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With our new Email templates, you’ll Increase the number of emails you send, while still maintaining a significant personal touch. Choose from one of Pipedrive’s official templates (written by our own sales gurus), or customize your own email templates. Either way, you’ll now have time to focus on the part of the discussion that matters most while letting Pipedrive handle the rest.

What are email templates?

Email templates let you populate an email with a pre-written message in one click. You have the freedom to personalize the email from there. Regardless of how much content you personalize, parts of your usual work-related email will often contain pieces of the same text from person to person. For that reason, email templates are the fastest method of delivering higher volumes of email while still giving you the ability to personalize them for each correspondence.

One “follow up” email won’t be too much different from the other, but you’ll achieve far better results if your message is obviously coming from the heart, and reflects the context of your relationship with the customer.

Check out our tutorial video on how to use Email Templates below.

Can I set up my own customized email templates?

Of course. You can edit the basic templates that we provide, as well as add your own unique templates.

How do I get them?

Email templates are live and ready for you to use in your current Pipedrive composition window.

You’ll need to be a Gold or Platinum user to take advantage of this feature. Gold and Platinum members not only benefit from templates now, but they can also sync their work email with Pipedrive itself, which automatically connects outgoing and incoming email to the appropriate contacts and deals. Follow the link here to jump to your inbox now and get started.

But I’m not a Gold or Platinum member. Can I still use templates?

Short answer: No – but you can copy and paste any of the sales email templates listed here for your day-to-day use, or possibly cold email templates along with expert advice on the cold email method.

Silver members do not have email sync, and instead manually BCC a special Pipedrive email address to whichever email they would like delivered to Pipedrive. Once delivered – the functionality is identical to the Gold plan, however there’s no option for composing emails directly from Pipedrive.

With that in mind, perhaps you’re ready to give a Gold membership a try. Follow the link here to visit your Billing specifications.

Bonus – Don’t forget about your email signature

If you missed it, we recently implemented fully customizable email signatures. Given that email is most salespeople’s primary method of client communication and record keeping, every interaction paints a picture of you, your brand, and your professionalism. Needless to say, your email signature can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression.

Learn more about your customizable email signature.

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  • disqus_wV8HiTXD2b

    Is there auto field insertion available?

    i.e. {{ first-name }} would insert the associated contacts first name etc

    • Cameron Lissner

      Here here…

      • Kalev Rundu

        Hey and thanks for your comments! We are currently looking into this. There is no ETA yet, but we understand it’s importance.

        • David

          Hi Kalev,

          Is there an ETA yet for the auto insertion feature?

        • ben

          +1 ….. Full Autofill (Name, address, Price, Date, etc…..) might make me jump from my $9 Silver plan to Gold.

        • Heidi Stamer

          I agree, this is a huge non-starter, and a painfully obvious feature. We just upgraded to Gold today as a test, and will likely not continue as Gold because email templates lack autofill. We’re going to look at other plug-ins with full email features like sequencing, etc.

        • Didier Gasté

          Can we have an update Kalev please?

          • Kalev Rundu

            Hey Didier! I can tell you, that it’s being worked on as we speak. Drop me an email at and I’m happy to sign you up for beta, when we’re ready to start testing.

          • Profiloweb Il tuo profilo sul

            I just tried the golden plan, but without this function in the email I think I change crm.

            really shame, I was fine with pipedrive

          • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

            Hi there! As Kalev mentioned above – this feature is being worked on as we speak. Drop him an email at and I’m happy to sign you up for beta, when we’re ready to start testing.

    • David

      This is a must! It would seem ridiculous that with all the data we have present in Pipedrive that auto field insertion is not available. Is this likely to be rolled out anytime soon?

    • Kenton Ward

      +1 for me

    • +100 for me as well. Seems silly to have to delete [prospect name] and fill in.

    • Robert J

      +1 This is a no-brainer for me. You have the data on the person/organization record…you could even allow deal-level fields. Reps will be hesitant to use this without auto-complete because of the danger of leaving “Hi {first_name}” and hitting SEND

  • NEY Eco Adventures

    Templates are a great addition to PipeDrive! Thank you for that. We currently have 50+ templates. Do you envision a feature to search for templates or make them available based on rules (for example stage in the pipeline or lead attribute)?

    • Kalev Rundu

      We’re glad you like it! Quite honestly it’s not one of the main priorities right now, but thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into this.

      • NEY Eco Adventures

        If you deal with a lot of templates (and that happens quickly) being able to select a template quickly is a must have. The other features (templates per stage/rules) are possible solutions.

  • Kurt Jones

    Will the email templates be accessible from the API?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Kurt, could you specify your question/use case?

      • Kurt Jones

        Hi Kalev, will it be possible to access the email templates via the API for them to be used in a third party application. Specifically, a mail client.

  • Ryan Turnr

    Can I use multiple templates in a single email?
    Why can’t I setup templates at an admin level so that all users can access them?
    Searching templates by name or keyword would be good.

    Just do what “Support Bee” has done with their “snippets” which is actually a better name also.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Ryan and thanks for your feedback! Those are all justified questions. For now, we have chosen the “templates” concept over the “snippets” concept. It’s the first release of templates, so there are some improvements and additions on the way. Templates, as are emails in general, are personal. However, we will look into this, as this topic has come up with other customers as well.

      Regarding the search function – searching by templates name is already possible!

  • Ryan Turnr

    Is pipedrive ever going to release some automated email follow ups? ie. So I can set a lead to receive emails after 3, 7 and 14 days automatically?

    • renaudteasdale

      yes! I also need that.

      • Loh Hiang Tee

        There are other solutions that can take care of that. PM me if you guys need 🙂

        • Kalev Rundu

          Hey, guys! Thanks for your input! We have some plans for this and are looking into the possibilities, but no ETA yet.

  • renaudteasdale

    Awesome! Can you measure the Reply Rate and Open Rate for templates? If yes, take my money!!

    • Kalev Rundu

      Not yet, but Email Tracking is on our roadmap!

  • Eliel

    Always improving. Thanks Pipedrive. So simple.

  • Matt Mason

    Can we use a data code to auto fill some information? If not, is it possible to accidentally send an email without filling in the generic data field such as leaving “Dear [prospect name], which would be obviously be embarrassing and impersonal.

    Some programs use “tokens” or “place holders” that must be filled in before your allowed to send the email, so it forces you to replace the token with new data. An example of a token would be something like **customer_name**, or [customer_name]. However you decide to define it, as a safety precaution you wouldn’t be able to send an email containing a token.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Thanks for your feedback! We’ll look into this.

  • Müller Benito

    Send from my mail server adress?
    Which email address is displayed?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Not sure, if I understood you correctly, but as this feature works with our Full email sync, the sender email address is always the address that is synced with Pipedrive inbox.

  • Glenn Vanhaeren

    Do you have plans to enable HTML templates?

    • Matías Valenzuela Cortez

      WE DO NEED IT in our company.

      • Michael

        Hi Glenn and Matías!

        Our Email Templates are going to get a significant overhaul in the not too distant future, which will offer a host of improvements and new functions. I can’t speak to HTML templates specifically being included in this pending release. However, I can say that we intend to include enough in this release that anything one would use HTML to achieve should be possible within the user interface. Stay tuned!

  • Scott Leslie

    Nice, thanks for adding. Any plans to add an auto-nurture capability to put prospects on, and combine templates into a series send every X days / weeks?

  • Maria Ranchal Carrasco

    Hi, is possible to add pictures or gifs to these templates?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Not yet, Maria. But it’s a planned addition.

  • Stephen Phillips

    Hi, on the video it says that you can’t share email templates with other users?? This seems crazy?!
    We already use Yesware and have over 100 shared across my team and I would love to cancel their service. Is this something being implemented?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hi Stephen, yes, it’s on our roadmap for the nearest future.

      • Stephen Phillips

        Hi Kalev, thanks. Are you planning to be able to create templates in “folders”? Meaning instead of having to find our 100+ emails, we can group them I.e accounts emails, sales emails, and then share them down to our relevant departments? This would def be the best way for an admin to be able to empower staff…this is how Yesware do it and also Freshsales are planning this and have basically built Pipedrive but with tons more functionality FYI. Thanks and hoping you are planning this and would be great if you had a published roadmap or to be able to vote on new ideas…

  • Clare

    I echo the thoughts about auto field insertion for email templates. I just upgraded my plan to access the email templates and assumed this functionality would be included. Great to hear it is in the Pipedrive plans… any ETA?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Clare! Let me put it this way – in terms of planning your outbound seasonal holiday greetings, I wouldn’t rely on it for sending out Christmas cards. But I also wouldn’t start looking into alternatives for Valentine’s day greetings either just yet:)

  • Keith Griesinger

    Email Templates are helpful. What would really be great would be the ability to “delay delivery” until the following morning. I typically respond / send reminder emails to prospects in the evening. This is not the best time to ensure the email is ‘read’. If Pipedrive had the ability to “delay delivery” for example selecting a date and time the following day, that would be very helpful, and would increase the likelihood that the email would be ‘read’ and that action from the prospect would be taken.