Our List Views Just Got a Complete Overhaul

New list views

In our continued quest to make Pipedrive easier to use, we’ve improved our list views. We’ve had numerous reports from users related to slow rendering and loading speeds of lists. Some users have also experienced broken tables, weird row jumps, rows too long to fit the display area and more. So we set out to make a big impact on the performance of list views in this latest upgrade.

So what has changed?

Here is what we’ve done to help you stay organized with your sales.

Improved data presentation means:

  • Long column names and long text data in cells no longer distort the entire page (see image below) but are cut off with ellipses
  • You can view and edit full text by hovering over it
  • You can resize column widths to your specifications

Sorting of all columns – The columns can be individually custom sorted, giving you more control.

List view - before4

List view - after gif


Watch this great tutorial video for more detail on the list views and bulk editing.

How do I get it?

There’s no need to do anything on your part. We will roll out these changes to all users automatically over the next few days.

We hope you’ll enjoy these enhancements as part of our commitment to making Pipedrive the simplest and easiest CRM platform.

Happy closing!

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Pedro Gallardo

Product Manager

  • XOXO

    Awesome! I’d marry James’s voice I could :* <3

    • Christopher

      I will let his voice know 🙂

  • Maxime Boiraud

    Hi Pipedrive,

    One thing I would absolutely love with the bulk edit is the ability to add a value and not replace when it is a “multiple option” field.

    As of right now, I have to download, add on an excel and import again which is very long and could cause errors in my database.

    Kind regards

    • Christopher

      Hi Maxime,

      This is a good suggestion. We will see what we can do!


  • Daniel Ivanov

    Guys, looking for business process automatisation in pipedrive and found nothing, would like to stay with you all the way. If you can help me that would be great

    Working mainly in Pipedrive but some of freelance projects connected with amoCRM and they have a workaround on my goal: I would like to have an option to create the task automatically – “call this person included” when I drag the deal from one stage to other (“leads” to “contact” a e) as example

    • Christopher

      Hi Daniel,

      You can do things like this with Zapier.
      Feel free to reach out to our support for more information:



      • Daniel Ivanov

        Thanks a lot! Will try it 🙂

      • tomodrob

        Zapier is crap I used them but I dropped them As they only provide basic options if it comes to advance stuff they will not move finger to do it. I recommend apiant.com they have Pipedrive as key partner and it cost very little to add other more sophisticated options. IMHO revolution. Example they are making for me option deal updated custom field on organization updated – no one else offer that

  • Mario

    Well done: a great step forward for productivity!

    A small additional update would be to improove date coulumn: they will take much less space if you display 21 Feb 2017 instead of actual 21 February 2017. Take in account that space matters if you run on a small display!

    • Christopher

      Hi Mario,

      Makes sense!
      I have passed your feedback on to our Product team.


    • Jean-Stephane

      Or even 21.02.17, or 21.02

  • tomodrob

    It is great to see this improvement, for sure better for productivity

    as for filter views I suggest you to improve following
    – ad possibility to choose current user instead of name of the particular user (so if this filter is shared across organization)
    – now on bulk editing I can only edit columns which are coming from Deals if filtering views, how about if on Deals filter view I could edit owner of organization or owner of the person.
    – it would be good to share the

    Another huge improvement would be to change the owners at the same time for deals, organization and person

    • Pedro

      Hello, thanks for your feedback! Now it’s technically possible for us to create current user filters, so that will come. Editing columns that are not native to the view you are is in our minds. Change owners at the same time for all the related items is in our minds too although there are several aspects to take into account. Cheers!

      • tomodrob

        Fantastic I look forward for that – it will greatly limit number of filters I am creating. It would be good to have also possibility to add columns to view to everyone sometimes sellers are adding or deleting views. Which they can do on their one views but not on shared on. As for assigning I know it is more complex but start with what majority of sales manages are dealing i.e. Assigning all to same and than custome option. It can be foldable view. Assign all, Customize assign. Assign only open deals. I think deals will be the biggest problem. Another huge issue for management via filters is bulk editing customer and other fields which are not from respective view i.e. Editing custom field from organization if you are on deals filter.

  • Paul Linn

    This is a nice upgrade! Thanks.

    • Christopher

      Glad you like it Paul 🙂

  • carole

    Nice, I like it. I work in List View alot and have the ‘rows jumping around’ issue. Hope this sorts it out.
    One point. The settings wheel in the right hand corner is throwing the column headings out. Are you working on this?

    • Pedro

      Hello Carole! In the new version the settings wheel has a fixed position. You will be able to scroll horizontally (and vertically) while the settings wheel stays visible and accesible all the time. Cheers!

      • carole

        Thanks. That was not my experience when logging into the updated view first thing this morning but it has now sorted itself out. Marvelous!!

  • Łukasz


    Great improvement, but the 90% enlargement or less of view in Chrome all the data becomes blurred and difficult to read :/ Could you fix that?

    • Christopher

      Hi Lukasz,

      We can’t reproduce.
      Could you contact our support so we can look into it further?


  • Auspicio F. Miranda-Rodrigues
    • Christopher

      Unfortunately not.
      You can add a file to a Product though so you could try that 🙂