4 Cold Calling Sample Scripts for Any Situation

Successful Cold Calling Scripts

For those who missed out on our cold calling crash course, a cold calling script is a training vehicle to help new salespeople better structure their conversation and get appointments. The more cold calls you make, the less you’ll have to rely on a script, and the more you’ll be able to improvise around it. To get an idea of what a strong cold-calling script look like, here are a few different approaches from successful salespeople:

Cold Calling Script, provided by Jessica Magoch, CEO of JPM Partners

Hi, this is Jess from the Virtual Sales Academy. How are you?

We’re working on some solutions to help you recruit and train a new generation of salespeople. Is that something you’d like to hear more about?

(if yes)

There are two ways companies work with us. We can either help them find salespeople for a percentage of the base salary, or help them train new salespeople with our online, on-demand, virtual sales training programs that teach them how to take prospects from curious to client. Which one would you want to hear most about? . . .

(they choose one or the other)

Awesome. Can I ask you a few questions first?

(I ask them qualifying questions so I know what to present)

I’ll tell you a bit more, and then if it makes sense, we’ll set up an appointment before we get off our call today to go over it in more detail.  Sound good?

From there I tell them more about the program, just enough for them to agree to set up an appointment, and then go into my appointment setting script.  
Sales Pipeline Academy: Cold Call Scripts, Sales Tips and More

Cold Calling Script for Sales Development Reps, provided by Eric Quanstrom, CMO of KiteDesk

Hi, __________.

My name is __________ from KiteDesk, and the reason I’m calling is that I noticed you were hiring new SDRs from [name of job site]. You’re most likely hiring to solve the problem of needing more meetings, and I wanted to let you know we offer a prospecting platform designed to get your current team more qualified meetings.

It would be worth a 10-minute chat to see if we’re a fit before you take your next interview. We can even show you how you can see email and contact info displayed, instantly.

Cold Calling Script, provided by Brandon Redlinger, Head of Growth at PersistIQ

  1. Get their attention by using their name. Start off my saying “Hi, ____,” in a warm and welcoming tone, then proceed directly to Step 2. Notice I didn’t say, “Hi, ____, how are you today?” because it gives your prospect a chance to jump in and disrupt your flow. Cold calls are all about taking control in the beginning.
  2. Identify yourself. “My name is Brandon with PersistIQ.” This is pretty straightforward — you need to tell them who you are.
  3. Tell them why you’re calling. “The reason I’m calling is to get some time on your calendar.” Diving right in demonstrates that you’re a professional. Save the small talk for your follow-up calls after you’ve already built the relationship.
  4. Build a bridge. This statement connects the reason you’re calling with why they should care. “I just noticed on your site that you’re hiring 10 new sales reps this quarter. Several companies in the [your prospect’s industry] are already using PersistIQ to help their current sales development team get more conversations started and meetings booked. They are also able to cut new rep ramp time in half.”
  5. Ask for what you want and shut up. “I thought the best place to start is to schedule a meeting to learn about your outbound sales challenges and goals. Do you have time Wednesday or Thursday afternoon around 10 a.m.?” Ultimately, our goal is to set meetings with prospects because we’re calling on a more targeted list. However, if you’re calling on a less qualified list, then your ask may be for a piece of information that qualifies the lead.

Cold Calling Script for Voicemail, provided by Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile and Purplegator

Hello, __________. This is Bob Bentz with ATS Mobile.

The reason for my call is I have an idea on how to possibly help you improve the troublesome process of recruiting employees, especially nurses.  I wanted to see if it would make sense for us to have a quick conversation to find out more about it.

I can be reached at ___________.

Again, my name is Bob Bentz with ATS Mobile at ___________.

Thanks, ___________.

Alternatively if you would prefer not to cold call a prospect, why not try sending a cold email instead?

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Josh Kraus

Josh Kraus is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in many publications, including ThinkProgress, PandoDaily, SitePoint, and Modern In Denver. You can view more of his work at joshkra.us.

  • dileep


    • Mushimpa

      Its always helpful to carry out brief background research about your prospect, especially if you could find out the decision maker and get his name. So that when you make that cold call you ask for his name… quickly introduce yourself and book sometime in his calendar.

      In modern day selling even if you have a script before you just use it to guide you on the important steps to keep the prospect engaged and not to sound like an intern abandoned with a phone and a piece of paper with strict instructions to make appointments!

  • What if people say “No” all the time?

    • Try dialing the phone with your non-dominant hand. Works like a charm.

      • joseph

        What is the reason behind that strategy, Sir.

    • Andrew

      You should look into a different line of work. There is a term for people like you it’s called a piker. You have a loser’s mentality. What you should be asking yourself is why are people say “No” to you? Do you have a clear purpose in why you are calling? Are you utilizing the three E’s ( energy enthusiasm excitement) on each call?

      • James

        Watch out people, Jordan Belfort is here.

        • Dan

          Lol Ask him to sell you a pen! 😀

    • Frank Marchant

      People always say, “No”. They are preconditioned to say,” NO” to sales people because with many salespeople it stops them…..It also tells me something else……”NO” does not mean your presentation is over, it means you have the listeners attention. Whenever anyone says, “No” ask a question…”any question”, have a few in your pocket. (totally off subject not about the sale)

      Piotr the real problem and the solution to your dilemma is really quite easy,,,,,,,You are not in control of the conversation, your prospect is… Firstly take control: When you do you will hear less “No’s” more yes’s and when you do hear a “no” it will mean nothing……

      “Now, go sell something”

      Frank Marchant

      • Cassandra Soong

        Thanks for sharing Frank!

    • Doug Nelson

      Here’s a perspective from the sales guru Mike Haines: “Salesmanship starts when the customer says “‘no.'”

    • Aquinasbot

      There are two answers to this:

      1. If people say no all the time, as in every call you’re making, then something in your pitch needs to be adjusted.

      2. If you’re talking about the no that almost every sales person gets on the phone 9/10 times … then look at it as an opportunity to move on to the next one. Look at cold calling as a process of qualifying versus selling.

    • Les

      It depends on where you are at in the call. It would be odd if they objection is as you say just plain ‘No” Let the prospect state the objection completely In the beginning of the call “No, I’m not interested” Side step rebuttal That’s ok Mr/Mrs________It would be hard for me to call you when you were (don’t pause) But I don’t know how familiar you are with___________But since__ We been working with _like yourself.

  • Ever heard of the term objections? Most people have them. Some because they are suspispious when talking to strangers and some because it’s a vetting process. Most cold calling scripts lack objections and how to handle them. It’s the “happy” version of cold calling that is presented.

    • Patrick

      Know your product and why/how the prospect benefits. Knowing the product and what/who you compete against is 50% of the job done, 45% is knowing how it fits with the prospect properly, how they benefit aka why they need it and you. The other 5% is being a rational human being that can hold a conversation.
      Maybe get a new prospect list. Research the companies before you dive in. Be relative.

      And don’t try to close on the first call. Have a plan. Ie plan 1, qualify. plan 2, get in front of them etc.

  • Big Mouth Bass

    Asking questions keeps you in control. No to me really means – “now now, please tell me more”. 5% of sales people make 95% of the sales. NO is not a real objection.

    I sell cars online and ask a few questions after the pre-demo questioning, actual demo and before getting a payment offer from the sales desk:

    Aside from price, is there anything preventing you from buying this car TODAY?

    … it’s all about today, right.

    80% of the time for me, the customer objects to 1st offer (you expect that), you then ask what is the number, they tell you and you say this:

    Ok, then if I can get the car to $120 per month with $500 down, you will buy this car today right?

    If they say NO – you go back to product, as they’re not sold yet.
    If they say YES – you are ready to write up the deal.

    • I totally agree and my product is a very similar to the “used car” market, since the seller know much more about the product than the buyer. Also I’m selling a commodity so price is “semi-fixed” If “NO” is part of the vetting process then handling objections should be natural part of “cold call script”. Strange that so many people think “NO” is not an option, including the four CEO’s in the article.

    • YaDontSay

      You work at a dealership in the Van Tuyl group don’t you?

  • Irfan Kudakhel

    gone are the days when such script could work, now a days, there is an auto dialer and get to talk to so many people, i think introducing your name and company simply tag you that you are a telemarketer and 90% of the time prospects will hang up without letting you complete your pitch. so the smart move is to find a way where you don’t sound like a telemarketer: i have been doing solar appointments for years now and if i go like : Hi, this is ____ with _____ how are you today etc. everyone will bang the fone down, but if i go like, may i speak to Mr or Mrs (last name) when they respond and i jump to confirm their address, this increase the prospects curiosity and then i tell them my name is Ken with ABC and tell them a brief intro and leave them with a question like you are the owner not the renter right>

    • Umesh Patel

      Thank you, Sir! I ‘ll definitely try this approach to get more sales and achieve my monthly targets. It’s been 6 months and still I can’t crack enough calls to complete my monthly targets. I have been trying random pitches to try and get some sales But with no success. I’m totally confused please guide me.

      • See Mike Chase

        Hello Umesh, any luck on your prospecting? Curious on any lessons learned and I would be happy to share the same

    • Les Radford

      Is its a federal law? “not that I’m the phone sheriff” that you introduce yourself and the company in the first few seconds of a call. Is that still true? I’m 58 years old and the company I worked for 25yrs called Pacesetter at or peak were doing 0ver Three hundred Million a year all cold calling from over 50 office in every state, Calling out of the Haines Directory. Brutal,We sold residential replacement windows and doors. Before I moved up the corporate ladder I started on the phone became an assistant then a manager. Went into outside sales sales manager to General manager then VP of sales over 25 location’s. This is not intended to try an impress anyone. Next week I’m starting to cold call out of my house in Indiana for a company I’m familiar with in California I’ve set up a power dialer a list of homeowners in certain demographics. I don’t need a salary I ask for 10% of the deal. Half when they measure the job the other half after installation. They can be trusted but I still inspect what I expect, because they can all be suspect.
      What type of pitch are you using now. Its good to see someone like yourself who I can tell knows the deal sincerely Les

    • BBB

      Dude that is forceful and a quick way to freak someone out, that is an aggressive tactic and selling solar? which is a huge 30K investment? thats not value centric at all- your only getting their attention because your moving forward before they have a chance to even KNOW who u are. basically forcing the appt, why dont you lead with a question thats pertinent to what your setting up for. I b2b appt set all day for 3 years- and that to me would come across as either a A. Scam, or B. a really agressive TM who just wants the appt and doesnt give two craps about me. That may work with senile folks or maybe mediocre success /w b2c. Jab jab Jab hook… your just going for the hook.

  • khalil casil

    do you have target lead script for cold calling

  • Bob

    I believe all of the above examples are terrible based on my success with cold calling. Why would you say “Hi, My name is….” This automatically puts you in the they don’t know you category. Do you say Hi my name is __ to your family or friends when you call them? My guess is no. Saying “my name is” is an instant disconnection and fail right from the start. The person on the other line will immediately think it’s a sales call. There are definitely better ways to start a cold call. Make the call about them, peak curiousity, and then dangle the carrot. Never reveal everything you can do for them on your first call. Why would they want to meet with you? Why do movie trailers create emotion? Because they show you the peak parts of the movie and then end it. This makes you want to see how it ends because it drives emotion. Cold calling works the same way.

    • karim

      i agree,

      can you give us an example on how you would start it/end it?

      • Stephanie Pineda

        he created emotion right here..

        • mikey

          you are right

    • Chris Thomas

      I like how not telling us an example connects exactly to building emotion. clever.
      You wouldn’t speak to your family and friends like that because they know who you are!
      your speaking in a professional environment, theirs no other way to enter a conversation.
      Perhaps speaking on the basis that you would much rather the opportunity to meet them at there own convenience rather than a traditional call cold.

    • roberto roboto

      Yeah but saying HEY BILL HOW ARE YOU, on a first contact. They oftentimes will say uhhh yeah and who are you?- Asking how they are doing is just as bad as just stating your name, and can actually really backfire on you- source:10000000s nos Ive got leading in as the ‘nice’ guy.

    • CJ Daniels

      That’s stupid. Do you really think you’re going to catch the buyers attention the second call better than the first? How in the heck do you think a sales call is going to go if you don’t introduce yourself and start saying stuff like, “Hello John, with “insert companies name.” Do you wan’t to increase your sales by 30% your next quarter?” Do you really think they won’t spot out the sales in your pitch?

  • Irfan Kudakhel

    Well, I certainly don’t agree with stated script, i think customers will hang up on you right away, they have their own reasons of putting you off the phone. the moment you introduce yourself and the company name and give a brief reason of why you are calling. it simply trig their rejection button and they will find excuses to get rid of you. so what is the right way to start off a cold call.
    Is this ________? well my name’s ___________, did i catch you at a bad time? _______ i know you are busy and i don’t want to waste your time either but we are reaching out to home owners in your area __________, would you like to know more about it. ?

    • Bigballabash

      Absolutely terrible and generic script? what do you do? transfer over life insurance prospects or offer vacation packages at discounted rates B2C? There is too many questions that in a b2b cold calling world youd get shot down – Business owners are too busy to play 20 questions. and most are too busy and any time you reach them during business is a bad time.

    • The second a caller says, “Is this Jon?” I either hang up, or I say, “Who is this?”
      I think it’s rude to call without identifying yourself, and start asking me personal questions when I don’t even know who I’m talking to.
      Invariably it’s a bill collector or a telemarketer if they have to ask what my name is.

  • Tim

    I am just starting in the auto sale and I do not know how to cold call old clients and new clients if someone could help me with a script Thank you for you time

  • Claire Phillips

    We are a guide to help leaders identify their own business purpose, then to implement a purpose-driven strategy that enrolls and invigorates customers, employees, vendors and investors.
    Sales training workshops

  • Justin Roodman

    The cold calling script provided by Jessica is awful. Her opening question is a “yes or no” type question, which is also asking an uneducated prospect if you’re even allowed to pitch to them. Please don’t do this if you want to have moderate success.

  • Anthony Samuel

    my name is Anthony and I actually sell leads to people, local leads and/or leads around the country. Contact for pricing: anthonygsamuel@hotmail.com prices vary depending on the details and narrowing of community.

  • barbie

    plz say what is the good script for solar sales plan???

  • Bottomline for Example #3
    Cold Calling Script for Voicemail

    Why are you opening with your full name. That’s one of the first sales lessons…First name only.

    Am I right?

  • Bhupendra Pal

    its interesting how people taking sales to specific direction.
    sales is all about sale yourself. Every sale pitch should be customized as per client profile.
    In call, you need to do all you should do like introduce yourself, introduce your product, talk about the person’s background and his/her need to get his attentions (if you know)
    and first and last thing, never make anything up, always be honest about what you are saying as your one lie can lead to 100s of it.
    I sold insurance policies and I see people in my industry used to start and end their sales with lies only, but I tell each and everything clearly and with honesty.
    “No” is like an opportunity for first 3 times and later its a choice of client not to buy your product/services.
    there was no one who could make a perfect pitch for selling but knowing your customer before a call would make your perfect sales pitch.
    does it make sense?

  • Actually it all depends on the nature of work. All the marketing agencies can’t have the same script as everyone deals in different products & services.

  • Benny Griffith

    All of these techniques have good and bad points. For example, not stating your name puts people off. Since I will be making all of my cold calls to businesses, if I want to get a face to face, I will need to give my name and the name of my company. HVAC service is a very saturated field, so I need to approach it with a lot more finesse than any of the ones I have read here. I need to go in like I am there to help them if they need it, not that I am selling something. Think of the customers people! No usually means they will be hanging up on you in about 3 seconds.