it lacks syncing the outlook products such as Calendar which is used frequently with email. Any plan on adding that feature so Pipedrive can sync outlook calendar as well?

  • Aaron Curry

    Hi, can you get tracking notification alerts on the mobile app?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Currently notifications about openings are visible only in the webapp.

  • Marko

    Hi. Is it possible to create a mail sequence? If I don’t get a reply from a prospect Pipedrive automatically sends predefined template at predefined time?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Marko – currently not yet possible, but it’s something we would like to make possible soon.

  • Graham

    Hi Guys, great app can you tell me when we will be able to have the same functions as the web version as I am on the road a heck of a lot and need to delete emails from my phone and iPad when away, also be able to see the tracking of email while away to time my calls better.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Graham! At the moment the mobile app doesn’t have the same features as the web app does. Different platforms and features, however we are working to make sure the web and mobile app have the same features. As of now the mobile app doesn’t offer the email feature tracking or the scheduler. I will forward your feedback to our mobile PM and hopefully we will see these feature available in our mobile app. Have a great weekend!

      • Graham

        Thanks for getting back to me, Pipedrive has such great potential as a Sales app there are so many Apps that look like they could be ok but wind up getting lost in the administration accounting side of a business and there already is plenty of great administration software out there but not many great Sales tools that the Deal , Customer Canvassing, Follow up, Email track , schedule, Create Reminder’s , and stick to the real live needs of great sales people, I hope you guys can continue to do good things .
        One suggestion if I may have the App & the Web get the same updates and released together

  • Ed Luby

    Can you add a column header for “LAST EMAIL OPENED”? that would be awesome to see that info in a column – it would allow for easy sorting of the people who recently opened email and know who to quickly follow up with. You already have columns for LAST EMAIL SENT and LAST EMAIL RECEIVED.

    Likewise – having a column for LAST LINK CLICKED would be super helpful as well.

  • Daniil Krets

    this is an amazing feature, thanks for sharing! Is there a way to pull open rate data, etc. and visualize it to do some A/B testing with templates and see what’s working best? That’d be extremely helpful! Thanks!

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Daniil. Currently the only stats available about this are in the Mail view (as in the normal openings). However, we are looking into which stats would be beneficial to display eventually in the Statistics section. It won’t happen very soon, though.

  • JM

    Hope the Gold plan can have more email functionalities similar to Bananatag or Yesware’s features.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Which-ones specifically are you missing?

  • HM Network

    Hi all. While email tracking can be an excellent way to see if your recipient is reading your emails because it CAN give you good indication if a client is interested in perhaps buying something you have proposed to them… is it compliant with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation aka GDPR? Many of you will NOT have clients in the EU (or UK despite Brexit), but if your client is a EU citizen then from what I have read from 25th May 2018, they would need to have given unambiguous consent to the email tracking service? – I guess this would be quite hard to achieve if you need to ask someone, and have it recorded, that they give consent to you tracking their email reading activity (even if it is only the email you have sent them). The article 29 working party are advising against email tracking to avoid risking breaching article 7 in the Data Protection Directive. see this particular article falls under the higher possible fines section of up to 4% of global turnover or €20M whichever is higher. Your thoughts and guidance for use in the UK/EU greatly appreciated. I am guessing you cannot turn the tracking on/off for different clients if its via a plugin for use on Google Apps, although you could send emails from Pipedrive to people who HAD given consent only. Thoughts?

    • Martin Ojala

      Hi! Thank you for your detailed comment and for caring about data protection. The tracking of emails certainly counts as processing of personal data and is thus subject to the GDPR. Any Pipedrive users that are subject to the GDPR due to their business or location should always keep the law in mind in all of their data processes. Email tracking is no exception. In 2006, the Article 29 Working Party did indeed express the opinion that email tracking should only be done with prior consent. While not binding, the WP29 opinions often indicate in how the laws are applied, so our first recommendation must be to follow these guidelines. At the same time, it should be noted that the primary concern raised in the WP29 opinion was the lack of transparency (a principal requirement of the GDPR) in email tracking, i.e. that the recipients are unaware that the emails are being tracked. Therefore, if a controller can prove sufficient transparency (that the recipient has been informed), then they should be able to track emails in accordance with other legal bases listed in Article 6 (1) as well. In any case, data controllers should consider their own specific circumstances and show utmost respect to the privacy of their customers.
      DPO at Pipedrive

  • Ryan

    +1 for enabling this feature from within Gmail. I prefer to compose/manage my email from Gmail itself rather than Pipedrive.

  • Alban

    Hi, is it possible to see report of sent/read/clicked emails in analytics. I am not talking of each email independently, but a big picture for each emails, to improve templates?? Thank you

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Alban! Thanks for your message. As of now Pipedrive doesn’t offer the possibility to track emails in analytics. I will be passing the feedback to our PMs and hopefully we will be able to see these awesome features in Pipedrive. Have a great day!