Say Goodbye to Duplicate Records Forever

pipedrive duplicate prevention

The importance of having a clean, reliable database should never be underestimated. Yet the best-laid plans are often thwarted by a combination of human error and unoriginal naming conventions. Are those five entries for Mr. J. Smith in your contacts list five different individuals or the same one added by five different salespeople? Cleaning this up is massively time-consuming, which is why we’ve been working hard on prevention rather than cure.

The struggle

Pipedrive’s import system is fairly foolproof when it comes to creating duplicate records. Unfortunately, most duplicates are created manually, which is quite understandable when larger sales teams are involved.

Most duplicate entries are created when users add a new deal or person in the organization detail view. Combine this with the passage of time and you may end up with several records for the same client with different email addresses or phone numbers. It is equally confusing and annoying.

The solution

Our new duplicate prevention feature helps you guard against human error and keeps your database squeaky clean.

It works like this: A user opens the “Add Person” form and starts typing the customer name. Once they have typed three letters, a search query is run looking for matches in the existing database. If one or more is found, it is displayed to the right of the form.

The user is then warned that the person they are about to add may be a duplicate. To the right of this warning is a blue icon. Clicking on this opens up the full detail view for the existing contact. This is important – you can choose to disregard the warning and add the new contact regardless. After all, you may really want to add a second or third John Smith.

Pipedrive Duplicate Prevention

How do I get it?

We will be rolling this feature out to all users in batches over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it. Similar systems for Deal and Organization entries will follow next.

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Kirill Grebtsov

Product Manager at Pipedrive

  • Ian

    What about existing duplications. How do we merge and purge?

    • Cray

      I totally agree. I hired my 12 year old daughter to merge duplicated companies and people in our database. Her first job. 🙂

    • Tim Berman

      DeDupely is the ticket.

  • Mario

    Most of the time duplicate records are created when the connection is very slow and ajax data are not loaded. Is this addressing also this case?


    Will this also stop potential duplicate organisations or duplications from web forms?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Currently this applies only to contacts that are added manually to Pipedrive, later it will be available for organizations as well, but still only manual additions

  • Tim Berman


  • Tim Berman

    Will it detect duplicates based on email address? I have some that might have a different name, but the email address would be the duplicate. Same thing with phone number.

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Right now we are using name+email or name+phone number as a basis to match duplicates, since there might be instances where multiple contact persons might share an email or phone number.

      • Tim Berman

        Good! I appreciate that you include phone numbers. Many of my contacts don’t have email addresses.

  • Tatiana

    When a regular user is not follower or owner of a contact they can’t see their details and this may create a duplicate contact. Does this feature going to work also for regular users, showing them that the person already exists even though they’re not the owners or followers?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hello Tatiana,

      Currently this duplicate checker functions according to the visibility rules and will not show data that user is not allowed to see.

  • Andre Pollklesener

    Our most ducplicates are created via Zapier as the Pipedrive Zapier API, please correct me if I am wrong, is not perfectly meshed at that point?!

    Do you have something on your roadmap to get rid of existing duplicates? Checking our 32838 Contacts is impossible at the moment.


    • Same here. I was happy to see the duplicate entry improvement, but then disappointed to see it only applies to manual entries

      • Christopher

        Hi Sebastian,

        We do have duplication conditions during import though.
        We look at the name and email or phone of a person to establish if it already exists.

        You can choose to merge existing entries when importing.

        • My issue is same Andre’s…it’s during Zapier import. Having a manual decision process doesn’t solve it. And I imagine the more people that jump onto Zapier that more of your customer base will experience this problem. I think the solution for this may look like having a default setting on what to do…such as auto-merge the contacts or something like that. I have a similar problem with creating duplicate deals. I use Zapier to eliminate manual repetitive tasks, so we need automated duplicate prevention (in addition to the manual duplicate resolutions you have produced)

      • Jochen Seelig

        Hi Sebastian, same as Andre. For importing contacts in Pipedrive, try our software snapADDY with an integrated duplicate check.

    • Anatoli Naoumov

      same here: duplicates appear from export.
      I say: Build a automatic duplicate search / merge feature, like in google contacts

      • Christopher

        H Anatoli,

        We do already have duplication detection conditions when importing.

      • Robert Dylina

        In my experience the export/importing and sync of contacts also ALWAYS creates some duplicates. Especially if a contact is added from the google side and then put into the pipedrive group.

    • Taylor Forbush

      Same here!

    • Paul Carollo

      Agree with this comment – was really hoping this would help clean up our HUGE contact database as there are many, many duplicates in there. Thanks!

      • Kirill Grebtsov

        Hello Paul,

        Thank you for bringing up this issue. We understand that already existing duplicates are real problem for data quality. However this feature at the moment assists only in case of manual contact addition we still believe that it will be beneficial and help prevent human error.

        As for the prevention of duplicate contact addition via Pipedrive API or de-duplication of existing contacts – those are real problems and we are looking into possible solutions of how these issues could be resolved.

        • Meelis Kosk

          Any idea when this basic duplicate removal from existing DB feature could become available? I have about 2000 contacts… so manual is not an option for me. Is there a possibility to turn off the auto contact generation from emails that are imported into pipedrive.. this is causing most duplication..

    • Robert Dylina

      This is also a huge issue for me. I have reported it multiple times dating back to 2015, but they refuse to develop deduplication for existing contacts. I would recommend you check out It’s sad that an entire company was created to solve a problem that is so basic and should be an integrated feature at this scale.

      • Andre Pollklesener

        Thank you for your hint! We already had a look at it but as dedupely states:
        Don’t Use Dedupely When:
        You have lots of companies with same name, different address.

        We have that case several times as NGOs/NPOs and all their subdepartments belong to our customers. So we don´t just have many duplicates. They pretty much look alike …

    • Jochen Seelig

      Hi Andre, try our Software snapADDY for importing contacts in pipedrive. we have integrated a really good duplicate check in snapADDY. Keep your database clean.

      • Andre Pollklesener

        Servus Jochen 😉 Du meinst aber neue Importe, oder? Wir würden halt gerne mal die Datenbank glatt ziehen und nicht nur neue Kontakte sauber halten. Zudem: Kommt snapADDY damit klar, wenn man lauter Verbände hat? Stichwort Caritas München + 1000 weitere ..? 😉

        For everybody: do you mean to re-import our database to get it checked by snapADDY duplicate check?

    • BC

      Try Ataccama One. They have a free profiler which can help you identify duplicates in large datasets.

    • Melissa Gómez Di Tomaso

      Hi Andre. This entry was posted a year ago, I have the same problem now, do you know if there’s a way this year to prevent duplicated contacts when they are created via Zapier? I will apreciate if you could help me with this. Thanks!!

      • Andre Pollklesener

        Hi Melissa. Unfortunately, not really. We use dedupely once in a while to get rid of duplicates but I am not aware that the problem has been solved to far. Sorry.

  • TaugenX

    Please ‘urgently’ activate this feature on my account. Even if in Beta. THX

  • Leonor Heleno Wielgosz

    Can we run a Duplicate check? For all exisiting contacts?

    • Kirill Grebtsov

      Hello Leonor,

      This duplicate check is run only when adding new contact person to Pipedrive, it does not extend beyond this functionality at the time being.


      i think this could be the most hepful improvement that P.D. guys can give us 🙂
      we really need something like this….

    • Andre Pollklesener

      That would be really helpful. Exporting all contacts, performing an excel-based duplicate check and trying to reimport really scares the shit out me. @kirillgrebtsov:disqus : It doesn´t resolve the problem at its root but having a list that tells me to have a look at contact X1+X2 would be helpful.

  • Henrik Wassmann

    Dear Kirill – I am a happy Pipedrive user and also use it as a consultant for a lot of my customers. I only need one major area = Goalsetting example. for Won Deals, Activities etc. Do you have any plans for this?

    • Christopher

      Hi Henrik!

      We do have Goals already in Settings>Goals.
      There are plans to improve these goals in future.

      If the existing goals don’t work for you, there are integrations such as Plecto which could help you out 🙂

  • Far

    This update cause me problem. for example customers who has same name all the phone number from both customers will go into each deal so make us confuse about each deal customer phone number

    • Christopher

      Hi Far,

      Sorry to hear that!
      You can contact our support to see what we can do about that:

  • Phil

    I don’t think the merge function works (well) on import. Our system is rife with dupes. Total pain

    • Christopher

      Hi Phil,

      It usually works pretty well but we are always looking to make it better of course.
      If you could contact our support, maybe we will be able to help you out to see if you are importing in the most efficient way possible:

  • Zeno Man

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Please tell me things have progressed in the 5 months since these comments and questions came in. I’m with the overwhelming majority. All my duplicates are coming from automated sources and manual intervention is not even a consideration. I’ve spent several days trying to troubleshoot this problem with Zapier, Drip, WishPond and webhooks.
    It’s most frustrating that the PipeDrive’s own web forms don’t identify dupes and update activity. Tracking marketing campaigns and repeat user activity is the basic starting point for any website lead gen tool. I don’t expect the CRM to provide that functionality, but integration to collect the data is an essential requirement. If there are still no solutions I must inform my client that PipeDrive doesn’t function as a website integrated CRM. For a web-based business, the development status appears to still be beta. That should be made clear on the homepage. It’s a very nice interface, but its just not ready for that market .

  • Tim Berman

    We have duplicates from Zapier, PieSync, and various integrations. We really need PipeDrive to do what FullContact, Google Contacts, Front, and Infusionsoft are doing. Duplicate contacts are a reality, and we badly need a way to control them.

    We need to be able to separately dedupe based upon name and phone number, name and email address, and even other custom fields for some use cases.

    This is critical….