Streamline Your Day with Outlook’s Pipedrive Add-in

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Are you one of the 400 million people worldwide who use Microsoft Outlook to manage their contacts and communicate with potential customers?

You are? Well we’ve got some great news for you:

Our new add-in for Outlook will help you keep your sales opportunities organized, save you time, and make sure no lead falls through the cracks.

With Pipedrive for Outlook, you can organize notes, conversations and activities for every contact, helping you add more deals, all without leaving your inbox.

How does it work?

In the past, when you came across a promising email from a potential customer you were faced with two choices. Navigate away from your inbox, create a new contact in Pipedrive, then copy and paste the information from Outlook. Not the end of the world, but enough of a disruption to be annoying, especially if you try to practice some email discipline and limit the time spent in your inbox every day.

The standard way of adding a deal

The standard way of adding a deal

Option two was even more fraught with danger. Make a mental or physical note that you will create the contact later and then carry on dealing with your email. We all know how this one ends. You get sidetracked, the plan to create a contact and a follow-up activity is forgotten, and another potential deal is lost forever.

We can finally offer a third solution.

With our add-in for Outlook you can create new sales deals inside Pipedrive with one click and without leaving the email you’re reading. No more hopping about between your inbox and Pipedrive, or forgetting to add info at a later stage. All you need is both a Pipedrive and an Office 365 account.

How do I get and use it?

Here’s a quick-start guide that will get you up and running:

  • Go to the Office Store. You’ll find a page that looks like this:


  • Click the green “Add” button
  • Sign in with your Office credentials (if you’re not already signed in)
  • Open Outlook (both web and desktop versions are supported)
  • In Outlook:
  • Click on any email
  • Find the Pipedrive tab saying: Pipedrive – Create Sales CRM Data (seen truncated in red at the top of this image):


  •  Click the “Link your account” button and link your Pipedrive account

Now you’re ready to go. Open any mail, click on the Pipedrive tab, select the contact you’d like to add, complete the details and that’s it. The drop-down menu lets you add deals or add existing contacts to existing deals, so play around a bit to familiarize yourself. It really is very easy.

Try it for yourself, today. We think you’ll agree, Outlook and Pipedrive is a marriage made in sales organization heaven.


Here are some commonly encountered problems and their solutions:

  • Q: Does my version of Outlook support add-ins?

A: All web versions support the add-in. Check if your desktop version of Outlook supports add-ins:


  • Q: I don’t have the Pipedrive add-in visible in my desktop app after adding it from the Office Store or I don’t have the add-in store button visible in my desktop app.

A: A Microsoft Office 365 or account is needed to get the add-in. Check if your version of Outlook supports add-ins:


  • Q: It seems that my version of the desktop app does not support add-ins, but I still want it.

A: You can create a new Office 365 or account on the web. Then connect your other emails to your new account, add the new account to your desktop app and finally add the Pipedrive add-in.


  • Q: I absolutely must have the add-in on my Macbook version of Outlook

There is an option to get it working if one adds the latest version of Outlook for Mac (version 15.30). How to get it:


Happy closing,

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Aivar Ots

Growth Engineering at Pipedrive


    I have Office 365 but it does not include outlook. however we use outlook on exchange server, but I cant seem to download this plugin. when you say office 365 do you mean outlook being hosted by 365 too?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Gary,
      you will need Outlook (web version or Windows desktop app) to use the add-in.

      • Scott Lowe

        I assume that there is no Outlook for Mac support at all in this add-in? Will that be coming?

        • Aivar Ots

          Yes, current version does not support Outlook for Mac, but we will look into it.

          • Morten Thomsen

            When will it be supported in Outlook for Mac?

          • Aivar Ots

            Hi Morten,
            you can use add-in in Mac already if you subscribe to Microsoft Office Insider Fast program and update to Outlook version 15.30. Unfortunately I don’t know when this update from Microsft will roll out automatically to all users.

          • Morten Thomsen

            I have updated to Mac Outlook version 15.30 (161213), but still I don’t the the Pipedrive Add-in in Outlook desktop version, even it is installed in Office 365 and I see it in OWA. Shall I do anything to activate it in the desktop version on Mac?

          • Aivar Ots

            It should appear to desktop version automatically after couple of minutes. Please check that you are using the same mailbox as in OWA.


        Hi Aivar

        I have outlook 2016 desktop app. We have our own exchange server. When I go to add the plugin it brings me to an error page.

        X-ClientId: 236C6C9B1D1042F192CD03517C26FFAB
        request-id: 6bf2b352-2002-45a5-a540-caec905cab90
        X-Auth-Error: OrgIdMailboxNotFoundException
        X-FEServer: DB5PR08CA0050
        X-BEServer: DB5PR08MB0886
        Date: 14/12/2016 01:47:09

  • Andrea R

    Question: this syncs with Exchange and another option PD has is syncing with Gmail. We use Outlook, but utilize the Gmail Outlook Sync App for our email. Do/will you have an option for Outlook users that sync with Gmail and not Exchange?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Andrea,
      add-in should work in Outlook (web version and Windows desktop app), no matter where the emails come from.

  • Glenn Goossens

    AWESOME! Been waiting for this for a long time. Best news this year

    • Aivar Ots

      Thanks, Glenn!

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Does this work if I am using Outlook 2016 app to sync Gmail?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Abhishek,
      it works with Outlook 2016 Windows client.

  • Michael Sunderland

    I’m in Love! This is absolutely fantastic.

    Is there any sort of road map out there to see what features are coming down the pipeline?

    Features I’m interested in seeing are email tracking, and mass creating activities / Flows. (I know there is an upload option for this, but its cumbersome.)

    • Aivar Ots

      Thanks, Michael!
      We do not have public roadmap, but most of the things you listed are on top of mind of our product managers.

  • Daniel

    I’ve tried to install this, but it will only work on the web outlook version and not in the desktop version. Is there anything particular to do to get it to run on Outlook 2016 desktop version? Thanks! Daniel

    • Daniele Davoli

      I’m in the same issue

    • Larry Velez

      I am currently using it with Outlook 2016, the same add on installation process added it to both Outlook Web Interface and Outlook 2016.

      • Scott Lowe

        Outlook 2016 for Mac or Windows?

        • Larry Velez

          Outlook 2016 running on Windows 10 OS

    • Jeffrey Gill


    • Keith Hare

      I have the same issue, works fine in web browser but not in desktop version of Outlook 2016. Works great on the web.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Daniel, are you using Outlook 2016 on Windows or Mac? If Mac, then current version does not support it, if Windows, please send details of the issue to aivar.ots (at)

      • Ewan Ferguson

        Can you expand on why Outlook 2016 for Mac is not supported? Is it planned for a future version?

        • Aivar Ots

          Hi Ewan,
          it seems that not all versions of Outlook for Mac support add-ins. We currently found that you can use add-in in Mac if you subscribe to Microsoft Office Insider Fast program and update to Outlook version 15.30.

          • Ewan Ferguson

            This worked like a charm btw 😉

    • Marat Khaziev

      I have the same problem. Outlook desktop 2016 for Win.

  • Pedro Fidalgo

    does it work with GMAIL + Outllok 2013?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hello Pedro,
      it will work with Windows version of Outlook 2013, it does not matter how your emails are synced.

  • Angel

    I have the same problem. I use with google suite ( gmail) and i think this would be really useful

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Angel. You will need Office365 or account to access add-ins.

  • Scott Lowe

    O365 user here… does this plugin support Outlook for Mac? I’ve added it to OWA, but do not see it locally.

    • Ewan Ferguson

      I have installed the plugin in OWA and in Outlook 2016 for PC but don’t see the plugin in my Outlook 2016 for Mac, this is a necessity as far as my business is concerned.

      • Scott Lowe

        Yeah… same for us. We’re using Pipedrive, but this is a really cool feature we’d like to have. We might look around for a solution that supports Mac users.

        • Ewan Ferguson

          I really like Pipedrive but as an O365 and Mac user and I too have been looking around for a CRM with good Microsoft integration for months and was prepared to move away to a another product. I was really excited by this new feature announcement from Pipedrive but am a bit deflated it doesn’t support Outlook 2016 for Mac. OWA support is good but eventually we all need to use a desktop client. So close :-/

          • Scott Lowe

            What were you planning to move to?

          • Ewan Ferguson

            As a business that uses O365 we were trailing Dynamics. It has an Outlook for Mac plugin but it is so expensive, difficult,time consuming to set up in comparison to Pipedrive.

          • Kevin Martin

            We used Dynamics for a while, and to add to your list, it was painfully slow on the web. The Mac Outlook plugin was even slower.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Scott,
      can you share your contacts to me (aivar.ots (at), would like to discuss a workaround with you.

    • Aivar Ots

      you can use add-in in Mac already if you subscribe to Microsoft Office Insider Fast program and update to Outlook version 15.30. Unfortunately I don’t know when this update from Microsoft will roll out to all users.

      • sdipietr

        Hi – Thinking of getting onto the Fast program just to get access to this feature. So this means Pipedrive will integrate to Outlook for Mac on my PC? Please tell me that’s what this means?

        • Aivar Ots

          you will have Pipedrive add-in working on you desktop Outlook app if you update Outlook to version 15.30 and have Office 365 or account.

          • sdipietr

            Thanks. Will read up on 15.30 Awesome. Game changer.

  • David Haas

    We use Outlook 2016 desktop version but her email is hosted through Gmail. This does not seem to support that combination because I cannot get it to install in the Outlook app. Can you please tell me when this will be available or if you even plan to have it available because it would be an awesome upgrade.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi David, are you using Outlook 2016 on Windows or Mac? If Mac, then current version does not support it, if Windows, please send details of the issue to aivar.ots (at)

  • Ryan Detlaff

    +1 For Outlook + Google Apps integration.

  • Tatu Sovinen

    Is there a way to add contact info straight from the People section of web Outlook, or is only adding from an email supported?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Tatu,
      we don’t have this option available, but I will mark it down as something we could think of in the future.

  • Gordie

    How do I install this for the Outlook 2016 desktop client? We use Office 365 but it is not clear how to install it for the non-web UI. Thanks

  • Nahed Khairallah

    I don’t have Office 365 (I use G Suite) but use Outlook 2013 on Windows 7. How can I download the plugin?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Nahed,
      you will need Office 365 or account to use add-ins.

      • Ankit

        Dear Aivar Ots,

        Can you help us i have use gmail account how to configure add-in outlook client.
        Kindly help !!!


        • Joel Jesus

          Hey Ankit.

          You will need Office 365 or account to use add-ins.


          • Ankit

            Dear Joe,

            I am using office 365 and configured a gmail account in outlook.but i am unable to find any option for adding this add-in.


        • Christopher

          Hi Ankit,

          Could you please contact our support about this?


  • Tim

    Does it prevent duplicate contacts entering Pipedrive?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Tim,
      add-in will show if contact is already created in Pipedrive, so the answer is yes.

  • Ian Cattrysse

    This sounds great!
    Wills this allow me to add Pipedrive events to my office 365 calendar?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Ian,
      unfortunately this add-in does not have such functionality, but this is great input for future improvements.

      • Simudyne

        Another vote for the integration with O365 calendar like on Google calendar. Would be brilliant. The Mac Outlook plugin works a charm! Thank you!!

      • Kevin Martin

        Another vote for integration with outlook calendar.. Thank you

      • Ken Newbill

        Integrate calendar please

      • Mish Blecher

        please input outlook calendars, you are limiting the usage greatly as Trello is catching up and my organisation doesn’t want to have to move across other sales CRM’s.

  • Kevin Martin

    I’m looking forward to the Outlook for Mac version.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Kevin,
      you can use add-in in Mac already if you subscribe to Microsoft Office Insider Fast program and update to Outlook version 15.30. Unfortunately I don’t know when this update from Microsoft will roll out to all users.

  • Collin

    I like the possibilities here. I thought you would be able to add an email to a deal. Doesn’t seem to work that way in 365 as far as I can tell. +1 for adding Outlook for Mac. Seems that Office doesn’t do much for any add-ins for Outlook for Mac is my understanding.

  • Jason Wells

    Sorry this didn’t work for me. I have outlook 365 (latest update), pipedrive account. I clicked store button inside outlook, found pipedrive app, select add, reopened outlook, no plugin. Looked at the trust centre and addins but there is no pipedrive addin listed. I suspect this addin only works with the office 365 Business Edition and not 365 personal

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Jason,
      it should work for business and personal account, but might take some minutes to show up in desktop app.

  • Nathan Grocke

    Does this add-in work for Office 2010? We have not upgraded our business Microsoft Office Suite as yet, but keen to look at using this Pipedrive integration.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Nathan,
      Office 2010 desktop version is not supported.

  • Adrian Cuervo

    Version for Mac, please. We are a lot of users! Thank you.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Adrian,
      you can use add-in in Mac already if you subscribe to Microsoft Office Insider Fast program and update to Outlook version 15.30. Unfortunately I don’t know when this update from Microsoft will roll out to all users.

      • Adrian Cuervo

        Great thanks for this information Aivar, I’ll test it.

      • Adrian Cuervo

        Thanks for the information

  • Luis Michael Orts

    What about for Gmail?

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Luis,
      Gmail is definitely something we will work on in the future.

  • Brewster Barclay

    One thing that is not clear from the post is whether this syncs emails between Pipedrive and Outlook. I am assuming that it does not as that is an additional paid-for feature of Pipedrive.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Brewster, you are correct, it does not sync emails.

  • Gordie

    Hi Aivar,

    I visited the link you provided, but have had no luck in enabling the Add-in for Outlook 2016 Desktop (although the add-in does work for the Web UI). Should the desktop version simply sync all add-ins that were enabled via the web? As it is, the Pipeline app does not even show at all in my “Add-ins” section of the desktop app.

    If there is a manual way to get the add-in and browse to it from the Desktop Add-in section, please let me know. We’d really like to use this.


    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Gordie,
      add-in should sync to your desktop app (it might take couple of minutes). If not, please contact our support.

      • Gordie

        Showed up on my desktop PC outlook app – perhaps I need to reboot my laptop. Thanks!

  • Mario

    @Aivar: is it compatible with Kerio Connect? google it if you don’t know: it is an exchange-compatible exchane alternative

  • It’s working great. Thank you!

  • Stephen Phillips

    I installed it on my 365 account but keeps asking me to login using IE but I use Chrome – and therefore doesn’t remember me….so unusable for the time being…

  • Hi, does this additional option have an additional cost attached to it?

    • Mario Tasane

      This add-in is free!

  • Rachel James

    Hi there does this then integrate with outlook calendar also to add activities and meetings to outlook calendar automatically when added to pipedrive deal or organisation?

    • Christopher

      Hi Rachel,

      Unfortunately not. We will hopefully have an Outlook calendar integration in the near future.

      Pipedrive Support

      • Nick Seaman

        Hi – are in ‘the near future’ yet?

  • Rick Kaun

    So why does the pipedrive plugin disappear for contacts I have already added to PD via the Outlook plugin? I added a user as instructed above. I confirm the new account exists in PD (via the web login) then when I return to my outlook and get a response from the contact I want to ‘add to PD’ but the PD icon in the ribbon disappears when I highlight this particular contacts’ email to me. Why is that?

    • Christopher

      Hi Rick,

      We will have to investigate this.
      Could you please submit a ticket with us at and ask for me?

      Speak to you soon!


  • Daniel Translateur

    hello all, I want to add this plugin to the desktop outlook 2016. Is this possible?

    • Christopher

      Hi Daniel,

      Yes it should be possible on Windows

  • justinpowell

    Am I right in understanding that this add-on doesn’t sync with email or add appointments to my calendars?

  • Christoph

    is there a pssibility to customize the fields in the plug-in? For example to add the owner field for the deals.

  • Emma

    When will Pipedrive sync with Outlook calendar? As this is our email provider we were hoping to be able to sync and use pipedrive for everything but any tasks/meetings organised in pipedrive do not show up in our calendars.

    • Christopher

      Hi Emma,

      Thanks for your question.
      We are looking into it but have no concrete timeline for you at the moment.

      Hopefully sooner rather than later!

    • Christopher

      There are workarounds at the moment which our support team can help you with 🙂

  • Alex Jawad

    I see that there are many people asking for Outlook Calendar support. I am another one of them. To add some business analysis to Pipedrive’s product pipeline consideration, many of us 400 million daily users of MS Outlook are also users of the Office365 mail exchange client (lured there by the need of acquiring a license for Excel and then getting stuck with all the extras you get in the package), to which the Outlook Calendar is by default tied. This means that each time I receive a calendar invite for a conference call, meeting or workshop, my response to the invite by default goes into the Outlook Calendar. Accordingly, a CRM missing that connection can’t seamlessly take incoming appointments in account and would require pesky workarounds or even manual duplicating, thereby severely handicapping a salesperson’s scheduling.