[Feature Release] Day View in Mobile Calendars

Mobile Calendar Update

A big part of being a successful salesperson is the level of client service you offer, which in turn depends on your attention to detail – especially to calendar details. Any salesperson knows there’s nothing worse than canceling a meeting at the last minute, or having two clients show up to your office at the same time because of a double booking.

That’s why we’ve made some key changes to our calendar view, in both the iOS and Android versions of our app.

How does calendar view work?

Our new calendar view makes double bookings and death-by-meeting a thing of the past.

When choosing to schedule a new activity, the app brings up a full-day view, giving you clear visual oversight of when you have activities booked, what times are available and how busy your day is.

If you’re using the iPhone app, flipping your phone sideways will bring up a full week’s view.

Key features:

  • Consolidated calendar view
  • Clearly see existing appointments before making a new one
  • See activity density at a glance

How do I get it?

The app should automatically update to the latest version, unless you have updates disabled, in which case you can go to the appropriate app store and manually update your app.

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Martin Henk

Co-Founder, Head of Product Management

  • TheNorthwest

    Will this feature be coming to the Web View?

    • Martin Henk

      Right now we have a visual calendar when adding or editing an activity in the web version. A full calendar view for all your activities would make a lot of sense, but I can’t really promise anything at the moment.

      • TheNorthwest

        It would be a great selling point for your software. Most CRMs have calendars. Are the developers planning on adding it or do they realize the importance of a calendar? We are a event planning company and when I signed up 8 months ago I was told a calendar is on its way. What’s the urgency on these plans?

        • Martin Henk

          We’re very aware of the importance of a calendar. We’re moving towards it, but I can’t really promise any dates yet and it’s currently not the top priority.

          Do you feel the visual scheduler in the new activity modal is taking care of some of this need?

          • Kevin

            The visual scheduler showing one day is pretty much useless and with all due respect, so are answers like “we’re working on it” and “we can’t really promise anything right now” when there’s no specific dates. Answers such as “You won’t see this feature for at least __ months”, although perhaps disappointing, are at least useful to us as small businesses. We can either decide to tough things out or move on to a different package, rather than feel like we’re being strung along.

            Adding a second person to an appointment is easy coding, and should have been a no-brainer. And how about “Title” or “Website” for a person or a company? There’s a few decent features here, but these misses and the ambiguity on feature eta’s makes us ready to jump ship at any time.

            Hoping Pipedrive can improve on a good start and think more like an OUTBOUND sales team when deciding upon features in the very near future. 🙂

          • Martin Henk

            Thanks for the feedback!

            The main point of the scheduler is to prevent double bookings as you can visually see if you already have something booked for that time slot or not. You can also see how many activities without a specific time you already have for a particular day. Of course it’s not very useful for getting an overview of your week.

            We really don’t want to promise anything specific. No one should be forced to “tough it out”. But I can do so much as to say there won’t be a full week calendar view at least in the next 3 months.

            Any single feature separately can be described as simple programming. It’s all about prioritizing the 100+ different things we could do and picking the ones with the biggest impact.

            We have support for custom fields. So if you need to add a title to a person or a website to an organization you can easily do that. Here’s an article showing how you can do it. http://support.pipedrive.com/hc/en-us/articles/207228075-Custom-fields

  • Jeff

    A simple calendar where all of our users can post their schedules would be a huge help.

  • CJ

    When will it be possible to assign more contacts to an appointment?

  • Nickolai Bakken

    This app is really the best on the market and I’ve only just begun to utilize it’s abilities. Seeing your calendar become an App widget for Android would be a HUGE plus!!