Introducing Multiple Contacts for Activities

multiple contacts for activities

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that really matter. So we’ve identified and fixed one of those things that have a disproportionate effect on our users’ lives.

Many of you may be familiar with the following scenario:

You schedule a meeting with John Iron, Michael Wood and Jonas Water. As you should, you schedule it as an activity in Pipedrive. You then add John as a contact for the activity and try to add Michael and Jonas. But what’s this? You’re only allowed one contact per activity.

You can add Michael and John in the notes section, but this would mean that their contact details are not updated with the meeting. To have this happen, you’d need to schedule three separate meetings, which is tedious and unnecessary.

We’ve fixed that for you

When adding an activity you are now allowed to add more than one contact person.

Multiple Contacts in Activity View

These contacts are visible in the activity form. In the list views, we demonstrate that other contacts are part of the activity by showing a plus and a number next to the first contact person. You can hover your mouse over the number to see the names of the other contacts. In the detail view all contacts are visible in the activity field.

Multiple Contacts in Detail View

The result? You will have completely accurate activities and events. Data will reflect exactly what is happening. All of your contacts and activities will be up to date with the correct info, without the need to create duplicate meetings or manually update contacts.

In short, your data will be organized and accurate.

But wait, there’s more

In the past, there were situations where regular users could not see some of the activities they owned because their permissions did not allow them to view one of the items linked to the activity. We realized that by introducing more contacts to an activity, we were making the management of these sorts of permissions almost impossibly complex. In the pursuit of clarity and ease of use, we’ve awarded full visibility of an activity to the user when that user is the owner of that activity.

How do I get it?

We’re rolling out the feature to all customers over the next few days. You can test it out by adding an activity, say a meeting, and including multiple contacts in that activity.

Happy closing.

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Pedro Gallardo

Product Manager

  • Thomas Gromann

    And how does it work in detail? We cant add another contact…

    • Priit Kirss

      Thanks for the comment! We’re rolling out this feature gradually and it was not switched on for you when you tried it. We’ve turned it on now for you and you should be able to add multiple contacts as described in the article.

      • Thomas Gromann

        Thank you, it works! Maybe you should blog about new features after roll-out is completed, next time? So we dont feel like complete idiots for an hour or two 🙂

        • Christopher

          Point taken 🙂

    • Christopher

      Hi Thomas,

      We are rolling this out gradually. It will be available to you soon!

  • Collin

    Sounds great!!!!
    A few additional items for the bulletin board.
    1) Sub-Tasks for those pesky multi-step tasks
    2) Adding documents to tasks
    3) Adding the email address of the linked contact to the email task, phone number to a phone task and then when you click on it, write email or make call, it checks task as complete.
    4) Gantt chart of tasks :);) If you don’t ask you won’t receive.
    5) multiple types of accounts inside a single database/company. 🙂
    6) Copy and paste tasks and groups of tasks

    • Christopher

      Thanks for the feedback Collin, you can expect further improvements down the line.

      • Collin

        Could we also add that 2 Pipedrivers be responsible for a given task?

        • Christopher

          Yes we are asked this a lot so hopefully we will be able to add this soon.

        • Looking forward to this as well. Basic teamwork feature…

      • Collin

        Please add the feature for Sloan as well. Thanks!

  • lqigabriel

    Excellent feature, could you please switch on for me? Thanks.

  • John Cherian

    Also need to add

    • Christopher

      Hi John,

      We are looking at this possibility so hold tight!

      • Martin

        This would be great as it is one of the the enhancement I asked for when I started using Pipedrive half a year ago.

    • Jonathan Gustavo

      That would be a great improvement!

  • TaugenX

    This is a REALLY nice new feature. Way to go, guys! OD really ROCKS!

    • Christopher

      Thanks 🙂

    • Pedro

      Very glad to hear that!

  • Perfect. Please make it also possible to assign one contact person to several companies. We have customers owning several companies and the system doesn’t allow to assign this person e.g. to two companies which creates duplicate contacts for us now.

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      One option would be to add an Organisation type custom field where you could link the people to the other organisations they belong to.

    • Pedro

      Hello, thanks for the suggestion. Point taken! We are working on different ideas on how the items are related to each other so your data is accurate and perfectly organised. We will take this use case into consideration.

      • Tomáš Brzica

        We will apprecciate it too.

  • cristian lusardi

    Good!!! When you introduce multiple deals for activity?

    • Christopher

      Hi Cristian,

      Not in our plans currently. Could you give us some more detail about what you need?

    • Pedro

      Hello Cristian! I’d love to hear your use case. Would you mind to share some insights?

      • cristian lusardi

        Often when I have a meeting with a customer we discuss all of the open deals so I have to create so many meeting activities how many deals are, opening a single business and collecting multiple offers would be great!!

        • Pedro

          Thanks Cristian, noted!

        • Tomáš Brzica

          We have the same problem with one meeting and discussing muliple deals. Thanks to add it in near future.

    • Adam

      Similar to Christian’s comment, I need multiple deals on an email. I get an email from a broker covering 4 deals, or I get an email from a vendor covering 2 deals, I’d like to be able to easily associated those deals to the one email using the Gold version.

      • Pedro

        Hello Adam, emails are a bit different than the activities. However, we are actually trying to figure this out (for the case you presented). We would like to treat each thread individually, so one email can be easily linked to multiple deals. It won’t happen in the next months but bear in mind that we are working on it.

        • Tomáš Brzica

          Perfect! I am looking forward for it!

  • Peter Dobbe

    Silicon Valley names, nice!

  • AB

    Is it possible to filter activities by “created by” field?

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately this isn’t yet possible.

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      This is possible now. You can add a custom field to filter by ‘created’:

      • AB

        Thank You!

  • Marina Roesler

    I would like to be able to add more than one owner to a deal. And split the sales revenue between them. How can I do that?

    • Christopher

      Hi Mariana!

      Currently you can only add one owner to a deal. You could add the other user as a follower or in a custom field as ‘second owner’.

      • Marina Roesler

        I understand that, thanks. I use Pipedrive in the sales flow of an Art Gallery and a deal many times has more than one sales person involved. The shared revenue is applied towards their individual metrics. However using a follower does not allow the statistics to be computed correctly. Any other ideas?

    • I was actually hoping we could do the same with activities. If there is a meeting where two Pipedrive users need to be present, we need to create two separate activities. Why can we not add two users to one activity? Unnecessarily cumbersome…

      • Anni

        Hey Ares!
        We are actually thinking of this too and will be working on this in the future developments.

  • Stephen Phillips

    Yes, definitely more than one contact assigned to one company. We have many contacts who own multiple companies and are forced to duplicate them. Madness!! esp as you have a merge feature. The irony!