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Around this time last year we launched Pipedrive Web Forms, a great way to gather solid sales leads from a variety of places on the web. This feature allows you to send a link to a customizable form in a newsletter or generate a piece of code that embeds it on your own or an affiliate’s website.

This feature has proven to be incredibly popular, and as usual, there has been plenty of feedback and suggestions on how we could make it even better.

The most frequent request was that users receive a notification when someone filled in the web form.

You also wanted more ways to customize the look of these forms so that they better reflected your business and the look of your website or newsletters. The difference in appearance had previously created a slightly jarring break in user experience.

Customize to your heart’s content

We’ve made every part of the web forms fully customizable. Pick the color from a color picker or, even better, add your color code as a number and voila!

Pick the font you want to use from a drop-down menu. Beyond that, you can customize every section of the web form individually so you have complete creative freedom.

Respond to requests immediately

Making a sale sometimes relies on reaction time. Customers might fill out contact requests on more than one website and go with whoever gets back to them first.

Our web forms now allow you to enter up to 10 email addresses, all of whom will be notified the moment a deal is created via web forms. Now you can get the jump on your competitors or simply wow your potential customers with how on-the-ball your sales team is.

I want it, what do I do?

These changes and options are available to you already, so start playing around at your leisure. You can find Web Forms on the Settings page. Please note that this feature is only visible to admin level users.

Happy closing.

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Aivar Ots

Growth Engineering at Pipedrive

  • Dan Tisone

    The addition of the email notification is key! Good job! One other item needs to be addressed is the re-ordering of the questions once they have been entered.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Dan! Thank you for your feedback, I will forward it to our PMs. Have a great day!

  • Liisa Kaupmees

    This is great news. It would be awesome if there would be way to make PD forms compatible with Google Analytics and Tag manager- so we can track where these leads came from and which campaigns worked.

    • buzali

      Yes, this would be great! Either this or a what Jack suggests would work to integrate with Analytics.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hey Liisa! Indeed! I will forward it to our PMs and hopefully we will see this integrations available in the near future. Have a great day!

  • Jack Murphy

    What would make these forms usable for us would be the ability to redirect form completions to a thank you page on our site.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Jack! Couldn’t agree more. This feature is under constant development and hopefully we will see this option available in the near future. Have a great day!

      • Hello, I’m with @disqus_a3iv0UA7o4:disqus . Any update on this?

        • Mario Tasane

          Hey, Steven. I have checked in with the product team to get an update on this. Sadly, I learned that redirecting option is not planned at all as of now. We recently made some additional formatting options available and added the option to remove Pipedrive branding (available in Gold plan). Currently, you can configure a custom “thank you” message that will be displayed upon submitting the form, but that’s it. Sorry.

          • Thanks for the answer, Mario. Please let the product team know this makes the webforms useless to me because it’s the thank you page on my website that triggers the conversion in Google AdWords. Without it, my AdWords team wouldn’t know I’d had a conversion.

  • Mikael Stendahl

    You should absolutely include more fields, also custom fields in the forms, but even built in things like products are missing. For our use, that is more important than the look & feel.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Mikael! Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to our PMs, Have a great day!

      • Lonny Sutton

        Hidden fields would also be great. A way to enter info by default if a form is filled out, but not showing the field to the person filling it out.

        • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

          Hi Lonny! Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to our PMs, Have a great day!

    • I get custom fields in my web forms. What are you referring to?

  • Jens Bruus

    We have identified that the ‘I’m not a robot’ thing severely damages the number of catalogue requests.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Jens! We have removed the ‘I’m not a robot’ option a month ago. If you are still seeing this option on your web forms please reach out to our live support at https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us
      Have a great day!

  • Jens Bruus


    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta


  • Nick

    Please include Grid Forms. Multiple responses per 1 row. For example I have a form: 6 rows and 2 columns. As a user I want to fill in both columns and then move next.

    • Joel Jesus

      Thank you for the feedback. It’s been passed over to the team responsible for our web forms and we’ll take it into consideration.

  • Marc Speller

    Awesome! Some really great work here. This makes this tool closer to being usable by my company. Which I would LOVE.

    One quick question; I see that you can add custom fields to the form, but certain types you can’t. In my case, it looks like some autocomplete, and numerical type fields are not add-able to the form… Will this change at some point, or should I look to convert those fields to text, or some other type?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Joel Jesus

      Hey Marc!

      Correct. Only single option, multiple option and text fields can be used with our web forms. We might revisit this in the future but for now, that’s it.


  • David McCaleb

    Great start, but I agree with Stendahl. We need to be able to have the client complete lots of custom fields to make this feature meaningful to us. You do have one Notes field, which is nice, but we need the ability to add several more, label them what we want, specify text or number, radio button or checkbox, single line or paragraph – you get the idea. Keep at it!

    • Lonny Sutton

      I think you can do this, you just have to create the field in Pipedrive first.

      • Rodrigo Mirapalheta


    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi David! All the fields from the form are taken from your account custom fields – We are still working on this feature and with time it will get better and better. I have passed your feedback to our PMs. Have a great day!

  • Георгий Кириенко

    Hi. You had better work on the algorithm of integration of your forms with Pipedrive.
    For example:
    1. When the deal has already created and the deal’s status is Open, the new request from the same customer has to update the existing open deal by creating a new task. Now every request creates new deal related to that contact.
    2. Searching algorithm for the existing contacts by fields email and phone before creating a new deal related to this customer.
    It would be better to have this things instead of the ability to choose the color of the background.
    Thank you a lot for your efforts!

    • Christopher


      Thanks for the feedback!
      I will make sure it is passed on to the Product Managers.

  • Web forms from yours sound great ! Is there any integration with google forms on your roadmap ?

    • Anni

      Hello Eduard,
      Great to see your excitement about our web forms! At the moment, we don’t have direct integration with them planned, however, Zapier helps you out here: https://zapier.com/zapbook/google-forms/pipedrive/.

      If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support!

  • Lena Shaw

    I’m a founder considering eliminating marketing automation from our stack however web forms seem to be missing very basic functionality for a lead form? i.e. source data? Where did the lead originate from? I can’t seem to find a suitable work around either… I could be wrong but Google Tag manager or source data seems critical if attempting to simplify this process/ eliminate the need for several platforms.

    • Christopher

      Hi Lena,

      These area all things we hope to add over time.
      Unfortunately, identifying the source of the leads automatically isn’t possible at the moment.