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Email is such a central part of the modern working life and one that occupies a lot of the one resource that will always be finite – time –  that it remains a key focus of Pipedrive development. We’ve given users two ways to integrate their email, but felt that there was still something lacking in our solution. What if a user is looking for a specific type of email? How does he or she find this in a sea of what could potentially be thousands of emails?

We’ve added email filters to your Pipedrive Mail page

Our new Email Filters let you pre-select criteria to get a specific view of your inbox. If you want to see only emails linked to deals, you simply apply that filter. You can even select multiple filters to really organize things. So say you want to see emails linked with deals that were not shared with your colleagues, have attachments and were sent directly to you, you simply apply the filters, click the button and see the results unfold. This will help you focus your attention toward finding that one email in your inbox, or dealing with a specific subset of emails.

Here are all the ways we’ve made narrowing down your inbox contents easier:

  • View emails that are linked to a deal
  • View emails not linked to a deal
  • View unread email
  • View email with attachments
  • View email that’s shared or not shared
  • View email addressed to you specifically
  • A combination of the above attributes (e.g., All unread email attached to deals)

Pipedrive, crm, easy to use, email filters

Let’s use a practical example. You’ve just returned from a well-earned, week-long holiday. You’re keen to get right into the swing of things but you have 120 unread emails. Just glancing at them shows a mixture of important ones, spam, newsletters, people offering you deals, bills and so on and so forth.

Well, with the click of a button you can be looking at only emails linked to deals. Add another filter and now you’re only looking at deal-related emails addressed directly to you. Not a bad place to get started after a holiday, we’re sure you’ll agree.

How do I get it?

Email filters will be automatically enabled for all users and will work for both Smart BCC and Full Email Sync users. Go to your inbox now and start testing the filters.

Watch this space for more email features coming soon.

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Maria Lasprilla

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  • lqigabriel

    Excelente, sugiero que adicionen un filtro por remitente.
    Ademas deberían resolver algunas cosas importantes, en mi caso particular tengo un problema: Mi cuenta de correo es POP, por lo que no puedo usar esta cuenta de correo ya que al borrar en mi servidor (lo hace la compañía frecuentemente) pierdo todos los correos enviados desde pipedrive, entonces tengo que usar mi cuenta de google en pipedrive, pero si quiero enviar ó responder un correo desde pipedrive, el correo se envia desde la cuenta de gmail y yo necesito que se envie desde mi cuenta POP de mi empresa para que mi cliente me identifique. Para resolver esto lo que siempre hago es estar respondiendo ó enviando correos desde la cuenta de gmail y eso me quita tiempo.
    Si alguien me puede ayudar se los agradecería.

    • Mario Tasane

      Hola Gabriel, Pipedrive es compatible con IMAP y Exchange pero no con cuentas POP. Esa debería ser la causa de los problemas que mencionas. Con una cuenta compatible podrá trabajar directamente desde Pipedrive sin problemas y sin pérdida de emails o información. De momento es la única solución que podemos ofrecerte. De todas formas, si tienes más preguntas técnicas no dudes en contactar nuestro centro de ayuda al cliente a

  • Jean-Luc Vanhulst

    Would really love to see the ability to send an email and the the activity ‘send an email’ marked done because of it. Right now it’s very cumbersome.

    • Mario Tasane

      Hey Jean-Luc, thank you for the suggestion. I will pass this to the product team to consider. Thank you!

      • Any news on this?

        • Christopher

          Hi Lim,

          No update yet unfortunately but we will let you know if this becomes reality.

  • AmericanJew0002356432

    hey guys, can we get a status though on email search please? it’s still pretty tedious to scroll through the email list to find an email that wasn’t yet linked to a deal.

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Email Search coming soon! 🙂 If you’d like to be among the beta testers, send me an email to maria [at] pipedrive [dot] com, and your company name and I will add you.

  • Phil Sim

    Can you tell us if there are any plans to add bulk emails. We’re hanging onto Pipedrive by the skin of our teeth because having to integrate through Mailchimp to send out a campaign to a segment of users is so cumbersome, and something many other CRMs offer as a native function.

    • Joel Jesus

      Hey Phil! Sure. There are plans and although they are not light years away they aren’t so close to release either.