Activity Invites Get Everyone on the Same Page

Sales activities are the driving force of lead progression. From phone calls to lunch meetings, any action that drives a deal forward in your sales pipeline counts as an activity.

In Pipedrive, these sales activities are the central focus of our selling philosophy. Every time you mark an activity as “done”, you’ll immediately be prompted to schedule your next activity, thus always keeping you one step ahead. This way, nothing falls through the cracks.

Now you can invite your customers to Pipedrive sales activities, and they can also add them to their own calendars. This way both yourself and your client will never forget about each other. That is, unless either of you wants to cut the cord.

Easy mail notifications for your customers

When you schedule an activity in Pipedrive, you’ll be prompted to tick a little box that says “Send invitations to attendees”. Our invites can also be localized into any of our supported languages, so you’ll also have the option to change the language of the invite you’re sending.

Then, once you hit that green “Save” button, an email notification associated with the scheduled activity will be delivered to your contact. All you need to do is have an email address included in your contact person’s profile before sending it out.

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  • Noushad

    It is good if outlook calendars of all parties get update accordingly..

  • arilevine

    is there a way to customize event invites so they highlight our brand in the header and signature (instead of PipeDrive)?

    • Priit Kirss

      Hey! Not at the moment, but we’ll look into it in the future.

  • Don Morris

    It doesn’t appear that the prompt to schedule a new activity happens on iOS? Or for meetings marked Done on either iOS or the web?

    • Ivo Viira

      Hey Don, you will see the prompt when you mark as done the last open activity for the deal. If there are other open activities, then there is no prompt.

      • Don Morris

        Thanks, makes sense.

  • Daniel

    Can you add a location for the meeting?

    • Priit Kirss

      Hey Daniel, it’s not possible yet, but we’re planning to add it soon.