What’s new with Pipedrive – July product update

Pipedrive Product Update

Let’s take a retroactive look at what’s new with Pipedrive. The video below will briefly review our most noteworthy improvements in the last couple of months.

To learn more about these features in detail, click the links within the video, or below.

In June alone, we released a slew of new features and upgrades:

  1. Activity calendar view
  2. Add multiple contacts to one activity
  3. Web forms customization
  4. Duplicate contact prevention
  5. Email filters – linked with open deal
  6. Updates to statistics & dashboard
  7. Deal velocity reporting (tutorial video coming soon)
  8. iOS – See reports and dashboards on iOS app
  9. iOS & Android – Mobile nearby filtering
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  • James Marshall

    Loving the calandar view to-do list!

    Please could we have the ability to attach products to multiple deals. Ideally through the pipedrive app, but even through the export / import tool. Please let me know if there is currently a way. This will help us (and I’m sure many others) with our product launches and forecasting.

    • Sergio

      Yes! Best option! Import products into deals! Ability please…

    • Christopher

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the feedback.
      It isn’t possible at the moment but we are looking at making improvements in this area.

  • Paul McKenna

    Please return the pie chart and custom period to the dashboard.
    I manage the sales for a construction group with 4 project service divisions, each with their own pipeline and external sales. It is important for our business to have a very simple graphic to show the representative progress of each. Of course my situation is further exacerbated by our financial year being measured May 1st – Apr 30, hence the QTR timeline being of no use to me.
    Thanks for the continued work on this excellent tool.

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you for the feedback regarding the dashboard.

      Custom periods are a priority right now in terms of further enhancing dashboard and we do recognise the need for our users to have this option.

      Regarding the piechart for certain reports:
      We are currently looking into ways of visualising report data and hopefully soon would have more options for it.

    • Speedy

      hehe, thats the problem when you go into a SaaS which doesnt care of your already created flow… they can’t make all happy! Look at some more flexible solution, when your existing flow wont be changed due to company adding new features and removing existing ones….

  • Fowzie Smith-Tahir

    Love the videos…keep up the great work.

  • Rob Haskins, LUTCF

    I’m enjoying Pipedrive for my company as a new user. When I view all my deals in the list view, I would like to be able to filter the list in columns, like I could with an excel spreadsheet.

    • Speedy

      So you can use excel then!!!

    • Christopher

      Hi Rob,

      You can filter based on columns but not on the columns themselves.
      I have passed the idea on to our Product Managers 🙂

  • I really wish you had templates we could use for emails. Like, Intro Email, and we could just select that, it pre fills in their name, etc and we could sell it.