Pipedrive Mobile’s Nearby View Makes Every Moment Count


Pipedrive Mobile Nearby View

Have you ever found yourself with some extra time after a customer meeting?

Instead of simply going back to the office, what if you could have two or more customer meetings while you’re out there?

We’ve added a new Nearby view to the Pipedrive mobile app to help you turn unexpected free time into more deals by searching a may of your nearby contacts based on your current location.

The Pipedrive mobile app has been updated to show you the companies, contacts, and deals on a map view. You will be able to plan your activities so much more efficiently with this new view.

Schedule meetings near each other

Driving halfway across the city for a single meeting is not the most productive use of time. With Nearby View, you can easily see which other deals are in the vicinity and schedule a few activities at a time.

Get to your next appointment

The consequences of getting lost and being late for a meeting can range from embarrassment to losing the deal. Fret not, however. When looking at the nearby view, you can simply tap the screen to get directions and be on your way.

Create value from free time

Things don’t always go as planned. Traveling to a meeting, only for the client to cancel at the very last moment, is frustrating and unproductive. Use the nearby view to see if there’s someone else you could see in the vicinity. Similarly, if a meeting ends early, you can check to see if there are any other deals you could drop in on to move things forward.

Time is a key resource for you. You never know when that last minute meeting or quick coffee chat will help move your deal forward. Every customer visit can now become much more productive with Pipedrive.

Please note: At present, you will be limited to the address associated with an Organization in Pipedrive. Our engineers are working very hard on allowing custom addresses to function as well and promise us that this will be available in the very near future.

How do I get it?

Make sure you have the updated version of the Pipedrive mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

Happy closing!

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Lauri Laineste

Our Product Lead for mobile apps.

  • David Zisner


  • Chris Finn

    So has this been released?

    • Christopher

      Hi Chris,

      Yes it has! Just make sure you have the updated version of the Pipedrive mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.


  • Magnus

    Thanks a lot for this great functionality.

    Unfortunately the loading of the deals takes quite long.
    Is there any possibility to filter only those deals I am the owner of in the Android version?

    • Christopher

      Hi Magnus,

      Unfortunately it isn’t possible to filter at the moment but we are looking at that for a future update 🙂


      • Matt

        I’m late to the party, but would love for my sales folks to be able to filter out others within the app as well.

        • Christopher

          Hi Matt,

          This will be possible in future 🙂

  • Vincent Schnor

    Will this be also available on the desktop version?

    • Christopher

      Hi Vincent,

      Not planned but we can consider this.


    • Glennette Goodbread

      Desktop version would be great as you could plan your route and print it out ahead of time.

      • Chris Kirk

        Absolutely Agree!
        Chris @ K&J Granite Inc.

  • Kendra

    Can this be implemented in the desktop version??

    • Christopher

      Hi Kendra,

      Not planning to make this available on the desktop version but maybe this can be considered!


  • Eliel

    Thanks @pipedrive! I recommended that implementation on September 2016. 😉

    • Christopher


  • Simon C

    When I select it near a customer nothing comes up All devices running latest IOS & app up to date.
    What address field has to be filled?

    • Christopher

      Hi Simon,

      The default address field for organisations needs to be filled in.


  • Dan

    Hi there, could you add the functionallity to add a deal from the map?

    • Christopher

      Thanks for the idea. Could be a useful future update.


    • Stephen

      Actually, a deal is the only address we need to map and have been working on a workaround to provide. Honestly having the ability to do so or not will be what pushes us to jump ship or not in the very near future. Hubspot is trying to catch up on mobile and has a way to go..but integrates well. Pipedrive comes out with what we really wanted (almost) which has us thinking of staying. I don’t want to leave Pipedrive, FWIW 🙂

      • Christopher

        Let’s hope we can add this soon.
        I have passed on your feedback to our mobile team 🙂

  • Simon C

    so this should be the same as the google address?

    • Christopher

      The data for Nearby is taken from the default address field in Organisations. The address in this field is geocoded.

      If you are still having difficulty, please contact our support and we will make sure we get it figured out 🙂


  • Greg Stone

    Great feature however I can’t see in the API docs how to update organisation addresses?

  • roehler

    Pipedrive logs my outgoing calls, but I would like to see my incoming calls and in/out text message as well for each contact.

    • roehler

      I do really like this nearby feature. Very practical.

      • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

        it is indeed. Thank you!

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hey Roehler! At the moment, Pipedrive only logs outgoing calls. I have passed your feedback to our mobile team and hopefully we will these options available in the near future.
      Have a great day!

    • Christopher

      Thanks for the feedback. It has been passed on to the mobile team so fingers crossed!

  • Inna Burroughs

    This is a great feature minus the fact that it only pulls addresses from Organizations. My business is people and I need to pull their home address. I hear this is in development, but I do hope that this doesn’t take a whole year.

    • Christopher

      Hi Inna,

      A possible workaround would be to still create an organisation linked to each person and put their address there.

  • Jason

    When will this be available for “People” and not just “Organizations” so its more useful to contractor/customer facing subscribers?

    • Jason D

      Actually, a couple people below have asked the same question. Please listen to your subscribers and do the same thing for the customer/people functionality! That would be AMAZING!!

      • Christopher

        Hi Jason and Jason 🙂

        We appreciate that and it will be possible in the near future.