Manage Your Time With the Activity Calendar View

In sales, time is money, and how you plan your days can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

There are few feelings worse than realizing that you have inadvertently scheduled six straight hours of back-to-back client meetings or calls on a Monday while the rest of your week is wide open.

This usually happens because you are in a hurry while booking them and don’t have a system that gives you a good overview of your week. Read our blog on time management to check out the importance of managing your time correctly.

We realized that this was a major shortcoming in our activity scheduling system and we’ve now come up with a solution to address this.

Introducing the Activity Calendar view

When scheduling an activity you’ll be presented with the option of activating the calendar view. Now you can see your entire week and make an informed decision on where you want to schedule the activity.

Maybe you like sending client emails in bursts and find Thursday afternoons perfect to get your head down and start typing. You’ll now have a clear view of how much work you’re scheduling for yourself.

This allows you to block off periods on your calendar to ensure you have enough time allocated to take care of those activities. 

Managing a team?

As a sales manager, you can see how busy your team members are and easily spot where there are mutual free times for ad hoc meetings by comparing their individual calendars. You can also check calendars before assigning activities to specific team members.

How do I get it?

We think this is such a useful feature that we’re rolling it out automatically to all customers over the next few days. Check for the label in the image above the next time you schedule an activity.

Happy closing.

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Pedro Gallardo

Product Manager

  • jjnobody

    That is really cool, Will it send out invitation on demand ? (Just like Google Calendar integration could do, but do not…) 🙂

    • Pedro

      Hi! This is the first step. More great and useful features will come 😉

  • Graham

    Will this Calander sync with ICal

    • Pedro

      Hello Graham. You could sync with iCal through our Google Calendar sync.

  • Chris Schack Noesgaard

    Great feature – I really look forward to it! As others have hinted it would be really great if we could invite customers and colleagues directly from within Pipedrive. Now I’m setting up a meeting in Pipedrive and then I handle the invitations in Google Cal. That can not be the smartest way of doing that.

    • Pedro

      Hello Chris, thanks for the feedback! Agreed and noted.

    • John Cherian

      Couple of requests

      1. You should move from selecting people through a dropdown to referencing them as @ in the Pipedrive activity / note .. similar to fb, whatsapp, twitter.. For several activities in Pipedrive, there may be more than one person involved, both from our side and the client side.. I would want to tag all the people involved in one activity itself.. so that it adds to the activity metrics of people internally, and also comes in the activity history of the client people involved..
      2. Using the above feature, we could invite people directly in Pipedrive when setting up an activity.. and if an activity is rescheduled, automatically update the calendar invite. Today my folks directly use Google Calendar to invite customers for meetings / calls and forget to update the activity in Pipedrive 🙁

      • Chris Schack Noesgaard

        Great idea John! I fully recognize the issue of only using Google Calendar, and that is not how it is supposed to be.

  • Patrick

    thanks a lot for this great feature. well done

  • Collin

    I love this! I would also love if the deal timeline view had a calendar style view as well.
    Inside each deal could also be a calendar view.

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hello Collin, thanks for the feedback! I will forward it to our PMs. Have a great day!

  • George Marwieh

    I don’t seem to have access to this new feature?

    • Pedro

      Hello George, the feature should be now enabled in your account. We’ve been gradually rolling it out.

  • Kevin Goreglad

    Sorry, but i dont have this on my account ? why ?

    • Pedro

      Hello Kevin. We’ve been gradually rolling out this feature. Take a look to your Activities now 😉

  • lqigabriel

    It would be very good that putting the cursor on the activity in calendar view would appear the information of this activity and not having it open.

    • Christopher

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • José Enrique Chacón

    Can we get to see Everyone’s calendar at the same time? it’s not available, and would be ideal to see to schedule meetings that involve multiple members.

    • Kristel

      Yes is this possible? It would greatly assist me with scheduling my teams appointments!

      • Christopher

        Hi Kristel and José,

        This is the first version of the calendar and updates will be made.
        We are currently looking at how we can achieve this without things getting messy.

  • Taja di Leonardi

    Great addition, is this a calendar sync with Gmail? Or a native calendar in pipedrive?

    • Christopher

      Hi Taja,

      If you sync with Google Calendar then you events will appear as activities in Pipedrive and will appear in the native calendar. So yes 😉

      • Joseph Lee

        We want to send invitations from the activity. The google sync is great but then we have to go to google calendar and send invites to the people we’re meeting with.

        • Christopher

          Hi Joseph,

          Hopefully we can add this functionality in future. This is the first version so we are looking at ways we can develop it.

          Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    • Christopher

      If you sync your Google Calendar with Pipedrive then your activities will show up here in this calendar too 🙂

  • Roy Kfir

    Looks awesome! Will definitely be using it!

    Would it be possible to have a tool-tip / hover over popup indicating for which deal the calendar activity is for? This will really help to identify which activity is for whom at a quick glance.

    • Christopher

      Hi Roy,

      That is a good idea for future versions.

      • Roy Kfir

        Great! Please be sure to log this idea with your team. Thanks!!!

  • Kristel

    Is there any way that I can view everyones calendar at the same time as this would be a massive help with scheduling my team?

    • Christopher

      This is the first version of the calendar and updates will be made.
      We are currently looking at how we can achieve this without things getting messy.

      • Kristel

        OK thanks, until that time it is quite unwieldy as have to open each persons calendar individually to try and compare and coordinate.

  • Joseph Lee

    The problem is with this add on is that it doesn’t integrate with google calendar invites.

  • Graham

    Are you working on syncing with Apple Ical in the future and if so when is that likely to be as I bet you would have an enormous amount of mac users need and want this to happen soon?

    • Christopher

      Hi Graham,

      You can already sync to Ical if it is connected to a Google account. We don’t plan to have a specific sync to Ical at the moment.

  • umilap

    It’s a great feature! It would be even better to change the entry by drag and drop.

    • Christopher

      Hi there,

      Actually you can change entries by dragging and dropping already 🙂

      • umilap

        Hi Christopher,

        yes, thats true. But the whole-day-events i can’t move. Is there a possibility?

        • Christopher


          All day activities should also be moveable in this way.
          Can you contact our support so we can have a deeper look?

 and then start a chat.
          Speak to you soon 🙂

  • Graham

    Hi Pedro , can you in the new Calander feature show the name of the ” person your call is related to” or the Person your meeting other wise etc, otherwise you have all these call icons all over your calander but no idesa who is who if you have a lot of calls and meetings booked in daily as I do,

  • Cameron Lissner

    When can we invite contacts to meetings created?
    Bit of a drag to create a calendar entry in pipedrive, then switching to google calendar to invite people, add addresses, etc, etc.

    • Christopher

      Hi Cameron,

      Not at the moment but we will look at possibly adding this in future.

      • Steve Quigley

        yes I agree with this one, please ad the feature ASAP. Might actually make me upgrade for emails if I could send a standard template linked with a meeting invite.

  • Robert De Ieso

    Not really usable for us unless it interfaces with Google calendar

    • Christopher

      Hi Robert,

      If you sync your calendar to Pipedrive then it does sync with our calendar indirectly. Activities which come to Pipedrive from Google Calendar will appear in this calendar view and changes made here will also be reflected in Google.

      Hope that is clear!

  • Stacey Books

    When you receive a google calendar invite, will that show up in your pipedrive calendar?

  • Michael Demeulemeester

    Hello Pipedrive team. I am using the calendar view for my activities but I always put my monday meetings on Sunday… How can I change the view from Monday to Friday? Thanks for your help. Michael