Two New Pipedrive Plans, Unlimited Potential

Introducing Tiered Pricing

When we started Pipedrive, one of our key ideas was that we would always aim to keep things as simple as possible.

But as time passed, not only has the program itself grown, but the diversity of our user-base has as well. We’ve often found ourselves surprised at the inventive uses people have found for Pipedrive. This has however meant that our users’ needs have become more complex over time.

The need to service this diverse client pool has naturally led us to the point where we saw the opportunity to create different levels within Pipedrive for the very first time. It stands to reason that a user who has 2,000 customers and 100 salespeople does not have the same needs as one who serves 50 customers with four salespeople. But it would make no sense to force the smaller user to adopt the features the larger one needs, nor to carry an increase in price for features they will not use.

Thus, our new tiered pricing system. We feel it creates the scope to serve a larger number of user needs while maintaining flexibility and choice. You only pay for what you need.


Silver plan: Lighter on email, heavy on features

If you’re an existing customer, this is the Pipedrive you know and love. At a standard 12 EUR/USD per user, per month, this plan includes all the features you’ve used to date. The Silver plan features our Smart Email Bcc solution as the key way to integrate email with Pipedrive.

Silver is ideal for customers who need full sales management features but who are not sending or receiving massive amounts of email, or who don’t see email as an integral part of sales or record keeping.

This remains our best value plan and tailor made for those trying out Pipedrive for the first time, or companies that are keen to have a low-cost sales CRM solution that still has all the power needed to drive big sales.

Gold plan: The beauty of automation

Inbox New

You can send and receive emails directly in Pipedrive

The key advantage of the Gold plan is automation, and for launch we are releasing the first of our automation innovations – Full Email Sync. This allows you to connect Pipedrive to an email client of your choice and experience the time-saving wonder of 2-way email syncing. Under the Gold plan, emails tied to deals or contacts will now automatically appear inside Pipedrive, and you can send mail directly from the deal or contact page on the platform.

Full Email Sync offers huge savings in time alone, as you’re no longer switching back-and-forth between email and Pipedrive, while all the information and correspondence you need is right there on your deal or contact page. It also completely eliminates human error as there is no reliance on users remembering to Bcc every time.

In addition, each Gold plan user gets 5GB of storage in comparison to the 2GB available on the Silver plan.

The Gold plan costs 25 EUR/USD per user, per month.

Platinum plan: Automation, speed, advanced security

Full Email Sync comes as standard with the Platinum plan, which also brings you the speed and accessibility of dedicated, unshared hosting, and a set of advanced security features like single sign-on and an audit log scheduled for release in the near future.

This is also the ideal plan for organizations with high data storage needs as you receive 100GB of storage space per user.

All of this comes at 75EUR/USD per user per month.

Note about storage: There is currently no way to check how much of your storage space has been used in the app. Of course, we are working on making that information freely available. In the meantime, users who are close to hitting storage limits will be notified well in advance and we will never, ever cut your service, even if you hit your limit. You will also not be automatically upgraded, regardless of how much storage you have used.

Our analysis shows that the basic 2GB per user limit covers the storage needs of most customers even if they use Pipedrive actively.

How do I upgrade?


Simply visit your billing page and select the plan that suits your needs. You can upgrade at any time, even if you’ve paid for your existing plan in advance.

If you have any other queries about Tiered pricing, visit this handy FAQ, which should help you out, while we answer the most pertinent billing questions here.

Happy closing

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Timo Rein

CEO and Co-Founder of Pipedrive

  • Ewoud B

    As could be expected. I never heard about the 2Gb storage limit on the existing plan though. Can I assume that is new? Does that also apply to existing customers on the €12 plan? And what exactly counts towards these storage limits?

    • Andrus P

      Hi Ewoud, yes this is a new thing. It is meant to manage use cases with extremely heavy data storage/transfer; this shouldn’t have any impact for most customers. As explained above, we will never, ever cut your service, even if you hit your limit. You will also not be automatically upgraded, regardless of how much storage you have used. We will be adding functionality to give customers more visibility into storage usage.

      • Ewoud B

        So it does apply to existing customers. Should maybe be communicated like that then. Don’t expect this to be a problem for us anytime soon though and looking forward to the extra visibility!

  • Sounds like a logical move.
    Yet, a few questions :

    1) I’m surprised I don’t see any differences in support between plans? Account Manager for Premium? Answers in X hours? Something else? It this something you plan?

    2) Apparently EUR=USD, which is new I think. Yet I see on my billing “Change Plans” screen in my account XXseats*9EUR, not 12. Still 25% difference.

    3) Isn’t storage linked to “automatic file attachment” when using smart BCC. I don’t need all logo’s in the signature of our prospects/customers as “files” in their profile. Neither a 3MB white paper we share.

    4) And finally, yet the most important part, wouldn’t it be an interesting idea to give 15days Premium/Gold free trial to your existing customers, would like to test this “Two-way full email sync” and request the feedback of my team prior to a decision to double our monthly subscription.

    Thanks in advance, and once again, you’re building on of the most impressive online sales tool.

    • Andrus P

      Quentin, thank you for the good questions.

      1) There’s more work to be done with our plans and different support levels is definitely something we’re considering. We’ll aim to make this additive ie. extra fast / personal service for higher tiers but whatever the changes will be, the primary aim is to make sure to offer great support on all pricing plans.

      2) We’ve changed our pricing twice in the past and these changes have not applied to existing customers, so it’s possible your price is lower than the one currently advertised.

      3) We’re working on details for the different storage levels. At this stage it’s worth noting that this feature is meant to manage use cases with extremely heavy data storage/transfer; this shouldn’t have any impact for most customers. We want our customers using Pipedrive actively and this includes not having to think about size of attachments.

      4) A Gold/Platinum trial is something we’ve talked about but this is currently not available. That said, we have a special offer (50% off Gold plan for 3 months) for all existing customers, you’ll find details for that in your billing page.

  • Keith

    I think email sync for CRM and Automation are 2 different things. Automation in CRM is triggers from actions. IF this THEN this. meaning if we can sync outlook appts with Pipedrive, the end of or confirmation of an appointment completed can send a follow up thank you email or reminder to the user to indeed follow up a week later. When may we expect this type of automation? it would be extremely powerful and worth the upgrade.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Keith,
      Well, the emails do come into Pipedrive automatically with the full sync. But yes, the kind of automation you described makes perfect sense as well. We don’t really want to promise anything in terms of future functionality, but definitely something to consider.

    • David Minton

      I agree with Keith’s understanding of what is considered automation. I look forward to this in PipeDrive.

  • Yani Dragov

    Dear team,
    I am glad to hear you are working hard to further improve Pipedrive. What I as user would love to see is Automatic Deal Creation, i.e. when an email is send to a particular email (an email that none of my sales people uses, such as for example, that automatically a deal is being created. For me as a CEO this will help me see that all inquiries towards us are entered in pipedrive.
    Or maybe the ema sync already has a similar feature?

  • Lee

    Does the emailing in gold allow users to track links and if the recipient opens their email the way yesware or sidekick work?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Lee,
      We don’t currently have these features, but you can keep using Gmail with YesWare to get such tracking while using the sync to pull in all the emails to Pipedrive in the background automatically.

    • Andrus P

      Hi Lee – in addition to what Martin said below: Route looks to track opens / clicks and they’ve built a Pipedrive integration Haven’t used it myself but it looks neat.

    • Hey Andrus and Lee!

      I’m responsible for the marketing efforts here at Route and I’d like to thank you for mentioning Route. 🙂

      And we track opens, clicks, replies from emails sent from Route.

      Lee, you can automate your campaigns in Route using data from Pipedrive and you can automate your sales funnel using Route contact data and sending this info to Pipedrive.

      To infinity and beyond!

  • Hi Martin, Nice to see our evolution and definitely the 2 ways is something I would consider but for a team of 4 it brings my cost >100 US$/month : too expensive yet. Second do you recommend any emailing tool that sync with Pipedrive apart from Mailchimp (we use and it’s getting very expensive) or Mailjet (that it does not sync with Pipedrive. Thanks , Thierry

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Thierry,
      Sorry to hear you’re considering it too expensive. We believe the added efficiency you get from this feature will surely add up to more than $100. It’s also as far as we know the most affordable comparable system by far.
      What kind of functionality would you need from the integration with the mass emailing tool? And how many emails per day are you looking to send approximately?

  • Christopher Shermer

    1) Any plans to add any sort of cadence anytime soon?
    2) Also, any plans to integrate into Netsuite, once a new client has come onboard?
    3) Lastly, within the reporting module; is there any plans to build out the view or reporting?

    I’m a head of sales for a SaaS business, and would like to better track my sales team; MRR, ARR etc or ratios from MQL to SQL; then Demo to Close

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Christopher,
      – Can you please elaborate on the cadence part? Not exactly sure I understand what you mean.
      – Netsuite integration is not planned. You might be able to set up something custom using our webhooks and API. I honestly can’t comment on Netsuite’s ability to receive data over API though
      – We’ll definitely keep working on our reporting. Do you have anything specific you’re missing from our current reporting? I think our new reporting pages are pretty comprehensive already.
      – While we don’t calculate MRR in our reporting you can use our reporting to see conversion from any stage to another in the current reporting.

  • Jeffrey Gill

    Just switched to GOLD…the email sync is great, thanks! Now, are you working on doing the same with text messages?!??!!?

    • Andrus P

      Glad you like it! Text message integration is not currently on the roadmap but if many customers ask for this, we’ll definitely want to consider it.

      • Rocky Presley

        Here is another customer who would like to have text integration. The issue I see though is when my sales force receives private messages. We do not supply company phones but rather reimburse their current plans. As long as the text sync is for existing Pipedrive customers, then it would be an extremely valuable asset, especially when your sales process is more transactional in nature. But, I want to say again that this type of function would be extremely valuable to my organization, even more valuable than email sync. I can track my sales reps emails. Their texts to our customers are another matter.

      • Colin Hall

        If you ever decide to look at SMS integration, please drop me a line – we have a great SMS platform with an extremely easy to integrate API. We love Pipedrive and went from 3 users to 20+ in a matter of weeks and now even the most rabid anti ‘system’ types love it.

      • Brent

        +1 for SMS integration. please

      • Alex Hedbany

        I would also love to see text message Integration!

      • Yuvraj Chaubey

        +100 SMS integration and whatsApp too

      • gabriel Ramos

        One more for SMS integration

    • Michael Spackman

      No having this function caused me to use a competing CRM. This would be a good addition to your Gold package.


    It will be great if you can add quoting system like quoteroller inside pipedrive. That will give users the chance to have better reports and pipedrive could become the unique framework for sales people checking there email, making quotes and managing deals properly.

    • Andrus P

      Hi Miguel, did you know Quoteroller’s sister product Pandadoc has a very neat integration with Pipedrive ?


        Yes Andrus I use it but at the end my sales people is using to different interfaces. That’s why I am proposing that idea

  • Vadim Pavlovich

    Hello, has the prices gone up for everyone? It was 7 usd per seat or so?

    • Andrus P

      We have changed pricing for new customers several times in the past. We haven’t changed pricing for customers retroactively ie. we have grandfathered their pricing.

  • Cam S.

    Limits on storage via price hiking really kills using this relatively new tool to the fullest. Google is already in the data storage business and should let storage be a seperate product solution.

    I will limit how I use Pipedrive given the additional pricing on data.

    It’s also tacky or unprofessional to show USD users Euro pricing.

    • Andrus P

      Cam, you bring up a valid point. I’d like to emphasize that this limit is meant to manage use cases with extremely heavy data storage/transfer; this shouldn’t have any impact for most customers. We want our customers to use Pipedrive actively and not have to think about file sizes.

      Also, did you know we have a nifty Google Drive integration?

      We’ll investigate the bug with displaying € price in the US, this is not how we planned this!

      • Rocky Presley

        Blast you global economy and your tacky ways!

  • Rocky Presley

    I need to be able to utilize different tiers within my organization. With the majority of my frontline sales force, the Silver Plan works just fine. But for my territory managers, directors, and executive staff, I would like to utilize the Gold plan. To my knowledge, the Gold Plan is global, which would mean a significant cost increase for features that the majority of my team would use.

    • Andrus P

      Rocky, in order to provide an easy-to-use, seamless experience, all users within the same account need to be part of the same price plan at this stage. But point taken.

  • I’m looking to try out the Gold. Bummer I have to give up my grandfathered $9 silver rate if I decide to go back down to Silver. I have one big question. Email tracking. I currently use Boomerang to track if prospects opened, click links, etc. Will my Boomerang pixels stay active if I emailing from within PD ?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Matthew,
      We’ve always grandfathered our existing customers every time we’ve raised the base price of Pipedrive. It’s good for keeping existing customers happy, not so good for technical complexity when introducing pricing plans and upgrading downgrading is involved. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure if you try out Gold and decide it’s not for you and contact support they will be able to help you out with this.

      Your Boomerang pricing pixels will only work if you send the emails from Gmail. They will be pulled into Pipedrive automatically regardless of the email client you use. But we don’t have a Boomerang integration ourselves so you won’t get tracking when sending from inside Pipedrive.

  • Karl

    This is a significant price increase, what i would much rather see is some actual sales automation, being able to move between stages based on functional arguments, however pipedrive for the price was always unbelievable value, but you would have to change more in my opinion to justify the increase.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Karl,
      As you said Pipedrive has always been super affordable and we believe the Gold plan is already a great value. We are going to add other features to it in the future for sure though to make it even better.

  • George gonzalez-rivas

    Do you have click-to-call working yet?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi George,
      We don’t have our own click to call solution, but there are a couple of really good 3rd party ones with a tight integration. You can see the list of available integrations here

  • Adam Naisbitt

    Has the ability to add a third party email to a deal without adding the person been added in this update? We were advised it should be with this upgrade.

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Hi Adam, you are able to link any email to a deal regardless of who the person in the conversation is. The same does not apply to persons and organizations, however. I hope that answer to your question.

  • Daniel Berni

    The cool thing about Pipedrive is that is was a great tool with simple billing plans. Now it’s getting complex and complicated, and also expensive. We don’t plan to upgrade now, but take care to not look like Salesforce…. US$ 75/month is quite expensive.

    • Andrus P

      Simplicity and affordability are two core product/service values we definitely want to keep. US$ 75/month per seat is expensive for most of our customers but very affordable for a small subset who have different needs. Our aim is to dedicate most of our attention and resources to our core product features but also make Pipedrive an attractive option for companies that require specific additional features/aspects and are happy to pay extra for this.

  • Brandon O’Dell

    Can one PipeDrive user sync with multiple email accounts as Hubspot and Nimble do?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Brandon,
      It’s one email account per user at the moment. We don’t have plans to add support for multiple accounts.

  • Michael

    yay, salesforce is becoming a cheaper alternative… way to go, pipedrive, price the non-core business right out of your user base.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Michael,
      I believe the added efficiency from the email sync is a great deal for $25 per month. And to my knowledge it’s by far the most affordable comparable solution out there.

  • So all of the plans state Full sales management for unlimited users but it’s done on a per seat basis? Pretty confusing, what does this even mean?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Brave Little Tank,
      Can you please let us know where it says unlimited users? The only place I see the word “unlimited” is in the “unlimited potential” headline. All of our plans are billed per user.

      • Within the Settings, under Billing, when you click change plans it’s listed across all of the plans.

        • Martin Henk

          Thanks for pointing this out. We had already fixed it on the marketing website, but not yet inside the app. This message is indeed confusing and will be fixed shortly.

  • Amrit Shivlani

    Hey guys, do I have the flexibility to choose the Gold plan for a few members of my sales team and the Silver plan for the rest?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Amrit,
      The plans are for the entire company so it’s not possible to only upgrade a few people. I can see how is some cases this might be useful, but we feel it would make the whole process way too complex for most companies.

  • Mordechai Bodner

    What about adding integration with Outlook for PipeDrive activities and Outlook calendars? Less important but very desirable the ability to sync Pipedrive contacts with Outlook contacts.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Mordechai,
      While I can’t really promise anything at the moment it does indeed make a lot of sense.

  • scott

    Is there anything on the horizon to be able to assign contacts into “groups” like ACT offers? Or, even the ability to create tags on Contacts to be able to quickly identify groups of Contacts with a tag or multiple tags applied to it?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Scott,
      The easiest way to do this already today is to use Multiple option custom fields for it. This way you can define the categories and easily pick them for each contact either one by one or in bulk. You could then use the filtering functionality to pull up a list of contacts that have the custom field set to a certain value.

      There’s a great article with gifs and videos outlining these things here

  • Kire

    Is there not there a Pipedrive option for a single user, but for free?
    Maybe with some limited functionalities?
    Most systems have it…

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Kire,
      We don’t have a free option of Pipedrive. The price per seat per month is very affordable and we’re sure the value you get from the improved efficiency more than makes up for this.

      • Kire

        Hi Martin,
        Let me give you my thought. Maybe it might make you think in the same direction as well.
        I am a user of Evernote. Nowadays I pay for the service only because I was able to use it for free with limited functionality for much longer than a year.
        I would never buy it directly, without testing it. (the first years I never realy used Evernote. I only had my account there standing stil)

        You might argue that I have 30 days for free to test it, but this is also not enough. There are hardly people who can afford to test a product in only 30 days. You might even make a lot of tests in 30 days, but even so they will never be “real-life” tests. Most of systems (not only CRM) you can only have a real feeling after some months of real use.
        You would then argue that it would be unfair for your company to give everybody a free and unlimited account for many and many months. I would then say that giving people a very long testing period should be no risk for you. Even if you would give me a one-year testing period that does not mean I would put all my company to use it at full speed, so indeed using it in real life for free. It would be too much work to put everybody to use it knowing that in one year I would, maybe, have to abandon everything. In my own specific example, I have opened accounts in all your competitors that offer me a free account for one or two users. At each one of them, I am trying to use them in real life situations, but instead of having all my clients and prospects there, I only have one or two prospects on each different CRM system. With this amount of data, I probably not impacting too much on any IT infrastructure.
        I am a one-man Consulting company. I can use a simple Excel table to monitor my prospects in the same way I can use Google Docs to save my Notes. However, after a while I realized that using Evernote was much better than using GoogleDocs. In the same way, I will also soon discover that using a professional CRM is much better than using Excel and Outlook to keep track of my contacts.
        Making it short: I don’t see having a free version as a risk for you, In the long term you can will certainly gain a lot with it.

        • Martin Henk

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts. While a freemium model might make sense for some companies we don’t feel it’s the right option for us. I hope you’ll be able to see the value during the trial. After all the price is very affordable for what you get for it.

  • Sam Gibbs

    I’m a little confused as to wether Pipedrive is fully compatible with Microsoft outlook. Email calendars etc??? Please clarify. It determine if my company moves forward with the software. Thank you.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Sam,
      We currently only sync Outlook emails 2 way in the Gold plan. We don’t have official sync for Outlook calendars nor contacts, sorry.

      • Sam Gibbs

        Thanks. Is there any plan to include these features? Are we (consumers) forced to use gmail to get full use of pipedrive, where mail sync is concerned?

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Sam,
          We definitely don’t want to force anyone to use any service they don’t like or don’t want to use. We don’t promise future functionality either. So I can’t really give any ETA on outlook contacts or calendar sync I’m afraid. Is there a way you could use Pipedrive and only sync emails and not contacts and calendar by any chance?

          • Sam Gibbs

            Hi Martin. There’s always a “chance” of anything, including winning the lottery…but the reality is that any system used (yours) should conform to a clients (us) workflow, not the other way round UNLESS the new system is vastly better than what (we’ve) got. Seems to me that outlook (and other handlers) have be around a lot longer than pipedrive, so it’s a reasonable to assume there would be a high probability of patrons looking for functionality in their workflow.

            So now the question, what is our recourse if we (clients) want to sync data that we’re plunging into the contacts and calendars of Pipedrive?

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Sam,
            I completely agree that we should offer this functionality. But we don’t have it yet. And we don’t promise on future functionality to lure potential customers to sign up in the hopes of getting something in the future. Unfortunately we don’t have a good solution for your problem at the moment. So if full outlook sync is an absolute requirement for you I can’t really recommend Pipedrive as much as I wanted to.

          • Sam Gibbs

            Here’s the answer…

            Might be prudent to demo this functionality yourselves to determine if you have options to offer future clients like me. We’ll decide if PD is something that fits our needs.

  • Text integration would be GREAT!

    • Mario Tasane

      You are referring to SMS texts? At this point, we have no plans to integrate that option. Some of our users have used Zapier to send out text messages based on the preset conditions.
      See this page for details:

      • Thanks, but not crazy about Zapier. I think integrating SMS drirectly into PipeDrive is the way to go. If I wanted to go with Integrations for every service, I would stay with Salesforce. An All-in-one CRM is much better for your PipeDrive clients, in my opinion. Thanks for your quick reply though. Sincerely, Scott

  • Naila

    Hi, My current plan is silver and have 11 seats. I want to upgrade to Gold but with 3 seats only. Is there any solution to this ?

    • Christopher

      Hi Naila.

      Unfortunately this isn’t possible.
      You would have to upgrade the whole team.

      Feel free to contact support if you would like to discuss this further.