What’s New With Pipedrive – September Product Update

Pipedrive September Product Update

The next episode of “What’s new with Pipedrive” is here! The video below will briefly review our most noteworthy recent improvements.

To learn more about these features in detail, click the links within the video, or below:

  1. Email templates
  2. Scheduling tool
  3. Email signature invitation link
  4. Android – Lost reasons
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  • Noushad

    Hi James

    Pl add the feature ‘New’ to create new org, contact, deal on the fly.. this will avoid a lots of mouse clicks as we need to go back to org, contact, etc. to create new org/contacts currently..

    • Christopher

      Hi Noushad,

      Thanks for the idea. Will pass it on to our team ๐Ÿ™‚

  • patrick

    when will you be adding a mandatory field feature ? it is desesperatly lacking …

    • Christopher

      Hi Patrick,

      We are working on it so watch this space!

      • Sancheeta

        I too would love to have this feature of mandatory fields to be enabled at the earliest.

    • Mike


  • Superior Hotsy

    Fix the email issue. Seriously.

    • Martin Henk

      Hey. Which email issue are you referring to if I may ask?

  • Harris

    Hi if I could make a recommendation, if there was a way to view a list of the latest activity such as latest notes and latest new deal created, this would save me a whole lot of time at the end of my daily cold calls to be able to see the list of people I’d just interacted with that I need to send follow up emails before end of day to. (or does this feature already exist?

    • Veronika Harrison

      Hi, thanks for mentioning this. We would love that feature too.

    • Christopher

      Hi Harris,

      This feature doesn’t exist at the moment but this would be helpful, I agree.
      I will pass your feedback on!

    • Mike

      Can’t this be done with a report? Perhaps filtered by deals updated that day?

    • Christopher

      Hi Harris,

      You could do this in reports by looking at activities added and completed for the day.
      You can also use the filters in the list view to pull up deals added for that day, activities added etc.

      I would recommend chatting with our support team about it:


  • Adam

    Direct email notifications from Pipedrive for new web form submissions. Ditch Zapier. It’s too confusing for the average user.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Adam,
      If you mean getting an email yourself about a new submission we have it now. There’s an email address you can fill in when adding or editing a form

  • Adding the “Scheduler” to our main page would be easier and would likely get used more often. Thanks!

    • Damian Hehir

      agree with this… I think it’s a great feature (particularly if you add link to add to calendar). Needs to be more prominent!

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      You will find it in Settings but you can also access it from the activity list view:

      Where would you like to see it?

    • Jana Krivorotko


      Thanks for your feedback!

      Embedding the Scheduling form on the website is on our roadmap but no ETA for now.

  • Damian Hehir

    Loving the scheduling tool, and already implementing it into my work flow.

    Why doesn’t the confirmation email also include a calendar invite so they can quickly add it to their calendar also (or am I missing this somehow?)

    • Damian Hehir

      any thoughts on this guys? I accidentally told people they would receive a calendar invite (assuming they would), but it didn’t happen. Maybe I have to invite them via my calendar app…

      • Jana Krivorotko

        Hi Damian!

        Thanks for your feedback, glad to hear you are loving the feature!
        In regards to a calendar invite, this is indeed missing in the current version but is on the list to be implemented for the upcoming iteration.

    • Chris

      Such a huge miss.

  • Ryan Prentice

    Good work guys. A big feature request for us would be to be able to add multiple email addresses within two way email sync so that we can email from our multiple brand names. At the moment we don’t use email sync because of this.

    For example we want to add:


    To each Pipedrive account.

    • Matt

      We want this too! We have more than one email addresses for our office and don’t want to stop using them since we still get customer emails on all of them, but when the customer email doesn’t come in on our primary email, it doesn’t show up in PD and we have to manually forward them into PD or they end up getting lost and never connected to the deal.

    • Christopher

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the suggestion.
      I can see why this would be problematic in your particular case.

    • Becky Adams

      Yes and us! We have 3 email addresses and we need them all to show up in PD please!

    • Federica

      I have the same issue, 3 emails addresses

  • Matthew Peloso

    We use your CRM for two different products that have different details. We would. Like to be able to add one Pipedrive to track construction projects (size, address, building height), and another pipedrive for selling our wood products (pallets, wood type). Right now we have to add all the 5 fields into our system, and leave them m blank for the different pipedrives, but it confuses our salespeople

    • Christopher

      Hi Matthew!

      So you would like to see different custom fields for each pipeline?
      We do get asked for this quite often so hopefully we can do this soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Matthew Peloso

        Yes, precisely. We added every field we ever need across all the products, even though most are resting blank. That gets confusing to our new sales people. This would be a great feature!

        Another ask would be tight integration with Camcard or a similar bizcard OCR tool – snap the pic and go straight to a deal insertion – OCR that card into the Company / People database in the background, then allow the sales to go straight to the deal without all the typing on the adding of contacts. Just get the sales to clean up the OCR “AFTER” they get their deal notes recorded in…

  • Teresa Strobel Hersha

    I love pipedrive! I am so excited for the 2 way email sync with templates! BUT….. I am super bummed that it does not support aliases. :_( We have multiple internet properties and use multiple domains as aliases in our google apps for business. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put this on the top of your to-do list. I want to give you more of my money!. PS- Using Zapier with pipedrive makes my life a better place.

    • Teresa Strobel Hersha

      Also, my PD wish list includes advanced permissions for users ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Christopher

        We will have some news about Advanced Permissions soon.

    • Christopher

      Hi Teresa,

      We understand why this may be problematic. I will make sure that your feedback is passed on to our email team.

  • Lucas Venturini Gonรงalves

    Can I create team templates?

    • Christopher

      Hi Lucas,

      Not yet but it is planned ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lindsay

    We are in
    the construction business (I am in sales and an above average performer both at
    home and overseas) and so in and out of the office the whole time.

    I fully understand the purpose of Pipedrive having used CRMs for over 25 years
    from Lotus Notes forward however, I am finding that Pipedrive is actually taking
    up double of my time as we have an existing CRM that PipeDrive is unable to
    integrate with (It is an old text based systems but very very good with a
    tasking system follow up etc etc )so I have to run one system under the company
    desk top and Pipedrive on another desktop / laptop to run both at the same
    time. I also have Pipedrive on my my Android smart phone which manifests
    differently to that of the desk top and I find to use the mobile effectively I
    have to learn all the icons to the system as there does not appear to be a help

    I have found that the Pipedrive implementation has been problematic with the
    fling it our there and tell all staff to use it approach with no tuition
    whatsoever to be disappointing as I have suffered mild dyslexia/ autism all my
    life and only relate well to classroom situations and don’t relate well to
    videos with foreign accents and others who only seem to know a little about
    PipeDrive themselves.

    Pipedrive Support people always respond that’s good, however, not much help. I
    have asked the training company who introduced Pipedrive to our company for
    assistance in provided tuition and they seem either not interested in helping
    or in-capable of providing answers for me. Your comments would be greatly

    • Christopher

      Hi Lindsay!

      Sorry to hear about your problems here.
      Can you tell us which other CRM you are using?

      On the mobile app, there is a help section if you press ‘more’.
      We do have online trainings available but we are an online service so we aren’t able to do training in person.

      You can join a webinar here:

      You can also see our support centre here which has a lot of articles and videos:

      Support are always there to help too. If you could give us your email address, I will check up on your previous interactions to see how we can improve.


      • Lindsay

        Thank you for your reply.

        It would be helpful if when you have a new product you label โ€œHelpโ€ as โ€œHelpโ€ rather than โ€œMoreโ€ which could mean anything and tends to
        Make the product more proprietary and confusing which I am sure you do not want.



        • Christopher

          ‘More’ contains more than help so we can’t do that.
          Thanks for your feedback though.

  • Matt Kelly

    Email templates are nice but why can’t we have predefined fields such as ##first name## and other fields from within pipedrive? Having to personalize every template doesn’t really save any time since the template could really just be copy and pasted from another application.

    • Christopher

      Hi Matt,

      This would save a lot of time and will hopefully be added in a future update ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nicole

        That would be perfect for us also!

      • Francisco Costa

        We update to gold, one of the reasons was email templates, but we were disappointed not able to merge fields ๐Ÿ™

        • Christopher

          Hi Francisco,

          Sorry you are disappointed but this will be added in a future update ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tony Deane

    Hi guys, I have been using Pipe-drive for the last two months, thank you very much as it’s the best solution I have ever come across for my purposes. However, because we run three different brands (same business), we have had no choice except to pay for three different accounts @ platinum level, and that for three people. Whilst I appreciate that Pipe Drive is an amazing bit of kit, we are no thinking about moving two of the company to a program called Dubsado combined with Trello. Dubsado has a charging structure that charges the first brand I think $27 and every other brand you use an additional $7, maybe Pipe Drive could do something like this…. ?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Besides that, I’m a Pipe Drive fan.


    • Christopher

      Hi Tony,

      We completely understand. Maybe we can have a discussion about this.
      If you could email support@pipedrive.com and put my name in the subject title, we will see what conclusion we can come to ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris

        I’m in a similar position with 2 x small / micro businesses

  • Lindsay

    So , I am picking that Pipedrive has little or no suggestions for people with learning disabilities?

    • Christopher

      Hi Lindsay!

      Please let us know what you would need and we will do our best.
      You can email us at support@pipedrive.com

  • Olga Zybtseva

    Guys thank you for booking time by clients. This looks gorgeous. One thing that disappoints me and makes me disregard the new stuff – why do you include the advertisement http://joxi.ru/L21lxWvt6LBL4m into e-mail that customers get? It makes customer think that someone want to sell them something demotivates them. please think about excluding this text. Thank you.

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Olga!

      We are glad to hear that you like the new feature and I can see what you mean by the “Pipedrive footer”. We are working on improving the templates and copy but currently no ETA.

  • Donny Arkush

    When will you be adding support for Office365, with the same level of integration as Gsuite?

    • Christopher

      Hi Donny,

      We are working on it but no concrete ETA yet.
      You can already sync your emails though!

  • lqigabriel

    I really like the essence of Pipedrive, but there are many things to improve for the price.

    One of them is the mail, making it more versatile and such as google mail or zoho mail to associate the mail of the company and that the mails can be sent using the Pipedrive server.

    Currently I have to use google mail so that the mail is sent with the domain of the company, but with the disadvantage that I can not use the templates, nor send emails directly from Pipedrive, because they would arrive to the client as google.com and not as the domain of the company, which would cause distrust to the proponent or client.

    I am currently using Pipedrive and Zoho simultaneously but I will definitely stay with Zoho, although Pipedrive is what I want. but I can not be paying 25 Dls. when Zoho for $ 35.00 Dls gives me much more.

    Another point is that lately they have been very slow to announce an update, but nothing new has been seen that can hold me back.

  • Joey Gilkey

    James is by far my favorite voice-over character of all time. Just saying.