Scheduler – Say Goodbye to the Back-and-Forth

Scheduling Tool and Appointment Calendar

In sales, too many of us spend a good deal of our day with the back-and-forth exchange of emails or texts to schedule a “good time to talk.”

At times it may even feel like you put more effort into finding the right time to talk than actually talking.

As a modern-day salesperson, you can work smarter and save yourself a lot of time by taking advantage of scheduling tools that manage all your appointments on one unified calendar.

How Does Pipedrive’s Scheduler Work?

  • Pipedrive’s Scheduler will allow you to define your day or week’s availability in advance. You’ll be able to create a recurring event or one single event and manage all types of appointments on an fully integrational calendar. While you’re outlining your availability, you’ll also have a clear view of any activities that have already been scheduled so you’ll avoid any conflicts. Be sure to use the note area if you’d like to include any descriptions, contact information, or URL links to a video call.
  • After you’ve completed defining your availability, the customer can view what time slots are available via a public URL link Pipedrive provides you. From there, your contact can book a time that works for the both of you.
  • Once the customer has selected a time slot, an activity connected to the contact will be created in Pipedrive. If the contact’s provided email address doesn’t match any contacts in Pipedrive, it will create a new contact and associate the activity with it.
    When a time slot is booked, the new activity will be seen in your usual activities view.
  • A confirmation email will be sent by Pipedrive to yourself and the customer, confirming the time slot that’s been selected.
  • Lastly, you can also observe a list of who has booked your time in the scheduling dashboard itself.

Share Your Calendar and Weekly Availability


By creating a “recurring event”, you can outline your availability for the entire week (or longer), and be able to share it with one convenient URL link – which you can also include in your email signature to save even more time.

If your schedule ever changes, our tool makes it’s easy to edit your recurring event at any time to adjust your availability for appointments. The same URL link will be instantly updated whenever you make changes to the schedule.

Note: You can select a “start” and “end” date of your recurring event and make it just about any duration you’d like, but the customer will only be able to see and select from the next 2 months at a time.

How do I get started?

Pipedrive’s Scheduler is already available to you in your Activity views where you’ll find the “Propose times” option, or you can access your scheduling dashboard in your Settings.

So, if you’re ready to save yourself and your client a lot of time, you can begin creating your first event here.

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  • Good announcement.

    But! I always create a new contact. Even if a contact with such an email already exists.((

    • Anni

      Hello, Anton!
      We are aware of this. We are sure to launch new release with further functionality shortly.

      • And it is very important that the task should have the title of the scheduled meeting.

        • Anni

          Thanks for the feedback, Anton! I will make sure that this info gets passed to the right teams.

  • This is brilliant. Beautifully executed as well.

  • Great feature! Does this integrate with Office 365 as well? I can get rid of our other scheduling app if that is the case.

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hello Tim,

      Thanks for your feedback! Currently, the scheduling tool does not integrate with Office 365 but we will look into this.

  • This is brilliant. Beautifully executed as well.

  • Duncan Morrison

    Am I missing something???
    Why can’t you schedule a recurring event when you create an event eg a meeting event.
    Why can’t you simple add a person to the event who you want to send the meeting request to.
    This is how Outlook does it.
    As far as I can see this is really clumsy ! I can not see our sales people using this

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Duncan!
      Thanks for your feedback.

      Currently, you need to send an invite by sharing the link. Being able to add a person is on the roadmap but no ETA for now.

      Regarding the recurring event question, you have an option to do so. Please go to the “recurring event” view next to “events”, pick days and date ranges, name your event. Please let me know if this answers your questions.

  • Collin

    I wish we could set up any activity to simply be recurring. Mostly I’m not scheduling major events, just quick phone calls and tasks that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of time.

    • Christopher

      Hi Collin,

      On the to do list!

      • Collin

        I just scheduled a recurring event with my colleague another pipedriver and I don’t see it for the following weeks as a task for me or him.

        • Christopher

          I meant that recurring tasks aren’t available yet but we hope to add them in future. Currently, you will only see the first one.

          • Collin

            But isn’t the event to be shown as an activity?

          • Jana Krivorotko

            Hi Colin!
            Please check, it should be visible in activities as of today.

  • James Marshall

    It would be nice if we could add an existing scheduled meeting to the Event, so you can see it all in a nice list. IT would also be amazing if we could set the timezone of the event so we’re working in local time. I see the user can change the timezone before scheduling the event but it would be so much better if I – the Pipedriver – can set the timezone..

    • Christopher

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the ideas.
      As mentioned elsewhere, this is just the first step for this feature so hopefully we will see some of these features added in the near future.

  • Joseph_Valenti

    James, this is an interesting addition, and a good video. I have looked at these features in my own “Silver” level account. I certainly see some merit, but three things are missing for me.

    First, I should be able to initiate the Scheduling dialogue box from within a Deal, Person or Organization (I use “deals” almost exclusively). It is inconvenient to have to go to settings and re-identify the person with whom I am trying to speak.

    The second is an integration to my real work calendar (in my case Google)… if a prospect or customer wants to schedule a time at which I am actually available, she needs to be validating against my real work calendar and not against what little info resides in Pipedrive. You do have an integration with Calendars already, and it will have to be extended to Scheduling.

    Third (and this is the trickiest)… even an integration with the major calendars won’t quite do it. We pay $8 per month for a “Premium” account at I might even be willing to pay you for an especially-tight integration between Pipedrive and Calendar that includes all those features. With the capability you have now, I regret I will be ignoring Pipedrive Scheduling and (grumpily) continuing my subscriptions to Calendly and Zapier.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider my observations. (FYI we are a registered Pipedrive partner, and yes, we’d sell more licenses if you did Scheduling completely and well!).

    • Christopher

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your interesting feedback.
      All good ideas which will be passed on to the team working on this feature.

      I can tell you that if you have you calendar enabled, it will soon show in the scheduling tool too.
      We are just putting finishing touches to that so watch this space!

      • Patrick Caldwell

        Agreed with Joseph,

        Another feature request moving forward. I have folks sign up for a time slot on Calendry and it has an integration with gotomeeting.

        So the client is picking a time that works for him or her AND autogenerating a gotomeeting event that then shows up on my google calendar.

        But thanks for the post as I definitely think it is a good direction to grow into.

        Agreed with comment below as well, if I could do it all in Pipedrive, I would drop calendry, not because of pricing, but because I would have one less place to switch between.

      • Garrett Jockel

        Hello, Any updates on this?

      • Francisco Galvez

        I’d like to second Garrett. Has there been any update on this? We are paying every month to another calendar provide so if you implemented those, we would be happy to upgrade to gold. Please let us know.

  • Kim
  • Steve Fishman

    Echoing the recurring idea without a set date. I currently use Calendly as I can simply set event types (i.e. 15 minute call, 1 hour appointment), and let it roll over a time span, not specific dates. I’d love to see more of the Calendly functionality in Pipedrive.

    • Christopher

      Thanks Steve.
      You can see that this is quite a common topic in these comments.

      All of these requests have been passed on to the product team responsible 🙂

  • Erik van Dorp

    Pretty please make it as easy and bulletproof as
    1) Specify a part of the week where I am available (i.e. always on Monday from 10:00 – 16:00) for a web meeting
    2) block parts of my agenda that are booked
    3) Have anyone with the link schedule a web meeting with me.

    • Christopher

      Hi Erik,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      We will do our best!

  • Anatoli Naoumov

    For scheduling I use a paid service from Acuity. I’ll gladly switch to you (just to reduce a number of services) if you match their service offer. What you offer now is a link to an event + availability schedule withing PD. Atop of this they offer public self-booking webpage with designed by me events linked to my google schedule, same page at my site with a button leading to it, custom time padding around events. see the difference?
    (If you choose to develop events with time padding, make sure that padding of the first event fits within availability window)
    Good step. Still a long way to go

    • Christopher

      Hi Anatoli,

      Thanks for the feedback!
      This is a first step and there is a lot more to come.

      • Hi, same thing here, we also use Acuity.
        It would be a pefect match for us having a deeper integration.

  • andy_kaufman

    It’s a great idea that would add a lot of value to Pipedrive. As soon as you match Calendly’s features, I’m outathere!

  • Stephen Winterrowd

    Does this recognize time zone differences?

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Stephen,

      Yes, it does. The invitee will get the invitation in the timezone he/she is in.

      • Stephen Winterrowd

        what information is used to determine their time zone in the account profile .. phone number or zip code .. what if you do not have the info in the profile? Also if I have a call center that will be scheduling calls for me what time zone will they see the calendar in?

        • Jana Krivorotko

          Pipedrive does not use any information related to the user who schedules the event. We rely on built-in browser methods to determine the timezone in which the person viewing the timeslot is located. We take the timezone of the customer creating the scheduled event as a reference. It means that if someone else is scheduling times for you, it will be scheduled according to their timezone.

  • Elizabeth Schonagen

    Love this new feature, thank you Pipedrive team! The one issue however is the sales language on the meeting confirmation email (see screenshot). Any way to get rid of this? My company does not want “sales” in the forefront of any customer interactions. Thanks for any guidance on how to minimize this.

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Elisabeth,
      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.
      Currently, this is a standard confirmation template. I have noted your request to see what we can improve there moving forwards.

      • Barb Newman

        Yes, we want to replace that with our own branding too.

      • Francisco Galvez

        Hi Jana, any updates on this? We have customers from different parts of the world that speak different languages and it’d be great to be able to customize this messages in different languages as well.

  • Ivan

    For this to be effective it needs to link to my Outlook office 365 calendar. Maintaining two calendars is a headache. Check out boomerang, it does this scheduling thing with office 365. They are on to something

    • Lonny Sutton

      I think Pipedrive is pretty heavily integrated with the Google Apps Suite. Might be hard to get them over to Office 365 as well.

    • Maybe you can Sync your 2nd Calendar in Outlook.

  • Lonny Sutton

    Integration with Youtube Live events would also be cool for this. So that they are getting info on a webinar, when they sign up for your available time. Might be a bit complicated though.

  • David Emery

    Looking promising. I see from the comments that more features are in the works. I would love to have a permanent link that shows all availability for all users that could be embedded on our main site that would allow potential clients to book appointments without needing to be sent an invite.

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your feedback! This is something we can certainly look into.

      • Mart Parve

        That’s a showstopper for us as well. Currently we’re using Calendly for that, however that’s again another step in the automation workflow. Would be great to do it directly in Pipedrive.

  • Nick J. Cangelosi

    Hello All, does anyone have any assistance on ALL the “Custom Fields” and what they do or their importance after or once an IMPORT is completed. I’m in the Financial Services Industry (Credit/Debit Processing, ATM, POS, E-Commerce, Lending, Loayalty Programs, etc) and it’s not uncommon for me to make 150 calls a day. I have TONS of data in Excel Spread Sheets and for the most part it’s been Trial any Error because theirs no real “In Depth” explaination of the “Custom Fields” and their importance in terms of after the info has been imported.

    Does anyone out there know or follow what I’m saying?!? Any help would be awesome.

    Thanks Pipedrive,

    Nick C.

  • Jana Krivorotko

    Hi Lonny!
    Thanks for your feedback, we will look into this.

  • Ashlee Murray

    Question, can you limit a customer from scheduling more than one appointment at a time? That’s what is missing for any other scheduler and it would be great to see it from this scheduler!!

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Ashlee!

      Thanks for the suggestion, we can certainly look into it!

  • I am a paying Pipedrive customer and love it (disclaimer given what I am about to say!): I don’t get this. I currently use and love for mtg scheduling (it’s a lot like Calendly) So why do I need to create recurring events? Can I just select times I am open barring anything else on my schedule and let them choose? The notion of creating an event BEFORE an event is scheduled seems backwards. The event creation should be when the contact chooses a time slot. Am I missing something?

    • Jana Krivorotko

      Hi Michael!
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Recurring events is something that was requested by some of our users but it might be this does not fit your particular use case. I hope you will sill give it a go and suggest improvements as you go. This is the first version and there is still a long list of improvements to work on.

  • Daniil Krets

    I guess I didn’t understand how can I share the link to my calendar that will show my availability during the week to potential meeting attendees. It would be perfect to include the access to the calendar to my e-mail signature and offer prospects to sign up for the meeting that way. Is that available right now or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Daniil Krets

      I guess I didn’t get the whole point, I blocked the time when I’m unavailable using recurring events instead of blocking availability. That makes sense but still I wish the prospects were able to choose specific time slots – like 15 minutes, etc. instead of choosing the time slots that I blocked off. An offic 365 integration would be really nice since I have to keep 2 calendar now – Outlook and Pipedrive instead of having one. We schedule all internal meetings in Outlook.

      • Jana Krivorotko

        Hi Daniil!
        Thanks for your feedback.
        The idea is that you propose timeslots when you would like to have meetings and share this link with your customer (private message, signature etc.), who will then be able to book one of he timeslots on offer.
        I took a note about the Office integration and will certainly look into it for future versions.

  • Caren Settler

    Is there a way to make activities recurring? Say for follow up emails to a customer on a project, where we want to follow up weekly until we receive the information we need?

    • Christopher

      Hi Caren,

      We don’t support recurring activities yet but hopefully in the near future.

  • Daniel Lee

    Tool works reasonably well but a fundamental flaw in not being able to allow clients or user to cancel or reschedule existing bookings.
    Also having a calendar view days view of available bookings side by side would be very helpful refer hubspots scheduler I think they haven’t done a good job with this

  • Terry T.

    Great feature. Is there a GoToMeeting integration planned (i.e. once meeting time is selected, it creates a GTM event and inserts the GTM information into the calendar event)?

    • Christopher

      Hi Terry!

      No plans at the moment I’m afraid.
      I will pass on the idea. It might be also a good idea to ask them.

  • David Cote

    Is there an option to redirect a lead to a custom thank you page after they schedule with you?

    Or maybe a way to integrate a Facebook Pixel code into the scheduler’s header.

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi David!

      That’s not possible at the moment, but it would certainly be a great addition to the feature. I have already passed it on to our team responsible for this!

  • David

    It would be great if it was possible to do recurring events every 2 weeks, or every month. We have many customer visits, where we restock their product shelf’s.

    This would be a great way to never forget that it is time for a refill.

  • Maksim a

    Great post!

  • Maksim a

    I Like this post!

  • Vedran

    hey guys I’ve been using Pipedrive since 2014. I am loving it. Also, atm I am setting up the system for my 3rd org and this feature is good – nice to have – but really can’t replace Calendly. However if you’d be able to copy or integrate with Calendly, that would be…… like astonishing! Massive added value to what you are already doing. Cheers!

    • Agreed.

      There should be a persistent availability with the ability to define each day and also based on the meeting type.

      Intro meetings will be different to discovery for instance (30 mins vs 2 hours).

      Also the ability to reschedule and cancel and also the ability to pull in existing calendar events and show availability against that.

  • I just realised that this doesn’t set up a proper RSVP calendar event so my client can’t cancel or reschedule. Any plans to make this happen?

    Also, any plans to read the user’s Google Calendar to automatically remove available time slots from an event page?

  • Benito Miranda Sierra

    Tried it to clunky, awkward to use and not that ideal for scheduling, changing, updating appointments with clients – will have to remain with Calendly.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Benito!
      Thank you for your feedback.
      I will pass it along to our PMs. Have a great day!