Five Sales Email Templates to Get You Started – and How to Use Them Effectively

Pipedrive sales email templates

Whether you’re prospecting for warm leads, following up with a previous phone conversation, or even providing documentation on your product’s specifications, you’re going to have to send an email eventually. In fact, it’s likely you’ll have to send dozens of emails every day. This means you’ll have to use a lot of the same text from one message to another, but you would still need to change a few words here and there to demonstrate your relationship with the customer.

Nobody wants to get an email that’s obviously automated and impersonal, but this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to manually re-enter the same text over and over. Wouldn’t it be better to simply be able to focus on the parts of your email that are going to make the biggest difference? That’s where email templates come in.

4 best practices for using and customizing email templates

Using email templates saves you time and allows you to increase your number of outreaches. However, choosing or customizing your own email template is no exact science. Even if you have your own unique style for capturing attention, there are some key points to keep in mind if you want your email to have the best chance of success.

1: Consider your subject line.

It’s a well-studied phenomenon that people are far more likely to open your email if it contains their name in the subject line, so if possible, include your prospect’s name in the subject line. This is especially true with cold emails where you’re a complete stranger to the person. Additionally, keeping it concise, specific, and personal is key. Examples of widely popular subject lines are:  

  1. “[Introduction e.g., “Hello”] [name]” or “[Introduction] [your name/company] <> [their name/company]”
  2. “[Name of their company]”
  3. “Trying to connect”
  4. “quick request” (yes with lower case)

2: Email body – get to the value quickly

The first sentence in the body of your email is even more important than you may realize. Many email clients will display the first few lines of text in the body of an email alongside the subject line. So this means the first chunk of text in your email body will be visible without even opening the email in the first place. So a little empathy will go a long way here – think of what it would take to even generate your own interest in the first five seconds of the email.

3: Make it personal

This is often the only text you’ll actually be typing. These are the tidbits that touch on your client more personally. The template does all the heavy lifting and lets you focus on parts of your email that will resonate well with your prospect. This is especially important with follow-ups and re-opening channels. Ways of adding a little heart to your email can include:

  • Using names of people, companies, and products.
  • Validating what they do and their company’s mission.
  • Addressing any concerns, risks, or problems they’re currently facing, and how you can genuinely help them.
  • Referencing any notes you’ve made in your previous discussions.

4: Get feedback and apply

It’s important to get feedback on how you’re coming across. Some people will even seek the advice of their own loyal customers and investors to help them gain feedback on their email templates. Ask:

  • “Would you open this email?”
  • “Would you reply to it? “
  • “What is clear and what is unclear?”
  • “How did this email make you feel?”

Five sales email templates written by the pros

Now that we’ve talked about some of the best practices to use, let’s have a look at these basic email templates you can use all day, any day.

Got a favorite template you’d like to share with the rest of the class? Leave a comment below and tell us more.

1: TEMPLATE NAME: Cold email template

MAIL SUBJECT: quick request

Hi [prospect name],

People like you are super busy, so I’ll keep this short.

I work with companies like [business name] to help them [insert the main benefit e.g. get more signups]. What our clients most like about us is this: [main selling point eg. all leads on our platform have been qualified during the last 6 months, so the response rates are 2-3x the industry average].

I’d love to give you or a colleague a 20-minute demo. Would next Tuesday or Wednesday work for you?

Warm regards,



2: TEMPLATE NAME: Follow up

MAIL SUBJECT: Follow up to our meeting

Hi [prospect name],

Thank you for taking the time to explore a potential partnership today! It felt like our product could help solve some of the issues that you are having within your company, especially in these areas

  • [Feature #1] Will allow you to [accomplish X goal]
  • [Feature #2] Will help you [with Y challenge]
  • [Feature #3] Will mitigate [Z issue]

I’m also attaching a few resources for you to gain a better understanding how we can help you.

I understand that now you will discuss and agree internally on the next step. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is any way that I can help. If not, I’ll talk to you on [date and time].




3: TEMPLATE NAME: Materials after contact

MAIL SUBJECT: Materials after our conversation

Hi [prospect name],

I really enjoyed our conversation earlier today and especially liked learning about your unique role. I understand you are facing challenges with [issues discussed] and the impact they are having on you.

As promised, I have attached the resources and materials that can help you better understand how we can help you tackle these issues and create the change you are looking for.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, I look forward to talking with you again on [date and time].




4: TEMPLATE NAME: Opening channels again

MAIL SUBJECT: Our cooperation

Hi [prospect name],

How have things been with you? Hope it’s going well on your end.

I remembered, last time we spoke, you were interested in [Feature X]. We have made significant progress regarding this and the new solution is greatly appreciated by many of our clients.

I would love to share these key updates with you at your nearest convenience. Please let me know if [date and time] fits into your calendar, if not, feel free to suggest a better time.

Please let me know if you have any questions prior so that I can have those answers lined up.




5: TEMPLATE NAME: Intro template


Hi [prospect name],

It’s been awhile since we last spoke, I hope you’re well!

First of all, I think we should catch up – I’d like to hear how you and your business is doing, and see if there’s maybe a chance to help you further along with what we do.

Second, I have a request which I hope you won’t turn down :). In short – out of all the people you know, who should I contact in order to find out if I could help them the same way I was able to help you?

If you could make a short intro to someone you think I could meet to explore a potential need with, then I would be really grateful! I promise to treat them well.

You can also reply “I can’t think of anyone right now”, I’m fine either way and thankful that you gave it some thought.

Warm regards,


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  • Spenser Schmitt

    This is a great feature that we have been waiting for. Thanks!

    Is there soon to be an auto fill for fields like [first name], [company name] or [deal title]?

    – Spenser

    • Robert Rexroad

      I second this! This is a great new feature I’ve been longing for.

      Now we just need the merge tag capabilities!

      • Kalev Rundu

        Hey! We are currently looking into this. There is no ETA yet, but we’d like you to know, it’s a priority for us.

        • Paul

          That’s awesome, as are the new templates and feature. Great work.

        • David

          Hi Kalev,

          Is there a ETA yet for the auto insertion feature?

          • Kalev Rundu

            Hi David,

            Unfortunately there is no ETA I would feel comfortable about to promise you right now. However, if you’d like to help us to speed things up, I’d very much appreciate your input on it. You could hit me up at with your user case and how you imagine the merge tags feature could work for you.

          • Hi Kalev,

            User case =

            1) A prospect responds to my email with interest, which lets me know I’m ready to send him the next template in the series

            2) I load a template, which has several merge fields pulling data my team has already imported into the crm.

            “Good to hear from you [firstname].

            Our roundtable events are for [Position]s of SaaS companies with approx [# of employees range] employees and a turnover of [turnover range].

            Are you still interested, [name]?”

            3) I review the automatically generated text quickly, make any modifications necessary, and send.

            ….not to be testy Kalev, but this is an ESSENTIAL feature for productivity in sales.



          • Tomás Girardi Julio

            Ho Kalev. No ETA yet?
            I would love to have merge tags in Pipedrive

          • Kalev Rundu

            I can say it’s being worked on right now. I’m happy to sign you up for the beta, so you’ll hear it first?

          • Dmitry Dudin

            Please let me know as well, thanks

      • Meg

        Second! Just started using Pipedrive. I LOVE it, but the merge tags would make it so much more helpful!

    • I agree, it would be really helpful.

    • David

      This is a must! With all the data that we have in Pipedrive the ability to make an email personal (as stated in Point 3 in this article) would be a lot easier.

      Right now having to actually manually type in data that is already present in Pipedrive doesn’t seem the most efficient way. I already to do this with Yesware. If we have an auto insertion feature I would upgrade straightaway as this would actually be a GAME CHANGER!!!!

  • Hi there, we’re using a different CRM and would really like to switch to Pipedrive. But I have a few questions.
    1. Can I organize email templates in folders? For example, now we have around 30 of them and it would be really helpful.
    2. Can I share email templates across team?
    3. Do you have any plans on adding a team inbox (like So that it could be synced with a single Gmail account and shared across team? I guess this is the only feature we are missing now in Pipedrive.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hi Svetlana!

      1. Currently you can organize templates list by drag-and-drop, so you can create your own order. Also, you have a search field and can look for them by name.

      2. The Mail inbox feature is personalised, as are the templates for each user. However, as many customers have asked for this, we are currently looking into the possibilities to improve it.

      3. This is a more complex issue – Pipedrive is not built to be a “shared inbox” to be used by a group. Technically, yes – you can connect one Gmail account to multiple users, but you might have some conflicts with data in details view. You could try out the Gold Plan trial, if this would work for you.

      • Hi Kalev!

        Thank you very much for your reply. Shared email templates would be great!

        Connecting one Gmail account to multiple users doesn’t work for me, as I would have to share login and password to my corporate Gmail account with everyone. I know I can share individual emails on Gold Plan with other users. If they could answer those emails on my behalf (i. e. from my email address), that would be great.

  • Just learning how to do an outreach, a great guide for me to follow. Thanks James.

  • Russell Lacey

    I just ended a free trial. Love the presentation, and how my team would use it. But I need to be able to bring over data from 5 years + worth of work and notes, and not one by one. Is there a solution underway for data migration?

    • Martin Henk

      We have a free and fully automatic data migration available from most other CRMs in the Settings, Import data page. Please ask support to extend your trial and try this out.
      If your current CRM is not supported it’s also possible to import data from spreadsheets.

  • Thanks for the great suggestions. I really like that Pipedrive has released email templates. I’m actually using TextExpander for my email templates as I use Mac Mail for all my communication.

  • Roberto Coindreau

    By how the Email Template feature is described, it seems like the Merge feature is already there. (No reason to put things inside brackets if no Merge is available).

    I’ve been a long time user of the Silver Plan, and changed to the Gold Plan just for this. Honestly, this feels just like false marketing to make people go for the Gold Plan.

    Such a shame, I really had a good impression of Pipedrive and the whole team.

    • Christopher

      Hi Roberto,

      I am sure this wasn’t the intention when James wrote the article. I’m sorry to hear you interpreted it this way. If you would like to downgrade, please contact our support team and we will sort that for you:

      • Roberto Coindreau

        Sorry, I wasn’t implying this was the intention of James.

        The same is seen at the Video Tutorial in the Features section of the website.

        Anyways, using brackets is not ideal for the current product functionality, since double-clicking the word won’t select the brackets, making the process of replacing the text more time consuming.

        • Kalev Rundu

          Thanks for pointing out the brackets issue and double-clicking, Roberto! Makes very much sense to change this from our side.

  • Scott

    I moved from the Silver to the Gold edition for the email syncing feature which generally works well. However, when I send an email from Pipedrive, the document reformats when opened in MS Outlook to the point that there is a great deal of white space between paragraph and looks unprofessional. I’ve worked with the chat line support and they blame it on the font being used in Outlook, which is nonsense. Has Pipedrive tested outbound email and opened in Outlook? Hoping this is being addressed. I feel like I’m only getting half of the value for the additional monthly cost.

    • Christopher

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for the feedback.
      We see the support ticket you have open with us and we are still looking into this. Sorry for the delay.

      Our support team will make sure you get some compensation for your troubles.
      Expect to hear from us early next week.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Scott,

      We are constantly working on improving the email composer and your issue should be sorted out since a few days. Could you please give it another try and get back to us, if you still experience problems with spacing?

  • Thomas Gieler


    nice feature, although i have the same issue as scott (large whitespace between paragraphs) and it looks like there is no way to send html-mails that include images (more than one image in the signature).

    i think using specific fonts, inserting a logo *and* a personal image, or even a screenshot would be of great benefit for sending convincing sales-mails.

    any plans on upgrading this feature for sending htmlmails?

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hi Thomas,

      There are several plans to continuously improve our email composer and inline images, adding more formatting possibilities are certainly on the roadmap. Possibly html-mails as well, but not anytime really soon.

      The line spacing issue was improved a few days ago. Please let me know, if you still are experiencing issues with it and what exactly is the scenario you are following.

  • Gianluigi

    Hi James,
    great stuff.
    Thanks for sharing these insights!

  • Hannes Nützmann

    Seriously Pipedrive, get your act together. It can’t be so complicated to add template variables that are actually fed from the Deal data. Every other CRM system or transactional mail service is doing that. Its things like this that will make us transition away from Pipedrive much quicker than expected. We planned to use it for the MVP and keep building on it for a while – seems we have to evaluate alternatives already.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hi Hannes! You’re right. I can tell you that work on this is in progress and it’s not that far away any more. You could help to speed things up as well, though, by describing your use case – more specifically what information from the deal view you would use as variables. I’m also happy to sign you up for beta-testing, once we’re that far.

      • Hannes Nützmann

        Thats good to hear. We’d be happy to have the most basic thing: customer name. Beyond that things like deal age, date of last activity, deal stage etc. are interesting. Probably coming up with more ideas as we progress further with our operations.

      • Dmitry Dudin

        hi, @kalev_rundu:disqus
        Any update on this?

        • Kalev Rundu

          Hi Dmitry, we are about to start beta-testing soon. Let me know, if you want me to add you to the beta-testers group to get early access.

          • Dmitry Dudin

            Yes @kalev_rundu:disqus , Iwould like a lot. dima[at]

  • Hi Kalev,

    had promised that mail merge fields will be avilable for beta testing
    soon. It has been an year so please let me know if this is released in
    whatever stage alpha, beta, I want to try it immediately.

    Please sign me up

    use case is very simple. We are a performance artist / entertainer
    booking platform so every time we get a lead in pipedrive we have to
    send an email with suggestions for artists from our database of 17k+

    So I need something basic like

    Subject: Awesome Artists for your { custom_data.event }!

    Holla {{name}}!

    Hope you are stellar!

    Please find the below mentioned options of {{ custom_data.category |
    fallback:”Artists” }} within {{ custom_data.Budget | fallback:”your
    budget” }} (INR). Kindly shortlist and get back to me for their

    Please say that I can get this now 🙂

  • Diana

    Thanks for this templates, I’m in awe of posts like this one;)I’m newbie in email sales, so I appreciate all information about it!
    What do u think about reosurses for automatization and personalization email addresses? Some friends of mine advise me to use for these aims. This platform gives u an opportunity to accelerate your email work.
    Did u try it?))

  • Jeff M.

    Does the ability to load multiple names in the BCC field and auto populate the salutation with the first name of all within the BCC field exist? i.e. Hello {First Name}, This would allow one template be sent to several people while still being personalized.

    • Michael

      Hi Jeff!

      While our templates don’t have this functionality yet, I certainly see the value of implementing such functionality and will relay this to the team for their consideration.