Leave the Right Impression with a Customizable Email Signature

WYSIWYG Email Signature


Email is most salespeople’s primary system of client communication and record keeping. With that in mind, every interaction paints a picture of you, your brand, and your professionalism. Needless to say, your email signature can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression.

If you’ve been a Pipedrive user for more than a few weeks, you’ll have noted the importance we attach to our email integration. It is something that we work very hard on improving so our customers don’t have to constantly switch between their email and Pipedrive.

A key complaint from many customers has been the limitations of our email signatures. If you’re one of these people, we have great news for you.

Fully customizable email signature

Until now the Pipedrive’s email signature editor has allowed only plain text, which we recognized was quite limiting. There was obviously a need to insert images, hyperlinks, and other design elements so that you could put your best foot forward and precisely represent your brand.

That’s why we’ve built the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for email signatures. By having this capability, you can formally identify yourself better especially to new prospects when doing activities such as sending a cold email.

How does it work?

When you click the compose button on your Pipedrive Mail page, a pop-up of a blank email will appear. You will note the signature button in the composer toolbar at the bottom-right of this page. Click on this and a basic text editor will appear. Now you can compose your signature and include images, hyperlinks, rich text, disclaimers and more. With this editor, you can now make sure you always make a good impression.  

We have rolled this out to all users, so why not head over to your email page and start building your signature now?

Happy emailing.

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Maria Lasprilla

Product Manager @ Pipedrive, having a blast. Member of techsisters.org. Books, dogs and cafeterias are my obsessions.

  • Jan Jansen

    HELLO PIPEDRIVE. THIS MORNING I GOT A “funny” quote that 52 % of salespeople that sell ice to eskimos etc..
    i am from the netherlands and even we know that eskimo is NOT the right word to use.. inuit, etc but not ESKIMO. curse word for them.. pls take action..

    • Christopher

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for letting us know. No offence meant at all.
      It will be replaced.

      • Devil Dawg 223

        Ignore her.

      • Collin

        Eskimos is not offensive to those that are Eskimos.

    • Devil Dawg 223

      Seriously? The selling “Ice to Eskimos” analogy has not only been around for decades and is completely aceptable all over the world. Maybe a few Canadians and some in Greenland are just discriminating against the real origninal Eskimo from Alaska (USA). We dont find it offensive, and what i think is offensive is you calling out Pipedrive in a Public Forum. Why not email them directly or pick up the phone. Are you a current customer? Was this a marketing email as i didnt get it and am a customer. Playing political correctness in sales will limit your potential Jan. Focus your energy into more prospecting.

      Last, “Please take action” . Any suggestions? Should they terminate the marketing person who came up with this idea?

      Fact is im more offended by your response as the “world politically correct police officer”. If anything, using the phrase is such a cliche and that is much more offensive than the word Eskimo.

      Pipedrive, Do Not Take Action except to be more original. This poster is likely a competitor stalking your business and looking to disparge your reputation. Maybe ask them to send their contact info to gather addl info.

  • Георгий Кириенко

    That is cool! Nice job!

  • Yacine Ghalim

    would be cool to have the ability to choose between several signatures

    • Christopher

      Can’t disagree with that 🙂
      Maybe we can add this in future.

  • Dylan Bird

    At the moment I won’t be using this signature function as I would like to be able to insert my company logo in-line with text, which is currently not an option. Please add this 🙂

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Dylan!
      It is possible to add full email signature with logos using HTML code. If you are having issues with it please reach out at support@pipedrive.com FAO Rodrigo and I will look into it 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Chris Nyvang Burmeister

        Hi Rodrigo, i just chatted with your support and they said it was’nt possible to add full html sigantures, who is right?

  • Cam

    Well thanks for doing this. This will stop me from using my email client. so Thanks.

    But…. you’re a long way from making this suitable for all users.
    Tab does not behave properly. I.e. Phone: [tab] 1300…. This tabs the entire line, not after “phone”.
    No inline images…..
    No ability to change font color or size

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Cam! Thanks for your feedback! Our email feature is under constant development. I will pass your feedback along to our PMs. Have a great day!

  • Adam Talon

    It is cool! Thank you! Very good service, but for email signatures, I use Newoldstamp editor. It is a smart and easy tool for creating perfect signatures for your purpose.

  • Take a look at https://www.bybrand.io
    Bybrand, makes it easy to create beautiful email signatures for professional use. A simple, but powerful authoring process for generating signatures.

  • Robert J

    Seriously consider integrating to Sigstr

  • Chris Nyvang Burmeister


    Is there any updates on the signature editor? We opted out of the gold plan because of the limitations of the editor but with the new tracking funktion, it really is a shame we cant use it.

  • Scott Hadley

    Unfortunately I am also having issues with the signature feature. Pipedrive adds extra lines and makes the signature look unprofessional. I pay for the Gold edition and want to also take advantage of the email tracking. However because of the signature issue, am not using the Pipedrive email client.

    Support has been trying to figure this out for a couple months and has been unsuccessful. I’m about ready to give up and look for another solution. Too bad because otherwise appreciate this simplistic yet robust tool.

    • Kalev Rundu

      Hey Scott. Sorry to hear that. If the only obstacle for you are the extra lines between the signature – please contact me directly with your signature at kalev.rundu@pipedrive.com and I’m happy to doublecheck this for you. It’s mostly a matter of copying the signature from somewhere with preformated styling.

  • Jason Marcil

    It looks like Mailspring, aka the new Nylas Mail, has added nice custom signatures to their client. So hopefully we’ll see them on Pipedrive soon 😉

  • Cristian Avilés

    Any chance to do something like this? I have trying copy/paste from my Gmail account and no way to do it. Thank you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/147a8c18a9ca63fb10f75643c9fb0fbe70f3bb989e160f0effc6859dc584b487.jpg