Meet the Pipedrive Dealbot for Slack

Pipedrive Slack Dealbot

The old adage goes: Sales success starts with clear communication. We often fall into the trap of believing that this relates only to the relationship we have with customers, forgetting that clear lines between teams, be that sales teams or the ones that support sales, saves time and effort while hugely increasing productivity.

The ability to share information, sales status, deal volumes and the like is key to running a successful sales team, one that is organized and pulling in a single direction.

Traditionally this has been the realm of the scheduled status meeting. Salespeople would get together with support teams and colleagues to share deal progress, announce new deals and plan next steps, and then rely on memory or, at best, documented minutes of the meeting. The problem is that the information shared in these meetings would often be out of date mere hours after the sync. These meetings also take away precious selling time and rely on all members of the team to organize their schedules around a huddle which is particularly difficult when coworkers are spread over countries and across time zones.

This is where Pipedrive’s new integration with Slack comes into the conversation. For those unfamiliar with Slack, where have you been? It’s the market leading communication application built specifically for teams. It allows you to create channels around specific topics, add a set list of participants to each channel and then communicate via text or voice instantly. We use it at Pipedrive and will accept no substitutes.

The best in sales meets the best in communication

We call our Slack integration the Dealbot: a bot that provides real-time updates on accounts to provide visibility and context. Let’s say you create a channel inside Slack called “New Deals”. You invite your entire sales team to join the channel and then link that channel to Pipedrive’s DealBot (details on how to make that connection are below). Now that the channel and the bot are integrated, every time someone adds a new deal to Pipedrive, Dealbot will automatically create a notification inside Slack, letting the entire team know the pertinent new account details.


Dealbot is also capable of the following:

  • Notifying teams when a deal is won
  • Searching for deals, organizations and contacts inside Slack so that this information can be shared instantly and accurately
  • Setting up channels for teams, but also working in private channels between managers and their direct reports

No longer do you need to waste time telling people what you’re working on, how many deals you’ve added or closed or any of the other obvious info that regularly needs sharing.

Pipedrive Dealbot for Slack

So how do I start using it?

Once you’ve created the channel(s) you’d like to push Pipedrive updates to, just head on over to Pipedrive to configure the integration. Click the green “Authorize Slack account” to connect your Slack account to Pipedrive. Once this is finished, you’ll see a list of Slack channels you can select to have Pipedrive update as well as a list of what types of updates to push.

Video Guide:


We also put together this quick-start guide.

About Slack and Pipedrive: Slack is the market leading communication application built specifically for teams. It allows you to create channels around specific topics, add a set list of participants to each channel and then communicate via text or voice instantly. (We use it at Pipedrive and will accept no substitutes!) Pipedrive is the simple and easy CRM tool for sales teams to keep their deals organized, prioritized, and up-to-date. By coming together, we think we’ve created a truly game-changing experience. Install Dealbot today and see for yourself!

Happy closing!

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Aivar Ots

Growth Engineering at Pipedrive

  • We don’t have to hack this for every new project with Zapier? OMG, awesome! 🙂 Great news, pipedrive!

    • +1 on that 🙂

    • Christopher


    • Jonathan Decker

      although I do agree, i wish there was a way to have deals that have entered a certain stage , not just another stage.

      • Josh M


  • Sterling Douglass

    This mostly just replaces an already working Zapier integration. What I was super excited about was if we could add notes to a deal through Slack. Something like /pipedrive [deal #] [notes] – That would be a big help for our team

    • +1

    • Christopher

      Hi Sterling,

      That is true if you already have it set up but this is supposed to cut out the complication of setting up Zapier for users who don’t have that already.

      Your idea is a great one and could be developed in futute.

      Pipedrive Support

    • Andy Rossmeissl

      Hey @sterlingdouglass:disqus if you’re a developer, feel free to open a pull request on our Dealbot open source project, we’d love to add that feature!

  • Milan
    • Christopher

      Thanks 🙂

  • Andy Rossmeissl

    Hi Aivar, just a heads up that we’ve already released a Pipedrive bot called Dealbot:

    It’s free and open-source and beyond simply reporting things in Slack also offers a full sales automation flow (a la SalesLoft, Outreach, etc.).

    • Jonathan Decker

      Do you have an example of that in action, looks like it has great potential!

      • Andy Rossmeissl

        Hey @jonathandecker:disqus yep it’s in heavy active use at Faraday

  • Pete Overell

    Bad Gateway 502 when I hit the button….

    • Christopher

      Should be good now, sorry about that!


  • Jay Teo

    Slack integration cannot be loaded at this moment. Please try again later!
    I get this error message

    • Christopher

      Hi Jay,

      Should be ok now. Can you let me know?


    • Berkin TOKTAŞ

      Slack integration cannot be loaded at this moment. Please try again later!

      I get this error message as well…

  • Charles White

    Can you explain the search function? It would be so helpful for our fulfillment team to search up Pipedrive information from Slack, but I don’t see anything about that mentioned on the Slack Pipedrive integration page.

    • Christopher

      Hi Charles!

      The search function is a Slack command that will search Pipedrive for deals, persons and organisations and show results directly in Slack

      To use it you need to enable the integration and type /pipedrive search_item

      Pipedrive Support

  • Jerry

    This is cool! Is there any way to exclude the deal value from being displayed when pushed to slack?

    • Christopher

      Not at the moment. Something to consider for future developments.
      You could maybe store the deal value in a custom field as it is the value in the default field which is sent to Slack.

      Pipedrive Support

  • Decent first effort but not remotely close to replacing Zapier

    • Christopher

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Although one of the positives about this is that users who aren’t familiar with Zapier can get this set up in a matter of seconds.

      Pipedrive Support

      • Fair enough. I wasn’t trying to be unfairly critical. I would like to get info into a channel (like the 1st 2 integrations do) but all there is (for everything except deal created and deal won) is a Slackbot. Additionally, it reports ALL activity from ALL deals which can be problematic when you have multiple deals, some of which should not be reported on. That said, I am sure you will expand the functionality of the integration and I continue to love my Pipedrive

        • Christopher

          Hi Michael,

          Not at all, we appreciate the feedback and will put it towards future developments of the feature 🙂


          • Xavier

            Any update on this? This would be very useful to me

          • Anni

            Hey, Xavier! I’m afraid we don’t have many changes in this for now. Main reasons being that Zapier does good job with filling the gap for now and most users find the current product sufficient. However, we do see the use for this for many of our customers. I’ll remind about this to our product team.

  • Kellie-Ann Robinson

    Fabulous feature guys. Nice work. I continue to be enthralled with Pipedrive.

  • Michelle Liu

    Is there a way to create dealbot in certain slack chat for certain pipeline?

    • adultcentro

      without this feature, it’s pretty useless for us.

    • Christopher

      Hi Michelle!

      Not right now but hopefully we will be able to add that!


  • Jesse Peurala

    Good start… but misses things like
    – Notification when moving certain stage (“Proposed”)
    – Lost doens’t ping channel? Why?

    • Mario Tasane

      We hope to add some additional options in the future, hopefully also add support for Lost deals.

  • lina

    I’ve been able to connect PipeDrive to our Slack team but I’m not seeing any options where I can choose which Slack channels to send DealBot to. Is this something a PipeDrive Admin needs to do or is it available to any PipeDrive user?

    • Christopher

      As a regular user you can choose to send notifications to your own Slackbot. Only Admins are able to choose to send notifications to public channels however.

      Pipedrive Support

  • Victoria

    This is great but not nearly comprehensive enough for our company. We would love the ability to choose other stages to notify public channels, as ‘proposal presented’ and ‘in negotiation’ for example are more important for others to know about than ‘deal won’; will we see this capability any time soon?

  • Mark Wittman

    Any new features on this integration?

    • Christopher

      Hi Mark,

      Nothing new to report yet but watch this space!

      • Mark Wittman

        Thanks for the update. Is it possible to use a command to grab the most recent “note” for a deal? ‘/pipedrive [deal name] notes’ or something like that?

        • Christopher

          This isn’t possible at the moment unfortunately.

  • Wrench

    I am curious if the slack/pipedrive dealbot will notify when an activity is assigned to a user.

  • Sven Ri

    Is there an option to add more attributes to the deal aside from Owner, Contact Person, Organization and Value? We’d specifically like to show if it was an inbound or outbound lead, so in our case this would be the information which Pipeline it came from.

  • Mac S.

    Why can’t the pipedrive app open when clicking a link in slack on my iphone?

    • Christopher


      Can you tell me what kind of link you are clicking on?

      Our support team might be able to help with that!

      • Mac S.

        I am clicking on a link generated by the plugin from Pipedrive in slack. Vs opening in the pipedrive app, it opens in chrome browser.

  • manu de Guidap

    Hey guys, Can we have notification in a channel when we move a card from one step to another ?