Top 10 Pipedrive Integrations to Boost Productivity

10 Pipedrive CRM Integrations

Pipedrive was built to boost your productivity and supercharge your sales process, and while we’re proud of its multifunctionality, we know it’s not the only tool in your toolbox. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the world’s top apps to streamline your operation.

To honor some of our favorite integrations, here are our top 10 plus a bonus integration that’s proved so popular since it launched in September, we simply had to make space for it below:

1. Zapier

Pipedrive Zapier Integration

Since we’re talking about integrations, we might as well start with an integration that’s all about integrations. Integraception!

Zapier is an app that automates tasks between other apps through a “when A happens, do B” recipe. For example: “When I get a new ticket in Zendesk, add that contact to a Trello card”

By integrating Zapier into Pipedrive, you’re able to connect Pipedrive with more than 500 business apps, and with Zapier’s recent update, you can now engage one-to-many — as opposed to just one-to-one — integrations. This means you can create a workflow with unlimited steps.

Some companies use Zapier to connect marketing platforms to Pipedrive to help marketing and sales teams to collaborate efficiently. And when it comes to prospecting and relationships, Jacqui Hocking, co-founder of Gone Adventurin, uses the Zapier and FullContact integration for business cards. “I can take a photo of a card, and it automatically creates a contact in Pipedrive,” Hocking said.

2. Talkdesk

Pipedrive Talkdesk Integration

Brick-and-mortar call centers have had their time. Now’s the time for cloud-based call centers, and Talkdesk is leading the charge. The company makes software that helps other companies create digital call centers, and integrating it into Pipedrive can greatly improve your customer success.

When an agent calls a client from within Pipedrive, Talkdesk instantly displays the client’s information and contact history, allowing agents to personalize their calls. Talkdesk also ensures agents have the most up-to-date client information by automatically syncing contacts, activities and notes between Pipedrive and Talkdesk in real time.

And then there’s all the time you’ll save by not having to enter data into multiple systems.

Man, the future is awesome.

3. PandaDoc

Pipedrive Pandadoc Integration

PandaDoc is a cute, cuddly B2B document processing and eSignature app that helps you build and deliver sales quotes and proposals. With its Pipedrive integration, users can harness that panda power from directly within a Pipedrive deal.

“We use the integration for PandaDoc, and we love not only how much time it saves us, but also that it keeps our entire sales team in the loop on the status of a deal,” said Ailsa Chibnall, Border7’s sales and operations manager.

The integration also allows deal data like contact info, product info and pricing details to flow seamlessly into your Pandadoc documents. Plus, it logs the history of sent documents and tracks their status.

“Streamlining the doc signing process with this integration means that we can close deals faster, and have more time in the day to talk to new prospects,” Chibnall said.

4. Yesware

Pipedrive Yesware Integration

Yesware is much more than a simple email tracking app; it’s a prescriptive sales toolkit that helps salespeople connect with prospects and track engagement. And Pipedrive is that much more powerful with Yesware by its side.

By integrating Yesware with Pipedrive, you’re able to leverage some Yesware features without leaving your Pipedrive dashboard. Easily keep track of messages you send to leads and customers, analyze their behavior and improve your communications. Combine this with an effective lead management process and you can really boost productivity.

The Yesware integration is also a valuable customer success tool. If you send a lot of emails using Gmail, for instance, Pipedrive’s Dropbox feature can sync information across Yesware and Pipedrive, and the forwarding feature can connect your emails with specific Pipedrive contacts.

It also makes the entire customer engagement process more efficient, accurate and impactful.  

5. MailChimp

Pipedrive Mailchimp Integration

For most businesses, emailing is a significant part of the sales process, and the renowned email marketing service MailChimp has been helping people create professional-looking email campaigns since 2001.

Integrating the service into Pipedrive is a natural step, as it lets you do things like export contacts and segments from Pipedrive and send targeted emails to specific lists of customers and clients with just a few clicks.

David Bailey, CMO of Cloutex, uses MailChimp to contact existing clients with newsletters and updates, and by integrating it into Pipedrive, he saves about five minutes per lead/customer.

We get 100 new paying clients and 300 trial users a month — so around 33 hours a month on average,” Bailey said.

6. snapADDY

Pipedrive snapADDY Integration

Designed to shorten the pre-qualification process, snapADDY is a sales support software that helps you find B2B contact data and directly transfer it to your CRM.

By integrating snapADDY with Pipedrive, you can do things like automatically map addresses, contacts, and other data sources just by highlighting them and, with one click, export that data to Pipedrive.

You can also transfer data from Linkedin and automatically complete company data. This way you can ensure you have all the information you need before making first contact with a prospect.

7. Ecquire

Pipedrive ecquire integration

Ecquire is a Chrome extension that syncs data in Gmail and your social networks directly into your CRM. Like snapADDY, adding Ecquire to Pipedrive makes it easy to capture important data and transfer it to Pipedrive in a clean, well-organized and accurate package.

This means no more data entry, no more copying and pasting and no more switching back and forth between apps.

A Pipedrive-Ecquire dynamic duo can save you significant time when list-building, prospecting or keeping track of specific contacts.

Their API is outstanding, and the data pulled is refreshingly accurate. The app has been on the market for more than five years, and the people behind haven’t stopped making improvements.

8. Niftyquoter

Pipedrive NiftyQuoter Integration

Niftyquoter is an online proposal software that helps you create and manage beautiful proposals.

By integrating it into Pipedrive, you can then export proposals as new deals, and sync the proposal’s status and comments. You can also import and export contacts, and access detailed metrics, graphs and templates.

Not only does the Niftyquoter integration simplify the proposal-making process, it allows you to standardize your proposals across the sales team. That way everyone can be on the same page (literally) and clients receive consistent, uniform communications.

9. Google Apps

Pipedrive Google Apps Integration

You know the old saying: If you don’t integrate Google, Google will integrate you! So get started by integrating Google Apps into Pipedrive.

You’ll be able to share and store proposals and presentations created with Google Docs, plan visitation routes and segment customers by geographic location by Google Maps, and sync contact details between Google Contacts and Pipedrive.

“I find the two-way sync between Pipedrive and Google Calendar extremely useful,” said Karo Hambardzumyan, an insurance agent-broker at Incorporated Insurance Services.

“It’s especially advantageous to get pop-up notifications on my mobile about activities due in Pipedrive five minutes before. This feature is crucial for me as I add dozens of activities per day.”

Web developer Nirmal Gyanwali is also a fan of two-way sync.

“I was looking for a common platform where I can put everything together,” Gyanwali said. “Since we started using Pipedrive, it has made our life much easier. The best thing we love is it does two-way sync. We are now better organized and everything is on track.”

10. Drip

Pipedrive Drip Integration

A drip campaign is an automated sequence of scheduled, written emails based on how the recipient engages with the business. Because they can be difficult to design and develop, Drip was started to give the everyday marketer the power to create high-quality drip campaigns.

While these campaigns were originally intended for marketing purposes, salespeople quickly discovered just how useful they could be.

That’s why integrating Drip into Pipedrive is so powerful.

Sales drip campaigns must be customized deal by deal, and running such a campaign from inside your Pipedrive CRM centralizes all the insights, analytics and customer details, giving you a much cleaner and more accurate overview of your campaign strategy.

Bonus Integration: Trello

Pipedrive Trello Integration

Trello is one of the world’s leading collaboration tools, perfect for managing projects where multiple team members are involved and high visibility of actions and follow-up is key.

Combine the Pipedrive sales process with Trello’s project managing chops, and sales teams have a visual way to both manage their pipeline in its various stages and transfer that data onto cross-team Trello boards.

With the new Pipedrive Power-Up for Trello you can pass key sales information to other departments without ever leaving Pipedrive, while Trello users can see shared information without the need for a full Pipedrive account.

It also keeps your sales team focused in Pipedrive, and your process updated company-wide at the same time. Did we mention all of this is done automatically, and is completely customizable?

Simply set trigger events in Pipedrive and have pre-populated Trello cards appear automatically or retrieve deal, contact or organization information from Pipedrive without leaving Trello. Simple, but oh-so effective.

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Josh Kraus

Josh Kraus is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in many publications, including ThinkProgress, PandoDaily, SitePoint, and Modern In Denver. You can view more of his work at

  • Olof Törnqvist

    Thanks for sharing. I might be a bit biased here but I’d like to see Triggerbee on this list. Triggerbee lets you connect your inbound marketing efforts and tools and funnel leads into Pipedrive. Track prospects from email campaigns, website behaviour, conversions and automate updates in Pipedrive as well as allowing for manually sending interesting leads to your contacts in Pipedrive. Read more at

  • Route is also another nice integration to be featured in this list, with a powerful two-way Pipedrive integration that allows you to create automations based on your Pipedrive funnels and much more.

  • Ruggiero Vincenzo should also be in that list if you want to automate sales prospecting:

  • is a must for value conscious SMBs where the Sales Reps do both Lead Gen as well as Sales development. Following up both your Inbound & Outbound is something that can be easily automated using klenty. Klenty lets you focus on your demos & meetings while it takes care of your followups.

  • Thanks for sharing. Zapier and Google apps are the best tools helping us to automate many of our repetitive work. It has saved tons of our and clients’ time.

  • Kirk Booher

    Pipedrive is a great CRM but we need a complete system that includes or tightly integrates Ops and Finance for my service biz.

  • JohnWhitling

    I would like to see some cloud based, lightweight accounting program integrated.

  • Shalin Jain

    HappyFox Chat – has a deep integration with Pipedrive. Best way to get more leads from your website and send it right into Pipedrive. Also, while chatting with any visitor you can find out if they are already a deal, who is assigned and what stage the deal is in.

  • Nivedita

    Thank you Josh for this wonderful post. Glad to be here.

    Nivedita (

  • Are there any plans for an integration with Evernote please? The Evernote / Salesforce integration is neat as you can pull up Evernote notes from within a contact, organisation or deal giving the CRM user full access to detailed background information, etc.

    • Mario Tasane

      Hey Paul. There is no plan for Evernote integration at this point. Sorry.

  • John Baragwanath

    I have had great success with Klenty and recommend its use 100%. It allows you to do ¨Drip Campaigns¨ and set up timing of when you want to send emails. It is very easy to export from Pipedrive to Klenty.

  • Viktoria Baloshenko

    As well recently there was a Pipedrive and Ringostat calltracking integration that allows you and your team to easily track your website’s key events such as phone calls with Ringostat and send this data directly to Pipedrive. Moreover, Ringostat is only one calltracking, integrated with Pipedrive. You can find out more details here:

  • What can I do with YesWare and Pipedrive besides automatically BCC emails? Is it possible to view email opens within Pipedrive?

    • Christopher

      Hi Nahed,

      Unfortunately this is all you can do right now.

  • We can create different channels for our teams belonging to various departments using this integration. Our small design studio has been using Trello and finds it really productive. It has helped to carry out daily communication with perfection.

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  • Kayla Trevino

    Is there a way to sort automatically into different pipelines depending on a customized field? Example, we have a form on our website that users have to choose whether they use our product commercially or residentially and have separate pipelines for each. Can we get those leads/deals into their related pipeline?

  • You may be familiar with Pipedrive and how it helps tens of thousands of populace around the globe classify their sales processes. You can have even modified your pipeline, uploaded deals, and links, or won a little deals previously; if so, you’re already liability fine, but chances are you could be doing better if you knew more about Pipedrive’s many valuable features.

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