[Feature Release] New Mail Page User Interface Is Just the Beginning

Pipedrive new Mail UI

As a salesperson, email is one of your most potent tools. Conversely, it can become the bane of your existence if you allow the volume of emails you send and receive to get out of hand, or you don’t organize your inbox.

We kept this in mind when we decided to redesign the user interface (UI) for mail in Pipedrive, and set ourselves three key goals:

  1. Save our users time
  2. Improve usability of the mail function
  3. Create a bedrock for more major improvements

So, what do you get with this new Mail page interface?

New Mail page UI

Separate views for conversation lists by folder

Multitasking is great in many instances, but when it comes to important messages, it is much better to focus on what you’re reading or writing without any distractions.

Our new UI also gives you a reading view, meaning you’re not interrupted by new mail dropping into your Pipedrive inbox.

When you do switch back to the conversation list view, you’ll note that you now have relevant information to hand. As an example, messages are linked to deal names, allowing you to keep track of details found outside your regular inbox.

Separate folders for inbox and archive

This switch brings Pipedrive’s Mail page UI into line with most email clients on the market and it is also the most convenient way to segment a sales inbox. Now you can switch easily between logical mail groupings, rather than have all your emails in one overstuffed folder.

Bulk actions for Delete / Archive / Share / Mark as read / Unread

Bulk actions are now available

Bulk actions are now available

This one is a real time-saver. We’ve removed the tedium of deleting or moving emails one by one, and replaced it with a convenient system that lets you mark a whole bunch at once before applying bulk actions. Turn 100 little jobs into one big one at the click of a button.

How do I get it?

We’re taking a phased approach to this release as there is a huge amount of very important data involved and we want to ensure that all our users are happy with the migration. Any new users will automatically have the upgraded UI enabled, while our existing customers will be switched over in batches during the next month. You will receive a notification once you’ve been upgraded.

One very important thing to note: If you joined Pipedrive before Dec. 18, 2014 and chose not to enable our previous mail upgrade, this new update will not work at all. Confused? Read the second half of this article which explains in detail what the previously upgraded detail view comprises, then check here to see if you are ready for our latest Mail UI update.

There’s more to come

This is just the first release in what promises to be a string of key improvements to Pipedrive’s mail system. Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements over the coming months.

As always, we place a huge value on your feedback as it helps us to make your mail usage better. Send your opinions, advice and questions to support@pipedrive.com.

You can also watch this great tutorial video that covers all aspects of the Pipedrive mail system.

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Maria Lasprilla

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  • Michael McGowan

    This new set of features is very cool. What would be even cooler, is some level of integration with Outlook / Exchange for the Activities area. More and more business users (even the smaller ones) now use Office 365. Google apps is not the mainstream email tool even for SMBs.

    • Erik Christensen

      Google Apps is not a mainstream tool? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • Michael McGowan

        Google apps is popular with (early) start-ups and very small SMBs – and individuals. O365 is used by mainstream B2B businesses, The “old” Outlook exchange market is migrating to O365, not Google apps. With all due respect to start-us, established companies account for 90%+ of all businesses – and most businesses are SMBs in the great scheme of things. Google never managed to attract mainstream B2B in any numbers, even before Office 365. If Pipefrive can offer some level of integration with “Microsoft” it will make it a huge hit with the B2B market.

    • We are also using O365 and lacking those feature

    • Go_FreeMarkets

      I too would like to see Outlook integration. There seems to be lots of support for Gmail coming out, but most people in the business world use Outlook.

      • Martin Henk

        We’ve historically had most users on Gmail, but Office 365 has been getting more popular lately. Let’s see what we can do about it.

      • C.

        Interesting to hear this many people commenting about using Outlook. Seems like 80% of the sales teams I’m interacting with (my own including) use Gmail/Google Apps for all the nice integrations.

        In fact, one of the reasons we use Gmail is for all the nice integrations, so it would not hurt my feelings at all to leave Outlook/Office in the dust.

  • Danae MacLeod

    That mail graphic is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Jorn

    How come we do not see the ‘create new email’ (green button) within our mail section in Pipedrive?

    • Martin Henk

      Sorry for the confusion. The compose button doesn’t come with the Smart BCC. We’ll have more to say about this functionality soon.

  • Dennis

    I would like to see a close integration with Google Apps. I think lots of start-up are using that.

    As far I see there is a way to send e-mails? I’d love to see some “reminder if no reply within X days” options (like boomerang in Gmail), canned responses, send later feature, open/seen tracking and tagging 🙂

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Dennis,
      I can’t really promise anything specific, but we will continue working on email features and your suggestions make perfect sense.

      • Carl

        I’d love to see these features as well. Esp automated follow up emails if there is no reply to the first message.

  • Marcelo Blas

    Outlook integration would be a big plus. Schedule can be conflicting with day to day business activities and Pipedrive sales activity if both are not integrated. Would definitely smooth the process of effectivly using pipedrive.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Marcelo,
      Outlook integration would make a lot of sense indeed. We’ll see what we can do about it.

  • Archit Agarwal

    When do you guys plan to release the gmail integration for all emails so that all client emails are automatically synced up?

    • Martin Henk

      Expect to hear news about it in the near future. That’s all I can say at the moment.

      • Archit Agarwal

        Any chance you guys can give a real estimate on this? Last I heard it was supposed to be released in March, then May and now its already mid June now. It would be nice if you could give us an update on when this is gonna be released.

        • Martin Henk

          It’s a huge thing and we want to be careful not to release anything that’s not 100% solid. I don’t want to commit to any specific date at the moment, but we’re confident it’s coming very soon already.

  • Cass Tyson

    “…then check here to see if you are ready for our latest Mail UI update.”

    And what are we looking for on that page? A screenshot would be awesome!

    I assume I don’t have the upgrade (or maybe I do and just can’t tell?) but my question is this:

    With the upgrade, will we be able to actually send and receive emails within Pipedrive? BCC’ing into Pipedrive is fine, but having to always forward customer replies to the system is a pain, and of course Pipedrive is only tracking my outbound emails with included BCC’s — if I forget to add the BCC, then I have to forward my own outbound emails to keep a record of them.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Cass,
      If you see a list of emails with check boxes in front of them you have the new UI. If not, you’re probably still in the queue. We’ll send an update to each company that is migrated.

  • Visionmining

    I got a tip from a pipedrive rep that integration will be available within a month.

  • Tom Simmonds

    Question, will you offer support for Exchange and 365 or just 365.

    As an established Exchange user (about 25 users) I have not moved to 365 as we hold sensitive client data and are much more comfortable with our own on-site server and the data access control that this gives us.

    Are there any other on-site mail server offerings you are looking to integrate with? This could colour our decision relating to server upgrade moving forward.

    Love Pipedrive by the way – it has revolutionised our business.


    • Martin Henk

      Hi Tom,
      Should we ever do Exchange we’ll try and support the on-premise type as well.

  • Tobe Sexton

    This sounds fantastic!

    The next “best” update would be an email (that is forwarded into the system) getting recorded as a completed email activity. Or perhaps a check box that would allow it to show up in statistics.=D

    Unless I’m missing something and it already exists.

    Keep up the good work – I love my CRM.


    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Tobe!
      We’ll surely have reporting about emails soon.

  • Is adding a gmail integration where it automatically picks up sent emails coming? I’d love to see something like BASE where you can send emails inside Pipedrive.

    • Rob Carcillo

      My thoughts exactly Mike, being able to send mails from inside the app is the one big feature Base has that I’d love to see in Pipedrive. The current pipedrive mail solution works but it’s a bit cumbersome. I’m hoping this is one of the future releases that Pipedrive have in mind.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Mike,
      Yes, this would make perfect sense. Expect to hear some news about this in the near future.

      • @martinhenk:disqus That’s fantastic news. Thanks!

  • Dave Bracken

    Love the continuing enhancements of pipedrive.. You guys are doing some great stuff..

    with the email — what about automated or drip marketing…
    Sending messages when a prospect is moved to a new stage.
    Sending additional follow up messages if a prospect remains in a stage every x days

    can accomplish this with Zapier interfaces to another program, but would rather use and pay for only one solution.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks, Dave!
      Can’t really promise anything specific, but as the post mentioned we’ll keep on working on email

      • Bryan Ginter

        Any plans for social media connections similar to Nimble?

        • Martin Henk

          Hi Bryan,
          This is not planned for the near future.

    • Alexandre

      Dave, would you please be able to show me how you are doing this via Zapier? That is a smart idea. Thanks.

      • Dave Bracken

        Alexandre — email me privately dbracken@benes.edu – and I will be happy to share what we are doing.

    • Neyl

      I use Zapier to create the follow up activities too. Works like a charm!!! 😉

      • Manu

        Hi Neyl, do you mind sharing how you do this? I’m really struggling with automating follow up. My email is manusingh10@gmail.com. Thanks!

    • Sue Davis

      Dave, I have used pipedrive and integrate it with a drip program that is amazing: http://mbsy.co/drip/336000 it’s not very expensive and so worth the money. Hope it helps you!

  • Harold Mindlin

    You guys ROCK! Thanks for thinking like sales pros! You are giving us what we want!

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! Really glad to hear you like it

  • Fred Sistrunk

    How about mail merge with word processing for letter docs and envelopes??

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Fred,
      We can see the need, but it’s not in our focus at the moment. I’m sure there’s some way to get this done with list export and a 3rd party mail merge app…

  • AmericanJew0002356432

    Mail needs two things not mentioned.

    1) There needs to be a print option. The only way currently to print from pipedrive is to select text and print. Printing without selecting comes out completely unformatted and unusable.

    2) There needs to be a way to forward the email. i think I see a share button; I hope that’s what it’ll do.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks for the feedback.
      1) We hope to fix printing one day. Can’t really promise anything specific at the moment though
      2) Share does not forward. But we’ll have more to say on that topic soon

  • jjnobody

    First off, I’m really happy to see all the improvements these last months. Key improvement all the time. As other mention, a full gmail integration would be awesome, so we dont have to use that CC link you guys provide that I always forget anyway. What I would also like since you guys are on a roll, is some automated email series.

    • Martin Henk

      Thanks! Yes, that seems to be the expectation. We’ll have some news regarding this soon.

  • Ryan Turnr

    Will the iOS app also be upgraded to include email? Or just use standard email app for that?

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Ryan,
      Our mobile apps don’t have a central Emails page, but any email that you get into Pipedrive with the SmartBCC will be shown in the contact and deal details pages. If you start a new email message from the app the Smart BCC address is automatically added in BCC on your default email client.

  • Ryan Turnr

    Great work!

  • Ed

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing more about the next tranche of mail features too. We’ve only recently moved to Pipedrive and the main feedback I get from my users is:
    – they’d love deep Google Apps integration so they didn’t have to forward received mails back to pipedrive or remember to add the Bcc on outgoing mails
    – they’d love to be able to better link mails to organisations (where, for example, we have mails which are linked to a contact, but because the contact was added to an organisation after the mail was received by pipedrive, the mail isn’t listed in the organisation page).

  • Scott McClannahan

    Wow! Very excited to see these improvements.

    Two things I’d like for you to keep in mind while working on the emails:

    1. Many times when we send/receive HTML emails via the bcc option, the emails are not displayed correctly. I’m not sure if this is styling or what, but you are welcome to look at any of our deals and see what i’m talking about. This is especially important b/c we have ‘lead’ emails that come in and they are IMPOSSIBLE to read once they are in Pipedrive.

    2. I would LOVE to see a way to build “canned” responses and/or templates. For example, it would be great to have a standard “template” which our sales team could send out when replying to an email, quote, or following up. Currently the only we have to do this is by using a 3rd party tool and/or forwarding ’emails’ to each of our sales team. Please note I am talking about an email template that can be customized, NOT an automatic email (i.e. drip campaign), although that would be nice as well.

    • Yves

      Yes, canned responses is a MUST HAVE. Would be great to see this in the near future.

      • Martin Henk

        Hi Yves,
        Yes, it makes perfect sense.

        • Yves

          Hi Martin,

          I am currently testing Pipedrive and comparing it to other solutions. I have had the trial period of perhaps 8 CRM apps and Pipedrive seems to be the best solution.

          However, I miss some features that hold me back for choosing Pipedrive. Canned responses is one of them. This is needed if a business, like ours, send a lot of the same services. Having a word document with all our canned responses open next to Pipedrive is not what I want.

          I see the 2 way integration of Gmail is rather new. Gmail is one of the most powerful mail apps, it will be difficult to make something similar. Currently I miss some features in Pipedrive mail, like shortkeys, mails that do not belong to a deal can only be archived, not labeled, text markup (of the signature).

          Last I have some problems with the agenda. The same as with Gmail, Google Calendar is powerful and good. if you are used to it, going back in features is always difficult.

          I have read you do not give any timeframes, but can you tell us what features are on the roadmap to develop?

          All the best,


          • Martin Henk

            Well, the beauty of the new email integration is you can keep using Gmail with all of its power and plugins (such as canned responses) and the emails will be pulled into Pipedrive automatically in the background.

            You’d need to check the list of incoming emails in Pipedrive every once in a while to make sure new threads are linked to the correct deal, but other than that we don’t require you to use Pipedrive as your email client.

            We don’t want you to choose Pipedrive based on any loose promises about future functionality. We’re of course working hard every day to improve the product, but we’d still expect you to sign up based on what we have not based on what I hint at for the future.

          • Yves

            Hi Martin,

            Thank you for your information.

            One more question however. If we continue Gmail, does conversation view needs to be on? Or it doesn’t matter.

          • Martin Henk

            Hi Yves,
            I would suggest using conversations view in Gmail to keep things more consistent. We’re threading conversations on Pipedrive side, so having a similar system on both ends will make things easier for people.

  • Jason

    I am excited to see the development of mail gmail integration and additional tools to help the end user. I am very satisfied with many aspects of this CRM, in my option one of the very best in the market. However integration platforms are seriously needed for a complete solution and to see developments working towards this brings my hope! I am very grateful for the upfront communication from Pipedrive.

    My recommendations: (not that your asking) lol

    A) automated functions within the pipedrive “deals” creating a multitude of automatic task associated with movement and/or stage with the ability to pre-assign team members to task, this way you minimize Contacts / task falling through the crack, Example: estimate gets completed and checked, administration is tasked with calling and email is sent with attached estimate in a “template email system” calling all prescreened information in a designated function and emailing you back when the customer has opened the email.
    B) Having the ability to assign more than one person to activities “like meetings” and have approval status “Yes” “No” Maybe” which would linked to Calendar’s
    C) Having notes status within a team environment “so those whom didn’t fill the note, would know about this activity” instead of having to search for all entries.
    D) The blue status button on the right side beside the avatar, please make it so you can drill down “user” There is many days I come in and see 300 plus number in there and it gets out of control.
    E) I wish we had the ability to have a/or multi button/s added on the “Pipedrive bar” beside statistics – where you could have “Add Contact” – “Add Deal” – “Add activity”, this way you don’t have to go into every screen and then hit the button, sounds small but would minimize workloads
    F) Is there email signatures?
    G) Color coding notes: We would be able to highlight notes that have a major impact on a deal or issue needing to be addressed…
    H) Social Media integration – Notifications on when a customer, client mentions you in social medial platforms, snap shots on there latest post, linked in profile updates and so on… This would be huge!

    Well, I think thats just a few from my end… Look forward to seeing where you guys take this and I just want to say from our team! You have made a huge impact on our daily business and how we interact with out clients and community… and for that I couldn’t be more happier.

  • Miguel Soares


    Is anyone have this problem also ?


    We already send this situation to PIPEDRIVE team, and i believe sincerly that you should have this in consideration.

    As you may understand, most of the companies that work with PIPEDRIVE have sales teams with several colaborators.

    As you may understand, most of the companies have a specific email to receive the requests from customers (indeed most of this requests came from our websites).

    Therefore, it should be possible to have a SHARED INBOX / OUTBOX EMAIL in PIPEDRIVE.

    When we receive an email, at that particular time, is not defined YET who is the sales colaborator that will deal that particular email.

    Therefore that email should go to a SHARED INBOX where every collaborators can see the email, and ASSIGN that email to a particular colaborator and decide if that email is going to mantain in the SHARED INBOX or is going to be transfered to the personal INBOX.

    This is the only way to be productive in a TEAM environment that works with PIPEDRIVE.

    Please let me know your comments.

    • Martin Henk

      Hi Miguel,
      Thanks for the feedback! I might be able to give you an alternative solution for this situation that you can start using right away. Not saying that a shared inbox is a bad idea, this one is just already here.
      Instead of getting the initial email in as a regular email you could use a contact form instead. We have our own Web form and there are many other free forms out there. When a potential customer fills out the form you’d get a deal in Pipedrive with the details. And that deal can easily be shared so any sales person can go and start working on it. And once they do they can start the conversation already from their own inbox.
      Would that work for you?
      Here’s an article and video on Pipedrive web forms if you’re looking for more info https://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/208493165-Pipedrive-Web-Forms

      • Miguel Soares

        Thank you for the sugestion but that is not the way.

        Not all the emails we receive from customers, even if we create a Form linked to PIpedrive, are turned into DEALS

        The solution, and i believe that you know that is a Shared Email Team colaboration.

        Most of the CRMs that indeed at this moment we are testing have this functionality and i believe sincerly that PIPEDRIVE should take this in priority,

        I am absoluty sure that are Pipedrive customers that change Crm software because of this, and as i opennly say to you, we are at this moment testing another software’s.

        A team email collaboration is something mandatory in this CRM softwares.

        As you may understand the purpose of this CRM softwares is to make the life of sales persons more easy. I dont want every email that arrive to our company to be turned into a DEAL and then everyone in the sales team are TALKING to each other to see who will answer to that deal, etc. etc.

        I will be able to help.

        Thank you

        • Martin Henk

          Thanks for the clarification. We understand the use case, but it’s not coming any time soon.