[Feature Release] Pipedrive and Email, Fully Together at Last

Pipedrive email sync feature

Have you ever found yourself looking at a deal in Pipedrive only to get that nagging feeling that you’re missing something? You might have a vivid memory of communicating with the customer and reaching some agreement, or deciding on a plan of action, but because you have 50 other clients you’ve completely forgotten exactly what it was?

“Not a problem,” you think. “I’ll just find the email trail and update everything in a flash.”

So you fire up the old email client and what’s this? 45 unread emails. A quick scan shows some are from the boss, some from clients, and some from names you don’t even recognize.

You quickly open one of the emails from your boss, just to take a peek, and it’s urgent. So you start responding to just the one email. When you look up the next time it’s 45 minutes later and the original deal you were working on has been completely forgotten. Pretty soon you’ll see the deal rotting alert next to this and other deals, and that’s something no one needs or wants to see.

You have workarounds but it’s not the same.

Wouldn’t it be great if all email correspondence around deals or contacts was right there in Pipedrive; linked, organised, and available at the click of a mouse? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could send a response without navigating away from that deal or contact page at all?

Introducing Full Email Sync


We’ve successfully merged your two most-frequently used sales tools – Pipedrive and mail – and we firmly believe that this will:

  • save you time,
  • improve your record keeping, and
  • remove the frustration of constant cross referencing.

Now you can connect your email tool of choice seamlessly with Pipedrive. This means you can send email from Pipedrive that will also appear in your email tool. Conversely, anything you send from Gmail.com or an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, will be automatically logged in Pipedrive, attached to the contact or deal of your choice. Everything in one place, just as it should be.

No more switching back and forth between Pipedrive and your email, frantically trying to align deals and communication, because we know that nothing breaks your concentration like leaving Pipedrive to go check another application.

So we’ll save you a whole whack of time and increase productivity, all in one fell swoop, while making sure all the information you need is captured securely inside Pipedrive.

Deal detail view

Control who sees what

Deal information is often sensitive, and sales people are naturally competitive. As a sales manager, you may want to control the information flow inside your business tightly. We’ve made provision for this. While the default setting for email sync is ‘shared’ you can choose ‘private’ if you’re feeling secretive.

In addition, if an email is not linked to a deal or contact, your team members will also not be able to see it. This also means that the mails you see inside Pipedrive are pertinent and meaningful. No email noise, no clutter. Just the deals and contacts and the emails directly involved with them. This leads to increased productivity and a smooth sales process.

Deal detail view2

Smart Email Bcc – The second solution

You may be the rare modern salesperson who doesn’t rely that heavily on email and sends only a couple a day, or you may even enjoy the challenge of multi-tasking between platforms. Our existing Smart Email Bcc feature is the perfect solution for low volume sales teams. It allows you to easily copy emails to Pipedrive deals or contacts.

With Smart Email Bcc You get a personal companyname@pipedrivemail.com email address you can Bcc, no matter which email provider or client you use. If you’re not using this feature yet, you can get a full tutorial watching this great video.

Table 2

How do I get it?

Smart Email Bcc is our default solution and is available to all users on the Silver plan. Simply go to the mail page in Pipedrive and start Bcc’ing when sending emails. (Haven’t heard of the Silver plan? Please click here to read about our new tiered pricing system).

For Full Email Sync, you’ll have to go Gold or Platinum. If you’re the administrator of your account, upgrade to the Gold or Platinum plan in the billing section.

Then, once you have successfully upgraded, go to Settings > Personal > Email integration. Here you can connect your email, choose which labels or folders you wish to sync and then start syncing.

[Humming the theme tune to Goldfinger while you do this is completely optional, but we suggest you give it a try.]


While you’re in the settings page, you can configure the rest of your set-up. Auto-connect to deals, add a signature and add emails to “ignore addresses” (emails from this address will not be synced). You can also choose what to do when you Archive or Delete a thread in Pipedrive i.e. do you want the same to happen in your email client or not. This is also the time to set all emails’ default visibility to shared or private.

Please remember that you can upgrade or downgrade between these two solutions at any time.

Supported providers: Gmail and Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync), Outlook.com (aka Hotmail), iCloud (aka MobileMe or DotMac), any custom account syncing via generic IMAP as well as a whole raft of smaller providers.

We’ve also put together this handy FAQ, which should answer any questions you have regarding the set-up of Full Email Sync, while this Tiered Pricing FAQ elaborates on the new plans.

Happy emailing


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Maria Lasprilla

Product Manager @ Pipedrive, having a blast. Member of techsisters.org. Books, dogs and cafeterias are my obsessions.

  • Paul Carollo

    Looking forward to checking this out – does this upgrade (particularly using it with ActiveSync/ Outlook Exchange) do anything for syncing contacts between Pipedrive and Outlook? Thanks!

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Hi Paul, the upgrade is purely about Email Sync. You can sync your emails from your Active Sync or Exchange account, but not your contacts. We’ll consider this for the future.

  • Ed

    Also interested in trying this out, although it does obviously come at a bit of a premium! Shame you can’t give existing customers a month’s trial of the Gold tier to see whether it works for us!

    One question – in the video from the blog, I think you said something about mails which are not linked to deals/contacts being private even if your default setting for mail is “shared”. I guess that makes sense (if there’s no contact/org/deal, then how would anyone get to see the mail as my in-box is private) but can you confirm I’m not misunderstanding this? I wouldn’t want to turn on email sync and suddenly have all my private conversations visible.

    Actually, one thing that has just occurred to me is that, having used the SmartBCC for a while, most of the internal company are now in pipedrive as contacts (based on cases where they’ve been copied on mails to external folks). We’d need to delete these internal contacts and make sure no-one still used the SmartBCC method when including internal folks on mails – otherwise confidential internal emails may suddenly get exposed (for example, an email between manager and managee). Is there any way to ensure that specific mails (for example, purely within the local domain) aren’t added to contacts, etc.?

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Hi Ed,
      You can give a try to the Gold tier with a 50% discount for 3 months, which is virtually the same price as the Silver plan.

      Re emails visibility: you can set all your emails to be private by default before you sync them, and select only specific conversations to be shared which your colleagues could then see linked to a deal/contact. If the email conversation is set to “private”, even if linked, only you can see it.

      We do not automatically create contacts from users with Smart Bcc or from any contacts when you sync. Since you already have some of those created you could delete them and you should be fine. Or add them to the ignored addresses list (see your settings in https://app.pipedrive.com/settings#email-sync).

      • Ed

        Thanks Maria – I’d not spotted that there was a 50% 3 discount of Gold for existing members. [You should mention this in the post!]

        You say “we do not automatically create contacts from users with Smart Bcc” – can you explain? Currently (i.e. on Silver plan) you certainly do create contacts when mails come via SmartBCC (and the video above even talks about the fact this is deliberate as copying “Smart BCC” is a deliberate action).

        As you say, though, I could delete the existing “internal” contacts (but then the problem is that if other people in my org don’t transition to use the email sync while I’m trialling it, then these “SmartBCC” contacts may come back)! Alternatively, maybe just defaulting to Private will be best (although the whole point here is to make filing of customer emails frictionless for my team – having to go and mark conversations as shared may still be too much of a barrier of entry!).

        As there’s basically a 3 month trial, though, I’m going to have a play to see what I can do with a combination of private and ignored addresses, before rolling it out to the rest of the team.

        • Maria Lasprilla


          What I meant was that if you have several people as part of the same Pipedrive account, we refer to them as “users”. If you Bcc an email that contains the email address of a user, we won’t create a contact for that user. We create it for non-existing contacts that do not match users’ email addresses.

          Does that make sense?

          • Ed

            Thanks Maria – that does make sense and explains why I’ve got contacts for some of my users, but not others (while we trialled the system, we only set up some folks with accounts, while others got auto-created!).

            I’ve upgraded, so am giving it a try out now!

  • Ewoud B

    Cool feature, it finally arrived! What about email templates? Any features for that, currently available or planned? We use an custom email template engine right now that integrates with gmail and that we use extensively. It really helps with the workload of our sales team.

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Hi Ewoud. We don’t have templates available at the moment. However, we may consider it for future versions. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Szymon

        Hi Maria, +1 for template feature. It’s really needed!

      • Jimmy Caravotas

        Hi Maria,

        Any news on this? Evaluating a few CRMs at moment before making a decision (HubSpot, Zoho, PiepDrive, e.t.c) Even if you don’t have the feature right now I might go with pipedrive knowing that it is at least a planned feature in your roadmap.


        • Maria Lasprilla

          Hi Jimmy. We do have templates in plans for 2017. I cannot promise a date, since you know how many factors come into play that can delay or accelerate things, but I can say it’s one of the things we have planned for Q2 of this year.

          • Jimmy Caravotas

            Thanks Maria, thats good to know 😉

    • Robert Jackson

      +1 for shared email templates.

      • Ivan

        Plus 15 for templates 🙂 but intelligent ones that personalize

        • Szymon

          Completely agree that Templates should be a core feature of Pipedrive, it’s a great time saver and relying on 3rd party apps is just not enough!

    • Bo Pedersen

      +1 for email templates. Seems like an obvious upgrade.

  • ES

    +1 for Email Templates

    • C.

      Urgh… I don’t want another email client.

      I want my email client to be Gmail. I want my CRM to be Pipedrive.

      This is an awkward marriage of features.

      • Martin Henk

        The beauty of this functionality is you don’t need to use Pipedrive as your email client. You can use Gmail or any other email client you like on desktop or mobile. The emails will be synced automatically in the background.

        You can use the Mail page to keep an eye on the incoming emails to link them to deals as needed, set sharing settings, etc. And quickly reply to an email from within a deal if needed. But it’s not required in any way.

        We think it’s better for your focus to not jump from tool to another so we want to give you an option to manage your email inside Pipedrive. But if you’d rather not do this we don’t mind.

        • Quick question on that:
          If I receive an email, and open in google apps, it will appear “open” in pipedrive as well… correct?

          • Martin Henk

            Hi David,
            Yes, it will be marked as read in Pipedrive automatically.

  • mmoretto

    i’ll spend +2100€/year to get this feature..thanks Pipedrive!

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Please note that upgrading to Gold plan is optional and you can continue to use all the sales management features we’ve launched to date, including Smart Email BCC, without any extra cost.

      Full Email Sync offers a lot of added value to customers and it is a more costly service to offer for Pipedrive, so we think it’s fair to charge more for that. According to our research, at 25 EUR/USD per user, the Gold plan is a competitive offering.

      • Stuart Brameld

        Agreed, this is pretty ridiculous, existing customers have been waiting since mid-2014 for what is perhaps the longest feature development in startup history. and now it’s a cost upgrade. We’ll be leaving Pipedrive this month. It’s less a cost thing, more a lack of confidence in how the business values existing customers.

        • mmoretto

          Any other platform to suggest?

          • Archit Agarwal

            HubSpot works pretty well.

          • Eduard Canela

            Hi Guys, I have no interest in Pipedrive other than being a customer for two months now, I only want to add my experience as it might be helpful to you.
            One thing that I really would love to have in Pipedrive, is templates and read notifications, so a couple of weeks ago I tried Hubspot CRM, which looks great in the specs sheet.
            I just managed to use it for a couple of days as it doesn’t work as nicely as Pipedrive does. Pipedrive is great at handling your sales pipeline and if this is what you need, I think there is no better option right now.
            Hubspot has great functionality, but right now, it does too many things and none of them in an outstanding way. On top of that, the free package is good, but the Hubspot Sales paid package comes at $50/user, and you can find cheaper options for that functionality when you combine Pipedrive (silver) and Yesware, Mixmax or other options.
            Another point that is better with Pipedrive (which is important for me) is Mailchimp integration.
            Hope this is useful

          • Archit Agarwal

            Agree with most points there. Pipedrive also has a better app (both iOS iPhone and iPad)

            All comes down to whether you need email templates and sales automation integrated.

            That being said Pipedrive is definitely smoother, more intuitive and pretty good for the price they are charging.

            And there’s more integrations with zapier for Pipedrive. So yeah it really depends on what you are looking for and want to prioritize.

            Hope it helps.

  • Dan Locke

    I am not so pleased. We have been customers for a few years. The Gmail Sync Feature was basically supposed to do what your touting the new premium feature will do. It’s been a headache for most of the time and had me in hours of conversations with your support people; always to be told “we’re working on it and you’ll have it”.

    In other words, we haven’t been getting what you sold us for some time now.

    You bcc feature has been around for a while, but that means an extra step and an extra habit to drill everyone into. Not so easy when dealing with some people already frustrated handling their existing stuff.

    So now you are ready to deliver basically what you said you could do when we subscribed for the application, but at a much increased cost. I imagine there’s improvements in this over what we were originally promised, but…

    How about another package where you deliver exactly what we were promised when we bought, at the same price? Maybe even get some credit for the months we did not have it?

    That would be wonderful for your PR. What you’re presenting here does not make our company happier with you.

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Dan, I totally understand your frustration here. Indeed, we’ve been working on email sync for a long time and have also communicated it to customers like you but we haven’t been advertising it in the same way we have advertised our core, non-beta features.

      The thing is, full email integration is really hard. There are serious technical challenges as well as design challenges involved in merging a sales management app and email. Our first attempt wasn’t something we or customers were happy with and we’re killing this project. The silver lining is that we learned many invaluable lessons that are now part of Full Email Sync and Gold plan, so now we have an email integration feature we can proudly offer.

      Building this feature and offering it comes at a notable extra cost to us, and because it offers a lot of added value to customers, we think it’s fair to charge more for that. And as far as we know, even at 25 EUR/USD per user, the Gold plan is still a very competitive offering.

      • Stuart Brameld

        Totally agree with Dan here, this is pretty ridiculous, existing customers have been waiting since mid-2014 for what is perhaps the longest feature development in startup history. and now it’s a cost upgrade. We’ll be leaving Pipedrive this month. It’s less a cost thing, more a lack of confidence in how the business values existing customers.

        • Maria Lasprilla


          I am sorry you feel that way and I hear you. We do care for our customers, which is why after much learning and consideration we decided to embark on a new solution to offer this feature. Having released the beta version from 2014 to the public would have not offered you or others what you needed.

          At the same time, this new solution came at a cost to us as a company which is why the higher price was necessary.

          I’ll be happy to hear further feedback from you and share more details. I’ll be following up via email later today.

          • Like the others here, I would have valued being grandfathered on this feature. I get it that you need tiered pricing for products that cost you more as a company, but do that to NEW customers, not existing ones. Now I feel like we’re pushed back in features while paying the same amount.

          • Marco Zari

            I agree totally. I also was contacting support service for a bulk handling of e-mail as it is very frustrating deleting one by one and I was told you were working on that. Now I am surprised to learn that it necessary to pay double for this feature. I’m really disappointed!

          • Maria Lasprilla

            Hi Marco,

            There is no need to pay additional to get the new interface. You will get it as soon as we have migrated your account away from the Gmail Sync Beta.

          • Marco Zari

            Thank you Maria, when do you think I can expect that my account will be migrated?

          • Maria Lasprilla

            We are planning to do this on the second half of next week.

          • Marco Zari

            Great) thank you

          • Marco Zari

            Hello Maria, any news about this update?

          • Maria Lasprilla

            Hi Marco, can you please send me an email to support@pipedrive.com with the name of your company and I will check the details of your account.


          • Harry

            I agree, we’ve been using PD for years. We liked the Gmail Sync, it worked fine, now we have to change tiers to get what we already had.

            ***ALSO***, please add a populate template option. All the boxes are filled with information, we should be able to click a button and use those boxes to autofill a template.

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Harry,
            We’re sorry the Gmail beta turned out this way. But we feel the new sync is well worth the higher price.
            We’ll see what we can do about the templates. Definitely makes a lot of sense.

        • Liane Cafarate

          I agree with them. Pipedrive was a really easy app, but this mail sync was always a pain. Now you are offering it, but the price increase is huge (it is almost three times the price we pay today). And considering our company is located in Brazil, the price isn’t competitive at all. I feel really disapointed.

  • David

    Looks great. Will be trying it out over the next few days! Email templates are critically for my business as it saves so much time. I currently use Yesware for this.

    I understand Yesware integrates with Pipedrive. Would I be able to use my Yesware templates to create emails in Pipedrive?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi David,
      Thanks! You can keep on using Gmail with YesWare if you’d like and all the emails you send will be automatically synced into Pipedrive in the background.

  • Henri Mecklin


    • Martin Henk

      Hi Henri,
      This sync is only about emails. We don’t publicly promise on any future functionality, but a calendar sync with exchange/office365 does make a lot of sense…

      • Henri Mecklin

        Yes, it does make a lot of sense. You already support Google Calendar (and Contacts if i remember right). Google Apps for Business and Office 365 are the two major collaboration tool platforms. And Office 365 uses Exchange ActiveSync. I am sure you are aware how many businesses are relying on Exchange ActiveSync protocol in their communication – email, calendar, contacts, tasks. Whether that be via Office 365 or by other hosted Exchange servers.

        If you ask me, that would be a no-brainer to add Office 365 integration. And before you mention that you have a 3rd party handling that, I would like to say that after trying it with couple of different accounts, it does not carry the same quality and devotion for your customers success as your own product does. No SAML/Oauth/SSO via the two services, one-way sync, timezones not working, etc. I am referring to pipedriveoutlooksync.

        • Martin Henk

          Yes, we take this opportunity very seriously especially now that a great deal of our users are moving to Office 365. And I agree that non-affiliated 3rd parties such as pipedriveoutlooksync are not the answer here. Hopefully we’ll have some good news about this functionality in the not too distant future.

          • Tomáš Brzica

            Sounds good. I hope it will not increase a price, becouse it is on the edge for us now.

  • Jonathan Price

    What about a mobile application update? I have upgrade my account for the email two way but the mobile app looks the same. When is email management going to be added to that?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Jonathan,
      The emails that are synced into Pipedrive do show up in the mobile app and I think we’re doing a great job showing these emails in our apps. We don’t however currently have plans to build a fully functional email client into the mobile apps the way we did with the web app.

      The beauty of the full sync is you can use any email client you like and the emails will still end up in Pipedrive. They will be linked to the contacts automatically and more often than not they will also be linked to that one open deal you have going on with them automatically.

      In case you do need to link something manually you’ll have to use the web app though.

      • Alex Hedbany

        As nice as the web application is, it would still be great to add email management to the mobile app when salesman are on the road!

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Alex,
          We’ll keep this in mind, but honestly I wouldn’t hold my breath. We see many mobile specific things we should improve in our apps before we’d go into full blown email management on mobile.

  • Eduard Canela

    Hi Guys, this is a great upgrade and I will definitely be trying it. However, I am testing some other tools (Yesware, Streak …) in order to have opened email notifications and it would be great to have this build into Pipedrive. Please consider adding this and also email templates in order to give a full solution!


    • Maria Lasprilla

      Hi Eduard,

      We are happy to consider this as a suggestion for future developments, but cannot promise anything. For now, you can try several of the 3rd party integrations we have to help you get what you need https://www.pipedrive.com/en/integrations

    • Eduard,

      Consider MixMax. It let’s us auto bcc to our pipedrive email sync as well as provides a live feed of opens

      • Eduard Canela

        Hi Ben,

        Thank you for the advice. I’ve been checking their website and it looks quite similar to what I am looking for. I will give it a try

      • David Wong

        Hi Ben, I came across your post while researching Pipedrive & MixMax integration. Trying to see if these two tools can work together. Just curious, how do you overcome the problem where MixMax gives ‘false’ open notifications when you BCC the email into Pipedrive. As what i have observed is that if you view the Contact/Deal record in Pipedrive with a BCC’ed email, MixMax gives me a false notification that someone opened my email.

        • Hi David,

          There is no way around it but if you hover over the little lightning bolt that MixMax puts next to your email, it shows you who’s opened the email. If it’s Pipedrive, you know your target has not read it yet

  • practicalprecision

    It just baffles me that this is presented as a new feature when GMail two-way sync does this already and is now being removed. I’m fine if Pipedrive wants to introduce tiers. And I guess this post is more focused on new clients. It just annoys me as a paying customer to receive an email phrased as though I am receiving a benefit when I actually I need to start paying more or lose one of the key features of Pipedrive.

    I had already been evaluating Contactually, whose relationship-centric model better suits my consulting business. This change in pricing will factor into the decision to switch.

    Another issue I have with Pipedrive is that its Google Contacts sync doesn’t even recognize basic fields like Title, which isn’t reassuring for the new email sync.

    • practicalprecision

      Like I said, I would probably be happy paying $25/month (and am even considering a more expensive alternative). But my sales team is just me.

      Reading some of the response below from people with larger teams, it definitely seems like you could have done a better job of communicating with existing customers, especially those using Gmail sync. As an exiting customer, I was put off by the tone and the content, which seemed oblivious to the implication for me (do they think I won’t notice). I can only imagine how it comes across to people for whom it means an increase of $1200 to $2500 and not $12 to $25.

      • Andrus P

        Let me chime in here, I am head of marketing here at Pipedrive.

        I fully agree we could have done a better job at communicating this to the subset of customers that were using our Gmail sync beta. This wasn’t a large number of customers and this is the main reason we (read: I) overlook that aspect of the launch but nevertheless the communication was poorly handled. Sorry for the frustration this has caused and the damage done to our reputation!

        Though it may not appear this way based on this, keeping customers happy is really important to us. If there’s anything at all we can do to make this right for you, or if you have any questions, please contact our support or shoot me an email directly (andrus at pipedrive dot com)

  • Love it. Found it Sunday by accident, immediately upgraded to gold to use 2 way sync. Also a great feature for someone like me who is only doing part time sales do I’m not living in Pipedrive every day. Keeps everything in much better sync with automation.

    – Jeremy

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! Glad you like it.

  • This is a step backwards. You’re not my email provider, you’re a CRM and the best CRM is the one you have to log into least. Email on the other hand is a core component of communication.

    What about emails that are not sales related? Or emails I want to send from an alias or when i have to search back to 2014 in my sent box or when I use ios mail on my phone? This is stressful just considering.

    Allowing me to sync via a Gmail extension and select the pipe where I and my entire team already work, would have been far more useful and far stickier.

    Not only are we not “upgrading” but seeing the direction you’re heading in, we will be actively seekig out new solutions.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Ben,
      Sorry to hear you feel this way. Would love to hear why you think it’s a step backwards.

      The full sync pulls emails into Pipedrive automatically in the background so you can keep on using your current tools if you like. We’re definitely not trying to become your email provider.

      You can use the mail page for sending emails or reply to an email directly from within a deal and we feel it’s great for keeping your focus, but it’s not a requirement.

      The big benefit is you no longer have to actively push emails into Pipedrive. It’s easy to BCC on outgoing emails, but making sure each reply is sent to Pipedrive manually could be tricky, no?

      • Mark,

        I appreciate the reply.

        What you call “features” we see as just another thing to login to for email.

        Yes managing via bcc sucks but the solution isn’t to try and build your own email tool and hope a team of 6 or 60 switches to it. The solution is allowing us to manage from within gmail or outlook or mac mail through an extension.

        What you’ve done, from our point of view, is start to strip away the reason we chose Pipedrive in the first place. It wasn’t feature dense and It plays nicely with other systems we already use. You’re moving backwards for us because you’re trying to become the very thing we left. A bloated, self-important, salesforce type CRM.

        Why not improve your Zapier integration instead? Find new ways of helping us maximize efficiency where we already work.

        Let me know one of my clients is nearby on my phone. (For example).

        Does this make sense or am I turning into my father and just complaining because you’re trying to move my cheese?

        • Martin Henk

          Thanks for the answer Ben,
          I think we all turn into our parents eventually. So there might be a bit of that in your frustration 🙂
          We definitely don’t want to make the product bloated or self important. And honestly I don’t see how pulling emails in automatically in the background does that. Sorry if it’s making you feel this way.

          • Martin,

            It’s not pulling emails automatically per se that’s an issue. If people want to give you all their email and sort inside Pipedrive. Ok. My issue is that rather than trying to help our team achieve efficiencies so we can close deals faster by building integrations with systems we already use, it appears Pipedrive is trying to become more of a destination.

            That doesn’t work for us. Don’t force me to login to a new thing to do a thing if you don’t have to is what I’m saying.

            For example; 3 features that would make us more productive:

            1. A Gmail / Outlook extension that allowed me to designate the deal and adjust the place in the pipeline, right inside the email composer so I don’t have to login to Pipedrive to sort.

            2. Tighter integration with Zapier so I can do things like move items through a pipeline based on an action, email headline or create an event in MY calendar (not pipedrives) on Google Calendars that contains a trigger like word in the title that allows Zapier to create an event associated with a deal.

            3. Email open tracking. But don’t build your own. Integrate with awesome systems like MixMax. Or build your own, but allow Zapier to get in there as well.

            (btw, I would upgrade or pay more in a heartbeat to have these three things.)

            Like I said. We chose PD after working with other CRM’s that didn’t play well with others and tried to force us into their flow.

            Hope this was helpful. We do love the product and look forward to seeing improvements that help us sell more!

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Ben,
            Fair enough 🙂 We strongly believe it’s better for your sales focus to manage your deals and emails in the same place. We’d like that place to be Pipedrive, but if you’d like that place to be Gmail or Outlook we’ll also have to help you out.

            1. We’ll see what we can do about mail widgets
            2. Are you sure it’s not already possible with Zapier? I haven’t tried all of these things, but with their multiple step Zaps I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t get any of these tasks done.
            3. Makes perfect sense. But where would you send the email and where would you see the results? If we build it ourselves it would force you to send emails from Pipedrive. If we integrate with a 3rd party I don’t see how it would make any difference for you if you still want to use Gmail and don’t want to log into Pipedrive 🙂 We would have click stats in Pipedrive that you’d never want to see anyways. Ok, I know, I’m getting annoying already so I’ll stop 🙂

          • Not annoying at all. I love that you’re this engaged and only makes me want to stick around more, if only to see if you deliver. I wouldn’t be this engaged if we weren’t passionate about making Pipedrive work for us.

            Addressing #2, I’m sure. and for #3, happy to take someone through our workflow to clarify. Of course, we’re one smallish clients so I won’t be offended if that doesn’t make sense for your team.

            Feel free to email me at ben@flowpress.com if you have anymore questions.

          • Peter Daneels

            +15 for the mail widgets……as said, I will love Pipedrive even more if you dont force me logging into it…..

          • Peter Daneels

            totally agree with 1 => I totally love Pipedrive, but as much as I love it, the love doesn’t grow by “having to” log into it……. people do spend a lot of time in their email clients and I don’t see that changing any time soon

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Peter,
            We definitely don’t want to force anyone to log into Pipedrive. This is why be sync the emails into Pipedrive in the background whichever email client you use.
            That said, we do understand the need for a plugin for your email client. Can’t promise anything at the moment, but never say never.

          • Peter Daneels

            Hi Martin or team…..just noticed there is a “plug in” for Office 365….are you guys still considering something for Gmail as well? Thx

          • Christopher

            Hi Peter,

            It is being considered but can’t promise anything right now.


        • Andrus P

          Ben, thank you for the “or am I turning into my father and just complaining because you’re trying to move my cheese”!

          As a marketer I am obliged to ask you for your T-shirt size and send you one as the next step, but I can take it like a man if you’d prefer to pass on the offer.

          • Ha. Well done.

            Send over a Medium and a Large if you can. My wife doesn’t allow me to bring home new “logo” shirts, but my team is always up for wearing a brand we use. Thank you.

        • I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment “The solution is allowing us to manage from within gmail or outlook or mac mail through an extension.” I switched from CapsuleCRM to PipeDrive because PD does a better job of visualizing the pipeline and a few other elements… but I seriously miss the Google Apps integration that allowed me to manage email association and contact details within the place I spend the most time – Gmail (vs. Pipedrive).

          Keep improving PD, I like the work you are doing, but please strongly consider an integration like the one above.

  • Jason Chagnon

    This is excellent news. This will make it much easier to manage my sales team and their communications! Thanks

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks Jason,
      It makes me glad to hear you like the new functionality. We’ve been working very hard to build it.

      • I am sure it was no easy task! Thanks for the work you put in.

  • DJ

    Very glad to hear that this feature is going live! Love Pipedrive already, but this will make it that much better.

    Can’t believe how many complainers there are in the comments. If you can’t afford $25 per month for a CRM, then you need a better business, not a cheaper CRM.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks DJ,
      I’m really glad to hear you think this makes Pipedrive much better.

  • sbonneau

    Great features! We use the integrated emails all the time. They’re so helpful! (You guys watch Silicon Valley, don’t you?)

  • Alan Radomsky

    The email sync is a great feature that I was actually wishing for and wondering why it didn’t exist in the past few days. I’ve been struggling to get the bcc feature working (problem with verification emails) and this would solve that and obviously be much better.

    However, As a startup and small user with very tight cash flow, I can’t justify doubling my expense for Pipedrive just to get this functionality. I also understand your need to price your product appropriately so that your business is profitable and you have appropriate cash flow, etc. This isn’t a rant about the pricing, just some feedback.

    With the email and some other limitations of the silver plan, I’ll probably look for a different solution until Pipedrive is a better fit for me. On the site, it says that Email Sync is the first automation innovation to be added to the gold plan. Is there any information on the other new functionality that might justify the price increase for me?

    • Martin Henk

      We want to keep Pipedrive as affordable as possible. And while the Gold plan is twice as expensive compared to Silver it’s still the most affordable comparable solution that we know of. And we’re sure the added value you get from the improved efficiency will more than make up for the $25 you spend on it monthly.

      We’re only getting started with the Gold plan. While we don’t want to publicly promise any future functionality there will be more automation and synchronization features coming to the plan in the future.

      • Keith Smith

        Martin, I think you missed the key point of the original post. They say they’ve been struggling to get the bcc feature to work, which is precisely what our issue is. We’ve tried to use it since it was introduced last year, but have to continue to go back to the specific bcc per deal because the general one rarely ever works, with no rhyme or reason as to why. We’ve reported this multiple times. I was hoping with this new announcement that the feature would now be working, but after some initial testing it is still not.

        I guess that’s one way to get your customers to upgrade – let’s hope the email sync feature actually works.

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Keith,
          I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the Smart BCC. If you say “not working” do you mean it not automatically linking the incoming email to the correct deal or the email not ending up in Pipedrive at all? If your problem is with the automatic linking I don’t think the 2 way sync will help you as it’s using the same linking logic. Then again once you link a thread to a deal, every following email will nicely drop into the same thread and be linked to the correct deal automatically.

          Because they had mentioned problems with verification emails I’m pretty sure they’re having a different issue. My guess is they’re trying to set up automatic forwarding of emails which we don’t support with the Smart BCC.

  • hey i share one pipedrive account with one other in the office and we share the same email address using microsoft exchange – can we get rid of exchange now and just use gold plan ? sharing the one pipedrive account ? hmmm

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Anton,
      You’ll still need the exchange. Or any other email provider in the back end. We won’t be replacing it. Simply pulling in emails automatically.

  • Andrea R

    I agree with Ben Fox here. What ABOUT emails that are not sales related or remotely Pipedrive (PD) related? Are all of those going to be put into PD? Are all of those contacts going to be put into PD? Is there a way to have PD users within the same company have different “versions” of PD? I assume once the whole company goes to Gold or Platinum, everyone has the Full Email Sync whether they want it or not? Lots of questions that I didn’t really see answers to thus far.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Andrea,
      – It’s possible to only sync a specific label/folder or a set of labels/folders. This way you can have more control over which emails end up in Pipedrive and which don’t.
      – Even if non sales related emails appear in the Mail page in Pipedrive it doesn’t mean they’re visible for any other user in your Pipedrive account. We’ve made the Mail page private even for admins in the company.
      – The only way other users see your emails is when the emails are marked as shared AND are linked to a deal or a person in Pipedrive. As long as you have an email set as private or you haven’t created a Pipedrive contact with the email address of the other party the email will not be visible to others in your account.
      – We don’t create contacts automatically with the full sync. You can manually create contacts from the people you email if they’re not listed as a person in Pipedrive yet.
      – All users in one Pipedrive account have the same plan. It’s not possible to upgrade individual users to Gold or Platinum. Each user will then have access to the full sync, but it’s not required for them to take advantage of it. They will have to go and set it up for themselves. So you can still choose which users will be syncing emails automatically and which don’t. The price increase will affect all of them though, yes.

      I hope this helps

      • Andrea R

        Hi Martin – thank you so much for your reply!! It does help a great deal! This is exactly what I wanted to know. 🙂 We have some thinking to do about moving to the full sync, but this at least clears up most of what I was wondering about. Thanks again!!

      • C.

        With Pipedrive sucking all my (non-sales related) emails into the app, I have to decide now if I trust Pipedrive to not accidentally show my non-sales related emails as attached to deals.

        Example: Employee reviews, terminations, new hires, pay rate discussions with managers, conversations with my wife, etc.

        It seems like if we want to use this feature I have to decided weather or not I trust Pipedrive to show these emails to the entire team… *gulp*.

        It’s a pretty big trust-hurdle to overcome.

        Kind of scary.

        • Andrea R

          I completely agree and these are my hesitations with it too. There are far too many emails I do NOT want or need the rest of the company to see as they are confidential in nature and do not need to be displayed to everyone.

        • Martin Henk

          Hi C,

          I completely understand this hesitation. This is why we have different options for syncing your email.

          For the ones that need to log emails in Pipedrive only every once in a while there’s the Smart BCC option. It offers full control over which email ends up in Pipedrive as you need to do it manually.

          If you are in a role that is quite active in sales and needs to have many emails logged but you’re also handling a large amount of non-sales related emails that you’d never want to share with the rest of the company you can use the “sync only specific labels” option of the sync. This way you can label your sales related email threads for easy logging into Pipedrive while being sure the rest is no where near the CRM.

          If you’re a full time sales person and need most of your correspondence logged you can use the “sync all emails” approach.

          On top of this, as long as an email is marked as private in Pipedrive it will not be visible in the system to anyone else, even other admin users, even if it’s linked to a deal or a contact that they have access to. So if you’re worried about an email being shared with others in your company you might want to mark it as private and keep your default sharing setting as private so you can share specific threads as needed.

  • Andrea R

    I agree with Ben Fox here. What ABOUT emails that are not sales related or remotely Pipedrive (PD) related? Are all of those going to be put into PD? Are all of those contacts going to be put into PD? Is there a way to have PD users within the same company have different “versions” of PD? I assume once the whole company goes to Gold or Platinum, everyone has the Full Email Sync whether they want it or not? Lots of questions that I didn’t really see answers to thus far. (if this just posted a second time, I apologize. It seems to have disappeared on my side)

  • Tomáš Brzica

    Hello pipedrive team, I have got some questions for you:
    I am from Czech Republic and I would like to pay in USD. Is it possible? What country is invoice coming from? USA? Some country in EU? Why are you adding VAT? We are a LTD company and we need invoice without VAT (I have asked our accountant advisor about it). What “things” are you counting into 5GB limit (gold scenario)? Size of database? Bodies of emails? Email attachements and files?

    Thanks for answers.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Tomáš,
      It’s not possible for European customers to pay us in US dollars. All European customers get billed in Euros by our Estonian entity. If you have a VAT number for your company you can add that to your billing details and you won’t be charged VAT by us. You might need to contact our support if you’ve already started paying and are unable to add the VAT number after the fact.

      We’re working on details for the different storage levels. At this stage it’s worth noting that this feature is meant to manage use cases with extremely heavy data storage/transfer; this shouldn’t have any impact for most customers. We want our customers using Pipedrive actively.

      • Tomáš Brzica

        Hello Martin, Thanks for answers. I am tesing pipedrive now. I am in a trial period. I have upgraded to GOLD and I have added VAT number. I belive we will have invoice without VAT – if we wiil decide to use pipedrive as our CRM.

  • Petri

    Great improvement and it works nice. I still need the possibility to specify an account to which I want to link a specific email, without having to have that person receiving the email. Not all emails link to a deal! Please can this function be included. Thanks

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks Petri,
      Manual linking to contacts without sending them an email is something we’re considering as future functionality, but I can’t really promise anything at the moment.

  • Pandora

    Is there a way you can bulk email deals in a particular pipeline? This would be very useful! Currently we are having to send the same email individually to each deal which is very time consuming. I know other platforms offer this as a service which we are unfortunately needing to consider as we can’t see this as an option in pipedrive. Very interested to know if something like this is possible in pipedrive?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Pandora,
      There’s currently no good way for this directly in Pipedrive. The best I can think of is to create a filter in the People menu and export to Mailchimp using the integration we have.
      Functionality like this would make a lot of sense, we’ll certainly consider it as a future update to the email feature.

  • Ivan

    Sync is not working for me, I hit delete nothing happens. Making those non-usable. And if I delete out of my Outlook it remains in pipedrive mail.

    I need bi directional sync to work or I wasted money.

    • Maria Lasprilla

      Hi Ivan,

      Can you please look at your Settings in https://app.pipedrive.com/settings#email-sync and check if the Delete option is set to “Yes”. If it is and the problem persists, please send a request to support for us to look into this http://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us


      • Ivan

        Unfortunately it is and not working. It seems there is a major issue between my email account and pipedrive 🙁

        I reached out to support, no answer yet. But I want to see if I can create a new account and try a clean setup to see if that works. The settings seem “baked” into my account when I “re-set” it up.

  • Ian Sikora

    Exchange ActiveSync meaning we don’t need IMAP enabled on the Exchagne server, correct? Can use the https://{domain-name}/ews/exchange.asmx url?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Ian,
      That’s right.

  • Mikael Stendahl

    Great. Now that you connect to Exchange, why stop at emails. Contacts and Calendar would be great to get synced as well without having to rely on 3rd party solutions.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! This would indeed make a lot of sense. Can’t promise anything at the moment though

  • Lucas Cavalcanti Melo

    +1 for Email Templates
    Any idea when it will have that feature?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Lucas,
      Templates make a lot of sense. Can’t promise any dates, but hopefully soon.

  • Steve Jones

    What about mailing more than one contact at a time. Not huge numbers, just enough to be able to send the same offer to a number of leads for example

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Steve,
      It’s currently not possible, but would definitely make a lot of sense along with templates. Can’t promise anything at the moment, but we’re thinking about these for sure.

  • Fantastic Feature! But it would be Super Fantastic if you include templates & bulk / broadcast email to cotnacts (as with Nimble / Insightly) – remember if you want “400 emails a day” ability… you gotta take advantage of such sending capacity.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the kind words Jose! While I can’t really promise anything we’ll certainly keep the templates in mind for future updates.

  • ReginaB

    Seems like a great solution, but it’s for email only. If you want to sync calendars and contacts between Outlook and Google – Sync2 is the best solution. I’ve been using it for months and ha no complaints. Check it out: http://www.sync2.com/share-outlook-google-calendar-sync.aspx

  • SSK

    There is a significant limitation with respect to the company maintaining control over its information as there is plenty of scope for a disgruntled employee to hide or corrupt data.

    I imagine most companies want to enforce full capture of all sales related emails but don’t want sensitive non-sales related information to appear in a hosted 3rd party application such as Pipedrive.

    The process also needs to prevent sales people from screening information that the company may wish to see. e.g customer complaints. It appears that each user can choose which emails to sync by selecting or deselecting ‘labels’ which to my understanding are effectively folders hosted on the exchange server.

    PD then does a full sync with the selected folders. Under these circumstances the sales person could stop a sales email being pushed into PD by deselecting the folder under their profile.

    I would have thought that email synchronisation could be setup at a company level by an admin so that all emails passing through the sales persons inbox and sent items folder that relate to sales contacts are automatically logged in PD. It should also be possible to lock these communications down so that users can’t hide or delete customer correspondence. Any information passing through a company email account, after all, belongs to the company and not the individual.

    The ability for admins to choose whether all emails in a folder are synced or just those that relate to sales interactions is a definite must for any organisation wanting to maintain the integrity of their sales information without cluttering up PD with irrelevant or sensitive non-sales information.

    The ability to limit email capture to existing contacts only should be fairly trivial. All that would be required is that PD checks against the email addresses in its database and matches against the To, CC and Sent By fields when polling new emails in the exchange folder. All emails that match an existing email address are copied into PD and ‘de-linked’ from the corresponding exchange folder thereby maintaining information integrity in PD if the sales person subsequently deletes the email through Outlook.

    All emails that don’t match an existing PD email address would be disregarded during the account polling process thus preventing non-sales related information from being stored in PD.

    As far as I can tell the only way to filter out non-sales related information is to create a sub folder on the exchange server e.g. Pipedrive, and expect the sales person to drag any sales related emails from their Inbox into the Pipedrive folder through their Outlook client. Whilst this achieves the objective of filtering out non-sales related emails it places to much control in the hands of the sales person. They could either forget to move the email into the Pipedrive folder for syncing or choose not to should a piece of correspondence cast them in a bad light.

    In summary the option should exist for all sales related emails and only sales related emails to be logged in PD with the ability to prevent users from hiding or deleting correspondence.

    Are you considering these control mechanisms in your product roadmap and if so what are the development timelines?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi SSK,
      Thanks for this analysis. We agree on the need to get all sales related emails into Pipedrive and prevent non sales related emails from getting into Pipedrive. But we’re not sure on the specific methods you’ve described above.

      While only syncing emails that are linked to existing contacts is a technical possibility for sure it would break one of the common workflows we have at the moment where an email comes in from a new prospect and the sales person can create a new contact and deal right from inside their Pipedrive mail page.

      At the moment we’re much more focused on the end user productivity side of things. So preventing users from having control over their emails is not a priority. None of the features you requested are planned for the foreseeable future I’m afraid.


    Quick question – are you able to add more than one IMAP email account inside Pipedrive. I have a number of websites/emails addresses – can they all come into Pipedrive?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Steven,
      You can only connect 1 IMAP address. You could set all the other accounts to forward emails together into one account though and then sync that one. Or you could use our web forms for getting leads inserted into Pipedrive automatically…

  • samson

    Please add a template feature… I literally can’t stress enough how helpful that would be!

  • Just upgraded to the gold plan to try out the new email feature… looks great so far… if I want to send a mass email to 500 folks on the list – is there a way to do it through PD or should I use my Campaigner setup for this?


    • Mario Tasane

      Hey Ilya, sadly, the full sync is not really designed for mass emailing. You should use external campaigner for this.

  • Navin Jain

    Can you send an email to the entire organization and have it tracked to the contacts in the org separately?

    • Christopher

      Hi Navin,

      You can’t send emails in bulk unfortunately.
      I would recommend using an integration for this. Something like Mailchimp for example.


  • Lorraine Zea

    Awesome article! Is there a way to send one email to all my people contacts on pipedrive?

    • Carlos Pinho

      Hi Lorraine! Thanks for the good words 🙂

      Group/mass mailing is not possible at the moment I’m afraid.
      I will pass on the idea. Have a good one!