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Pipedrive API Reference

Pipedrive is a sales CRM. We have no intention of making accounting software, marketing automation software, invoicing software or software that automatically orders fresh coffee to be delivered every time you book a meeting with a client (although someone should definitely make that).

However, we do realize that our users often need a range of other software to run their businesses successfully, and to this end we’ve always insisted in providing a free, open Application Programming Interface (API). We encourage users and other software developers to build integrations with our software, so much so that there are already over 100 such integrations available.

As it became more popular, we realized that our old API Reference interface needed a drastic overhaul. It worked fine once you figured it out, but it looked ugly as sin and was not the most user friendly.

API Reference - old layout

Enter the new Pipedrive API Reference

The first thing you’ll notice when landing on the new page is the complete cosmetic makeover. We really put a lot of thought into making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, and we trust this will pay off.

API Reference - new layout (endpoint view with parameters)

We’ve added a full list of all the endpoints on the left, with a convenient search bar at the top. This endpoint search allows you to search by endpoint name and URL, so you should find what you’re looking for in a flash.

To make sure you always know what section or endpoint you are on we’ve built a sticky page header with the endpoint group name and endpoint name prominently displayed. This gives you instant context and helps you navigate with ease.

It’s not just a pretty face

Had we simply changed the look and feel of the page, you’d be forgiven for shrugging and saying: “So what?” – So we enhanced the API Reference on mobile.

API Reference - mobile view

Whereas before you would simply see the desktop version on mobile, we’ve now made it fully responsive. You can now use mobile devices without experiencing any issues with font size or scrolling.

Of course, you will need your company API token before you can start playing around with the endpoints on this page, so we made finding and saving that a priority as well – you can enter the token at the top of the page or while testing the endpoint.

Once you get the response to your request, you’ll be presented with a logical, user friendly layout, with collapsible JSON elements and its syntax highlighted for ease of reading.

We’ve also made it very easy to copy the JSON code to your clipboard, with a handy button that means you don’t have to highlight long sections of code.

API Reference - response section with collapsible JSON elements

We realize that a lot of our users will work on specific projects where they need to access only a few endpoints repeatedly over a few days, even weeks.

API Reference - FavoritesTo save time, you can favorite endpoints, which means you can jump straight in without needing to search every time.

In addition, you can seamlessly jump between favorites, which is particularly useful when data from one endpoint is the input for another.

How do I get it?

It’s already live for all users. Go check it out. We look forward to seeing what you build and, as always, we value your feedback highly.

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Priit Parmann

Priit is a Product Manager at Pipedrive.

  • Elton Barendse

    Thanks for your post and for your ongoing commitment in extending Pipedrive to assist companies to integrate Pipedrive data.

    We are a committed Pipedrive user and have successfully integrated your product into our sales process. We are keen to implement Segment (see as a centralised event tracking and integration platform.

    I believe that Pipedrive becoming an integration partner with Segment would be an invaluable extension of your platform to Pipedrive’s 50,000+ customers (and no doubt provide an opportunity for Pipedrive to increase its market awareness by being instantly integrated with 180+ top SaaS applications as well as Segment’s large and fast-growing customer base).

    Can you please indicate whether an integration with Segment is a possibility, or perhaps already on your roadmap (and if so, when this functionality might become generally available?).

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

    • Priit Parmann

      Hi Elton,

      Thanks for getting in touch! I discussed your question internally and I am sad to say that building an integration with Segment is not planned for the near future. However, we realise that there is a need for it and will definitely consider building this integration at some point.

      Meanwhile, you could try out to connect Pipedrive with Segment.

      Hope that helps.

      Best regards,

  • C.

    Wonderful!! Thank you for the continued work in this area!!

  • Guys your API Reference is awesome, keep up the good work 🙂

  • Claus Stovgaard

    It’s really nice, and much prettier than the old one.

    I do, however, have a single gripe: It takes me way too long to scan the list of endpoints to find the one I need.
    “List files attached to a deal” isn’t a scannable headline. In the old layout, I could get where I needed to go quickly by knowing whether I needed to GET, POST, PUT or DELETE. It was even color coded.
    Now I have to parse a sentence to find the right endpoint. Much less efficient.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Priit Parmann

      Hi Claus,

      Thanks for your feedback and kind words! We will definitely try to make finding the endpoints easier in the future.

      You can also try the search box above the list of endpoints – it searches both from the endpoint name and URL and the results have small colour-coded HTTP method names next to them.

      Kind regards,

  • Harshal

    Hi Priit,

    Are there any video demos / documentation where I can use API reference ? Or can you please organize a small 30 minutes session / webinar on ‘how to’ on APIs and use cases around the same? it would be super helpful. We have 100 users and lot of them want certain things to be picked up automatically from certain fields and looked up as needed.

    • Christopher

      Hi Harshal,

      We don’t really have anything yet but a webinar about API would be a great idea.
      Let’s see what we can do!

    • Priit Parmann

      Hi Harshal,

      Adding to what Christopher said, we are working on documentation that helps people to get started with building integrations and hopefully answers many questions. Stay tuned!