Introducing the new Pipedrive Dashboard

Pipedrive Dashboard

In an effort to help you get the statistics you need easily, accurately and with the least amount of work on your part, we changed the way we present your company dashboard. We rolled several old reports into single new ones and unified the location of statistics, whether personal or company, to one location.

Pipedrive Statistics Menu

In the image above you will see how we have changed the drop-down menu. The old version is on the left, the new on the right. But what does this mean?

The new company dashboard

If you have been a keen user of our live dashboard, fear not. All the stats you are used to finding there are readily available on the new company dashboard. The company and live dashboard of old have been rolled up into one.

New company dashboard

From here it is easy to drill down into any aspect of your sales stats, filter by time, pipeline or team member.

We have also retained the ‘black-out’ feature, which is perfect if you like to keep the stats in a visible space on a screen in your office.

What happened to my personal statistics?

We decided to separate reports from other valuable information that you used to be able to find in personal statistics. Don’t worry, your personal statistics are not gone, they are now located in the drop-down menu in the top right corner, next to the settings. The statistics tab is no longer part of the user profile. This has been replaced by the dashboard, which will allow you to filter through statistics data.

This is just the beginning.

Our new dashboards and reports are coming to our mobile apps before the end of June. We are also set to reveal some very exciting features over the next few months, so watch this space.

How do I get it?

We’ll be rolling this feature out over the next two weeks, so keep an eye on your statistics page.

Happy closing.

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Kirill Grebtsov

Product Manager at Pipedrive

  • Shannon Chesley

    Do I really have to wait two weeks? Is there a beta version available? 🙂

    • Hard Perk

      Hey, please go ask customer support to turn it on manually for you. Thankful for any feedback as well!

  • kent

    The previous dashboard gave a great view of pace period to date vs the prior period. The new dashboard seems to lack this, unless my eyes just aren’t adjusted yet to the new presentation?

  • kent

    I’ve spent more hours in this new dashboard and …. first off, I love it. Great job. Big enhancement and much faster to drill into the reports directly from here, versus the old way. Kudos to the team!!

    Then, per my initial comment below, I *really* miss the progress bar for “period to date” comparisons with prior period. Those were really handy visuals that I often screencap and send to the team via email to congratulate or push as needed for the month.

    Can we *PLEASE* get the comparative progress bars back? In all other ways, I so far love this new dashboard.

    • Hard Perk

      It was a good feature for many, but was also difficult to figure out for many. The way it was built also often didn’t scale too well.
      We are working on making the dashboard customizable, also adding ways to get better ways of comparising users, periods, etc. It will take some time.
      Heads up!

  • Mario

    As sales manager, every monday I meet each of my salesmen
    I’m used to start from the user statistics of the previous week: would be this still possible?

    • kent

      Mario …. appears to me we (sales managers) can now filter this dashboard to the specific rep. Seems like that could cover your use.

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      It is indeed possible, Mario!

      Using the three menu fields on the top of dashboard you can not only narrow down the reaults by specific rep, but also choose desired time period and switch between different pipelines.

      • Mario

        Now I got the access and I have been able to check! Thanks Kirill and Kent

  • kent

    Me again … lol …. Just noticed “Most Recent” are now missing. we used to see most recent deals, and most recent deals won. This was very helpful when using as a true dashboard … I run this on a 36″ LCD on the office wall. No matter what I’m doing all day, recent traffic is in view.

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hello Kent, thank you bringing that up. We realise how important such metrics is and we have it as part of our plan to improve dashboard further. So these bits are on their way soon

  • lqigabriel

    Excellent update. On the other hand I ask you to consider integrating the sales goals into the statistical section. Since it is very annoying to have to access settings to access sales goals.
    Sales goals should always be in sight.Thanks.

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Great suggestion! we are looking forward to updating Goals part of Pipedrive and at that point we might be integrating goals into statistics.

  • Alvin

    Calls per person and appointments per person is missing from the new team dashboard page. We display this in the office and it promotes an unofficial competition. This was a positive motivator in the key lead measures that made a difference to results. Can we get it back ASAP?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Can you please contact our customer support with this message? I think we are able to find solution for this need.
      Nevertheless I want to mention that this version of dashboard will be getting additional blocks of data displayed in months to come.

  • Mario

    Now I got the access to the new dashboard.
    I would like to suggest new metrics for the future. By actual/old dashboard we have access to metrics about deals and activities. However we miss metrics about territory coverage: let me explain. A lazy sales agent can hit its goal for deals and for number of completed activities only by working on easy customers. This beahviour should be contrasted because the sales agent should work on all the customers he has been assigned: both easy and hard customers. To check this we actually fetch data by api and we calculate how many different organizations have been reached by completing at least an activity in a given month. It would be nice to have such metrics in pipedrive!

    Thanks for your attention!

    • Christopher

      Hi Mario,

      Thanks for the feedback!
      That is an interesting metric to measure and it would be great if you could do that using Pipedrive.

      I will make sure this is passed on to our team.

  • Enrico

    Miss the possibility to select “custom period”!!!
    Highly highly needed!

  • Jonathan Gustavo


    I’m from Brazil, I’d like to know when you will release this update to our accounts in here?
    He are looking forward to these new updates, because the dashboard is not that funcional as it could be.

    • Christopher

      Hi Jonathan,

      We are rolling out the new dashboard in batches.
      You should see it appear in the next few days 🙂

  • Tim Kolb

    Hey guys, we love Pipedrive but haven’t seen the new dashboard update. Do we need to do anything to get access?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hi Tim,

      You can contact our support and ask for the dashboard to be enabled if you want to get dashboard right now.

  • Very welcomed changes, thanks!

  • Eliel

    Always improving. Cool. Cheers

  • TaugenX

    Any way to be put on a ‘Early-Beta-Tester’ List?

    • Christopher

      If you contact our support, we will be able to turn this on for you!

  • MF

    Hi there – any comments or suggestions on representing recurring revenue from deals? Right now I’m doing it manually in exports & pivot tables etc., but anything you could recommend would be great.

  • Pablo Quappe

    In the spanish version?? When will we get this feature? translation has been awful lately

    • Christopher

      Hi Pablo,

      It is also available in Spanish.
      Sorry to hear about the translations. If you see any mistakes, please email us at

  • Is there an ability to add sales targets – by individual, and by whole of company …. for months and quarters?

    • Christopher

      Hi Larry,

      Not in the dashboard yet but you can set up goals in Settings>Goals.

      • Frederik

        I think this could be great improvement. It makes sense to have the goals shown in the dashboard feature.

  • Andres Barry

    hi, were can we edit the activities shows in the dashboard?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hi Andres,

      Not at the moment, but we are thinking of possible options to make dashboard more customisable.

  • Iñaki Parroquin

    In the previous dashboard you could track the progress by periods of the same length of time. In the new it works different.
    For example:
    In the previous dashboard, if I chose the “Month”view and today was July 7th, It would track the progress from July 1rst to 7th vs June 1rst to 7th. The new dashboard tracks from July 1rst to 7th vs June 1rst to 30th. This doesn’t work for us.

    • Christopher

      Hi Iñaki,

      I see your issue there.
      We will see if this is something we can change in future versions.

  • Alexander Sadek

    Hi! Our sales meetings review past 2 weeks. In the past dashboard I was able to filter by the time frame i chose. Now you provide only this ween, past week and months. I need individual time frames to filter. How can I get this back ASAP?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hello Alexander,

      We recognise the need for custom timeframes and looking forward to make it available in the new dashboard as soon as possible.

  • Few! Here are the instructions 😉

  • Klaudia

    Hi! When will we get this feature in Polish? For now on I can see only the old version of statistics.

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hello Claudia,

      If you still cannot see the new Dashboard, please contact us via and describe your issue.