[Update] We’ve Made the Web Forms Beta Even Better

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It’s been just over a month since the launch of web forms and we think it’s high time we updated users on progress, including some key changes.

We’re extremely pleased about all the positive feedback we received on how easy you found the forms to set up and use. Typical of Pipedrive users – and one of the reasons we wouldn’t swap you for any other user group – we received a lot of suggestions for improvements as well.

It soon became clear that the key shortcoming of the first release was the limited number of form fields. Users wanted more, in fact, more than we ever imagined would be needed. So this update answers that key request, as now:

All custom text, single and multiple option fields that are created in Pipedrive, can be added to your form.

Now you can add as many custom fields as you want.

Now you can add as many custom fields as you want.

As our users are located across the globe, we also added the option to translate the CAPTCHA and “Submit” buttons to all 13 languages that Pipedrive supports. So no more wondering what that “I’m not a robot” thing means.

With over 2,000 forms created to date, we reached out to some customers to ask why and how they are using Pipedrive web forms and here’s what they told us:

Company: iPear

Name: Chris Utiera

Position: Managing Director

How do you currently use web forms?

“I have linked our Pipedrive web form to my existing Website, which allows for traffic created by pre-web form marketing campaigns to flow directly into Pipedrive, for easy and user-friendly management.”

How has web forms impacted your business?

“The automation process has boosted our first-engagement rate from 3/10 to 7/10. Because that first impression is so vital to the sales relationship – and its ability to transform into a successful close – we are left wondering how much our business could’ve developed if we were exposed to Pipedrive and web forms 12 months ago.”

Company: iPourIt, inc.

Name: Kasim Idrees

Position: Manager, Strategic Planning & Development

How do you currently use web forms?

“Our web form is located on our website. Prospective clients who are interested in our product can sign-up through the web form, which automatically creates a deal within Pipedrive. This ultimately allows us to focus on the client, rather than follow processes to create records before considering the client.”

How has web forms impacted on your business?
“As a relatively new company, the demand for our product is high. Aside from email and phone inquiries, we would be unable to fully capture the demand for our product. However, thanks to web forms, our prospective clients have a path to inquire about our product, while allowing us to immediately respond to their needs in an efficient manner.”

We hope you enjoy using web forms and keep us updated on any creative uses you find. Why not get started right now? You can find the forms here.

Happy closing.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • Nick Allen

    Can we get emails/notifications on submitted forms pls?

    • Brett Newman

      we need this as well!!! We are trying to get notified when someone fills out a form but having trouble with this

    • Akshay Gupta

      This can be done through Zapier.

      • Nick Allen

        Yeah, but a direct integration to slack or email notifications would still be awesome

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Nick,
      The request for notifications is on the list of possible improvements. Until that you can use Zapier to do that.

  • Oliver

    When will the “Large text” field be included as a supported field in the form? We would like to pass a Large field content as a note from the sender.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Oliver,
      we don’t have this in our roadmap. Maybe you can use note field to achieve you goal?

      • Oliver

        Well, it can be used, but it is a single row field, and makes longer text message invisible for the user which submits the message.

        • Aivar Ots

          Good point, we will see what we can do about it.

          • Oliver

            Thanks, that would be great!

          • Aivar Ots

            We made an update and now note field has more rows, so more text is visible.

          • Oliver

            Superb! Thank you very much! This is what we needed! Thanks once again!

  • Trex

    When will the products field be added? Seems like a key component that will eliminate keystrokes. Also, any plans to add hidden fields like Wufoo in order to pass dynamic content into the forms?

    • Trex

      If we’re paying for your service, do you think the “Powered by Pipedrive” should prominently show? Seems a bit awkward. We’d rather not have someone else’s branding on our website.

      • Daniel Galloway

        If you link to the form, you’ll see the powered by Pipedrive branding. If you use the embed code though, that branding isn’t present.

      • Aivar Ots

        Hi Trex,
        The form is a free addition to the paid product. I don’t believe most people are shocked by that little logo.
        We do not have plans to include products in web forms, but I will note the idea down. Currently you can create custom fields with product names as an alternative.
        For hidden fields I suggest to look into Wufoo integration via Zapier.

  • thegunguy

    Here’s hoping CSS is not too far out on the roadmap

    • Aivar Ots

      I can’t confirm that and I would suggest to use Wufoo via Zapier to build more powerful and customizable forms.

      • asdf

        I am having trouble fitting the form into a sidebar. How would I customize the form? How do I build a more customizable form with Wufoo via Zapier as described above?

  • Cass Tyson

    + 1 for email notifications.

    Also, please add the ability to hide a field. This would be useful to pre-fill records in the database such as lead status and custom fields that you wouldn’t want a prospect to see, but that would help sales on the receiving end.

    • Aivar Ots

      Hi Cass,
      Thanks for feedback! These features will not come anytime soon, so I would suggest to use Wufoo via Zapier to build more powerful and customizable forms.

  • Tim

    When we all field typed be integrated into this?

    • Tim


      • Aivar Ots

        Hi Tim,
        we have included most popular custom fields based on usage, is there any particular type You are looking for?

        • Jan Pieter Versluijs

          Phone numbers, longs texts, adress, would be great!

          • Christopher

            Thanks Jan.
            Hopefully we can add these in the near future.

  • BLP

    I find it astounding that I cannot edit the Pipedrive Webform HTML.
    Switching from Zoho was a risky move, we shall see.

    • Aivar Ots

      Thank you for making the switch, you will not regret it. We understand the need to edit the HTML, but it is not something we’re adding in the near future. You can use Wufoo via Zapier for more powerful forms.

  • BLP

    The catch-all “use Zapier” is also not acceptable.

  • Леся Германенко

    Can the ability of finding person or organization instead of creating new be added? its making duplicates now

    • Aivar Ots

      Good point, we will see what we can do about it.

  • Matti Blume

    I created a webform, which is supposed to fill custom fields as well as standard fields, but instead, the information only gets saved as a note inside the deal.

  • Jason Wells

    How do I remove the powered by pipedrive image at the bottom of the form once the user has submitted the completed form?

  • Sonia

    Dear PD,

    Thank you for adding the webforms functionality, we have been waiting for this for a couple of years.

    for PD to know, we currently use other paid services to create webforms
    and zapier to link them to PD. As you can see the cost increases with
    every service you need to have in order to function properly.

    So thanks again for adding webforms.

    have just a request, please let us edit the color of the button, at the
    moment is green matching the PD branding. Unfortunately we don’t use
    green anywhere.

    you please add a color switch to the button? even if it’s a quick
    hexadecimal code, nothing fancy here, we just need to change it.

    Thank you!

    • Christopher

      Hi Sonia,

      Glad to hear the Web Forms feature has been helpful!
      I have asked our Product Team to see if this is possible.


  • Sebastian Smith

    What I’m really missing is HTML markup in the success message. Eg for a hyperlink. If we say “Download the brochure” (for example) then we want to give a (clickable) hyperlink in the success message so the visitor can click it. Also maybe an automatic email to fire off to him (with the hyperlink). Classic opt-in marketing…

    • Christopher

      Thanks for the feedback Sebastian!

  • Aviv Hochbaum

    how can i remove the captcha at the bottom of my webform?

    • Christopher

      Hi Aviv,

      Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment.