Managing Your Details Pages Just Became a Lot Easier

Pipedrive product update deal details

When we released our new details view in late 2014, we focused on providing clear visibility into your deal, person and organization details on a single page – and aimed to make adding these details easy, quick and painless. Customer feedback over the last two years shows that our efforts were largely successful, but there was one niggling concern.

We hadn’t got the left-hand column in the details view quite right.

While it works as expected, we want you to be able to add details as quickly as possible, without do-overs or confusion, and in that regard we felt there was room for improvement.

Small things matter when it comes to user experience

We felt the existing layout of the left column was somewhat confusing and made it difficult to see what’s going on when adding text content to blank fields. The fact that the edit button only appeared when hovering over the label of a particular field was also far from ideal.

As things stood, the information on was placed on the left and the labels on the right, but our research shows this is actually counter-intuitive. So we’ve given serious thought to how we can improve the usability, look and feel of this column.

We realize this is a feature you probably use multiple times a day, so the decision to change it was not taken lightly.

Here’s what we’ve changed:

We have widened the column and changed the layout so that the labels are now on the left, with the related information on the right.

We’ve locked down label positions and tweaked the layout so that you can easily scan what you are entering during the process – thereby making inputting and editing your data easier and faster. This means you can get it right the first time, every time. The update further ensures that the label of the field you are working on is always visible, independent of other factors, so you’ll always have a visual reminder of what it is you’re editing.

We firmly believe that these improvements will streamline the editing process significantly and would love your feedback.

Take a look at this before and after image:



How will this affect you?

When adding deal, person or organization details you will immediately notice that we’ve moved some of the buttons and text fields around. Nothing that was there is missing, nor is there anything new you won’t recognize.

While some users may find this new layout odd at first, our tests show that, within minutes, you should be adding and editing details much faster than before. The widening of the entire column means there is more space to work in, so fields and text will feel less cramped, drop-down menus will show more visible items and there will simply be more information visible at-a-glance at any given time.

The updated layout will also make it much easier for you to read the saved details when looking at a deal, person or organization.

How do you get this upgrade?

We will switch all users over to the new view automatically, but we will be doing so in batches over the coming week. Please bear with us until you see the changes on your detail pages.

Happy Closing

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Hard Perk

Pipedrive Product Manager

  • Bjørn

    Just started using PD and loving it. Good to see you are doing upgrades and listening to customer feedback.

  • Matthew N Martin

    Can we please get outlook integrations. We do not want to pay a third party company to get our contacts and calendar syncing with outlook. Any ETA?

    • Tomáš Brzica

      It’s my wish too.

  • Looking good. Since you are the product Manager I want to know if you are planning to implement predefined activities per stage ? That would make me and my customers very happy.

    • C.

      This is super-easy to accomplish with the pre-defined Zapier triggers. I would hate for scarce-developer time to be spent on something that’s already so easy to do with Zapier.

      Just sign up for a free (or paid) account and you can have that set up in minutes. We use that for a lot of pre-defined activities in various pipelines.

      • Tomáš Brzica

        I think Jan do not write about triggers. I think He has written about set of tasks he must finish to go to next stage. That is what I am missing too. It is in Pipeliner for example (

      • JanSapper
        • C.

          Hmm… I’m not sure how that error happened, but if it’s any help, we do have tons of Zapier triggers that both rely on the built-in triggers, and also the API… we use it very extensively and it’s been very reliable for us…. we completely depend on it. For what’s that’s worth.

  • Eric Su

    can you also make it easier to add additional people to the deal? such as manager, owner, VP, etc.

  • Graham

    How about adding a “Same as Contact Person” option which would auto fill fields (i.e. address, phone number, email, lead source, etc.) when creating a deal? This would eliminate entering duplicate information between deal, contact, and organization.

  • Lukas Cypra

    Hi, do you plan on introducing “power map” or “stakeholder map” feature? Especially with larger deals, involving more people at the customer side, it would be useful to be able to map their hierarchy, relationship level with people of our team, decision making power, positive/negative attitude etc.

  • Simon Gravestock

    Please, please, please can we have the ability to view activities in calendar view on a desktop? You already do so on the tablet and smartphone app, so presumably it would be relatively easy to do. Seeing the activities within the programme on a calendar makes scheduling and re-scheduling by dragging and dropping the activities so much easier than opening the tasks and rescheduling them that way. Thanks, Simon

  • It’s a lot easier now. I was always struggling to see full email and address.
    Thanks for the update.

  • Andrew Toulalan

    I’d like to be able to move the boxes into any order I like, we always have to scroll down to grab the deal email address to use as a cc and some of the info in the top boxes is less important to us than some of the boxes further down.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Andrew,
      You’re in luck as the boxes are customizable. Click on any deal, click the button with the 3 dots in the top right corner of the page and choose “Manage sidebar sections”. You can then rearrange them. If you don’t see this option please let an admin user in your account know about this and they will get it done for you. The change affects everyone in the company.

      • Andrew Toulalan

        Martin, thank you! This worked, I am very happy!! Thanks again.

  • Thorsten

    why do you always change the design to confusing more,

  • Peter Kolnhofer

    Hi! When will you update the search functionality so that content in the detail labels are searchable?

  • Scott Wilcox

    A solution to clients who bid/pay monthly/more frequently than annually would be great… other than entering the opportunity 12 times

  • Dragos Balan (Grafica si Tipar

    I appreciate every update that you made, they are very useful.
    When you will take care about “products” section? I need to merge products as I merge deals for example. It is very important for statistics.

  • Erik Christensen

    Any chance you can let us use a smart URL for some of the detail stuff?
    We use fields to embed google doc links which can be super long,
    eg. Proposal Doc – as a field… the link we store would essentialy be the href target for a button

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Erik,
      If I understood you correctly you want to link to google docs from a custom field? We do convert URLs into clickable links automatically so this should already be available to you. Or are you having a problem with the link being too long?

      We also have a pretty powerful google drive integration that allows you to link, open and create google documents right from the detail pages. I’d recommend checking it out if you’re working in google drive a lot.

      • Erik Christensen

        Basically the link is quite long
        It would be great to trim the link or have a button to open the link

        We used the google drive integration but found the way it opens in a modal window to be a bit cumbersome And counter intuitive.
        Also, it forces you to work within pipedrive which helpful to some, means multi tasking is more difficult.
        Lastly. There’s no method with zapier to embed google doc files, so when we have automation run wih the custom fields we can make our docs and planning items readily available by our scripts.

        • Martin Henk

          Thanks for the additional feedback. Makes sense. I’ve passed this on to the team.

          • Tomáš Brzica

            I have talked about it to some person from pipedrive half year ago. I am using Office 365 Sharepoint and I have The same problem with long URLs.

  • Uwe Berghammer

    Thanks for the update. It looks and works fine!

  • Randy Egenbacher, CCIM

    Outlook syn would be extremely helpful.
    Thank you!

  • Simon

    Finding it difficult to get used to. Why couldnt it be made so the end user could choose between the two formats? I spend more of my time working out of the CRM and the details are rarely used so I was happy with it being a smaller size.

    • Anatoli Naoumov

      same here: I rarely read details, but read the right panel all the time

      • John Colban

        Agree. Once I enter the details the first time, I’m never going back over there. I am however in the activity / notes section all the time. This is really throwing me off.

  • Gary

    I wish you could make it easier to copy & paste. Similar to the click & copy you have for the BCC Email.

  • Guido

    Pipedrive is now looking amazing… Every little change is useful and make my work easier. Every year I ask for the same feature which I am sure will make lots of people happy. When I add a new customer, I fill two fields: Birthday (date type field) and Age (a numerical field). If the same customer comes back 2 years later the age field is not updated. I contacted Zapier but the solution was pretty complicated. Why don’t you create a dynamic field that change with the birth date and gives the updated age of the person. At this point I can use Zapier and suggest different products related to the specific age of the customer. Thanks

  • Mauricio Mueller

    A funcionalidade para ocultar campos vazios não está sendo aplicada nos campos personalizados.

  • Juliana

    I liked it! Thanks!!!

  • Scott Hailey

    Can we please get “tags” added to pipedrive? And please don’t suggest we use “custom fields” as a work around for tags.

  • Zara

    The wide side bar? It’s unnecessary.

  • Keith Collins

    love to get the ability to text thru the system!

    • Wes Ward

      Keith, I may be able to help you there, could you care to detail a little more?

  • sco tt

    I need more space on the right side of the screen, like the old view had. Expanding the left side doesn’t make sense. Can’t you make it user adjustable?

  • Celeste

    The wide side bar is not necessary for many users. Please provide an option to remain in the previous layout or make it adjustable.

    • John Colban

      I agree. I am mostly working in the notes and activities on the right. Once I add the deal details I’m never going back to that section.

  • Matt

    Can we not decide the size or width for yourself? i now can not read the notes i’m entering i dont not like how this has been changed why do i need a huge area just to put in a time?

  • Mike

    Agreed, theoretically nice, but regrettably not very useful… In fact annoying, having to scroll over and pin point on ‘+edit value’… Enable so you can click anywhere in the rectangular box that highlights each detail field

    • Hard Perk

      Hey, good point! Will be done this week.

  • Email uses and view has become super easy, wow to happy to see that you are listening to your customers feedback and working on it.

    • Anni

      Hey! Many of the features or improvements in Pipedrive have happened because our customers asked for them, so we’re always listening and are working on additions that would benefit the majority of our customer.

  • Cailash

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