[Feature Release] Two New Ways to Look at Deals


Date range feature launch

We’re proud to announce a dual feature release that we’re certain will find favor amongst those of you who like to keep a keen eye on their statistics and enhance the level of visibility they have into their pipeline.

This update brings even more depth and options to our reporting functionality, ensuring you have the best view on why deals are closing or not.

Part 1: Product specific look at deals started, won and lost

Product view in Pipedrive forecasting

See results by product

In the first part of our update, we’ve looked at making life easier for users who sell products and specifically multiple products.

Now you are able to see the following on the statistics page when looking at deal status:

  • What products were included in deals that were started/lost/won
  • The exact value, count, or discount of the products related to those deals
  • Who in the team was the most active offering/closing any specific product
  • How selling products has changed over time

This should help you identify which products are more successful, spot sales trends and determine who sells certain products better than others.

Part 2: See who started the deals and where they are now

Pipedrive deal graph

The building block of the second part of this new release is the ability to view deals started during a certain date range by user and by their current status.

For instance, you’d like to see how many deals created last month have been closed and which salesperson has been the most successful.

Or which month of the year brought in the most successful deals, even if the deals were eventually closed at a later date.

Part 2.2: See the state of all deals started during a specific date range

Pipedrive deal graph

The second part of this release allows you to look at deals by their current status i.e. won, lost or open, arranged according to when the deals were started.

So it is easy to look at all deals started in the first quarter and get an immediate view on the closing rate or see how many of those deals never made it to close.

How do I get it?

For the product specific views, you’ll obviously need products functionality turned on, in which case you should be able to see the new options immediately.

Happy closing

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • napkin_marketing

    Is there a view where you can actually see dollar values of the total deals in the pipeline? I havent seen this anywhere in the Features section or screenshots. That is a critical feature for us.

    • Martin Henk

      The easiest way to get the totals would be the deals list view. When you select Deals from the top menu you have 3 different options to see your deals. The first is Pipeline, the second is List. We have a summary in the top of the list view.

      Now all you need to do is select All Open Deals from the filter drop-down in the top right hand side corner and look at the summary. You can of course also create custom filters if you need to add more criteria such as the pipeline or the owner or the expected close date, etc.

  • Samo Jurdik

    Sorry, view Current status over time is missing in my view of the stats. Shall I wait for an update? I am not sure from the article if you speak about an available update or an upcoming one. Thanks!

  • Joseph Jenkinson

    Martin this is a terrific future update! I look forward to the implementation.

    Since products are being given more attention I am wondering if goals can be set by product as opposed to simply by deal with one lump sum or quantity. This would be especially helpful in managing a sales team.

  • Collin

    Awesome. Thanks for continuing to add features on products! I still hope products are coming to mobile soon as well.

  • It would be really great if you could export these graphs to PDF to bring them up to the meeting etc.

  • Георгий Кириенко

    It will be just wonderful and very useful if you add a possibility to a new statistics to filter deals by a factor “field”. It will give a great number of possibilities fo our marketing. Hope you will. Thank you a lot! Pipe is the best! Good work!

  • Kriston

    How do I see the won deals together with normal deals in the pipeline section?

    • Rodrigo Mirapalheta

      Hi Kriston! To see all open and won deal on the pipeline, please create a filter and add the following conditions – https://www.screencast.com/t/LgugTDuQ3c.

      Hope it helps. Have a great weekend!